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  1. Uni-students

    1) Flinders Uni 2) Teaching in the IBMYP Cert Grad / Looking to do a Masters in IB towards to end of the year 3) International Education Theories/ IB
  2. home builders

    We are just about to build a house with Beechwood; they are a custom builder and came highly recommended to us. You can ring up HIA / builders SA or what ever it is called and ask if the builder has had any complaints etc etc. This could be a good starting move before you decided who to build with. We looked at Henley, we are building with Beechwood, enough said.
  3. PMS cruise - PMS Cruise for Paws

    Very much worth going to.
  4. RIP dr1ft_pig13 stickers

    Hey Mark and Jules, Here is another pic for your collection, this was actually one of the originals you sent out but only just got round to taking the pic. Sean
  5. NA Onevia Project *NEW RIMS*

    Congrats man, it's so good to see wsomeone who has worked really hard get what they deserve. I'm sure you'll treat her right Top stuff, Enjoy!!!

    Is it possible to have a muffler put in between where the 3 inch and the duel 3 inch split is. I'll be comming down after easter to either get this or the titanium catty. Tuff choice PS Don't tell me to just ring ET!!!! hahah

    Pm me if you want all the specs etc. I have a bunch more pics of it
  8. CEFFY project

    Looking good Huddster
  9. Hey intro Daniel...

    Type X's Rock!!!!!
  10. Hi

    very nice.. looks clean as.
  11. My RB20 Silviaaaa

    ADD make some tuff cars
  12. My new ride

    want to sell your bonnet?? Where you get it from??
  13. My baby...

    ^^yup i'd beleive it. That thing looks Ghetto as! Top stuff mate.
  14. new guy

    Congrats on the purchace, got any plans for it?
  15. BLISTC

    As Paris would say "Thats Hot!"
  16. my 180sx.. all done.. FINALLY!

    Congrats Will! Looks Dam Dam hot, love it. Makes me wish i still had my 180. Wheels are still a little bit inside the gaurds for me, and not a fan of the wing, a type x one would look hot! But hey it's not my car. You should be real proud of what you put together, definatly one of the better 180's on the streets of adelaide thats for sure. Well done!
  17. East Coast Customs 180

    Camo paint job.. wow how original Car itself sounds real fat.. love the Kit
  18. S.A RIDES

    Name: Sean Ride: R34 gtt Main Location: In the gutter Mod: Bit of bling Occupation: Student Year of birth: 1983 Interest: Sleep Front Rear
  19. Something a little different

    she's looking good bro.... cf is the sh!t
  20. Jess's S13

    Very very nice car. Love the colour and i think the rims suit it, but would look better with some nice jap rims on it. Just chuck a SR20DeT into it and you'll have one sweet sweet machine. Best of luck with it all
  21. RIP dr1ft_pig13 stickers

    Hi Mark and Julie, I am after a sticker (in light silver if possible) for my car. I know it will take a while as Luke is pretty busy with them, and other things atm. But if it could be organised that would be great. Also i want to donate money is there an direct debit account i can send it to? Cheers Sean
  22. Something a little different

    Selling... hmmmmm get the 19's and DTM zorst... then you'll want to keep it!
  23. Bodykit Sale

    Can you get the Nismo/factory option front bar for R34, the factory option r34 4 door side skirts, and the R34 4 door GTR style rear lip.