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  1. gktech copper radiators

    Copper + water =
  2. Price : $100 Condition : Used Hi All, For sale are some left over bits, need this stuff gone or its getting binned. Not all Item's are in the photo so let me know if you would like a pic taken. Prices I think are fair but negotiable so make an offer. Located in Tarneit, VIC 3029 Contact Info Mobile: 0427 350 666 (SMS preferred as cant answer in business hours) Email ameic@me.com 180sx/Silvia S13 Suspension/ Brakes Hubs Rear L&R $50 S13 Suspension/ Brakes Disc Rear L&R CA18DET $50 S13 Suspension/ Brakes Knuckles Rear L&R with Dust Covers $80 S13 Suspension/ Brakes Brake Calipers Rear L&R CA18DET with Brake lines & new pads $100 S13 Engine Brake Master Cylinder Non ABS $50 S13 Engine Engine Bracket L&R CA18DET $40 S13 Suspension/ Brakes Tierods & Ends Front L&R $60 S13 Suspension/ Brakes LCA Front L&R $50 each S13 Suspension/ Brakes Brake Calipers Front L&R CA18DET with Brake lines $70 S13 Interior Steering Column CA18DET $20 S13 Interior Steering Shroud CA18DET $50 S13 Engine Washer Bottle CA18DET $30 S13 Interior Kick Panel Front Right $30 S13 Engine Clutch slave cylinder $40 S13 Exterior Bonnet Hinges L&R $40 S13 Engine Radiator Support L&R $30 each S13 Interior Brake Petal (Auto) $40 S13 Exterior Intercooler Crossover Pipe $30 S13 Transmission Gear Selector Auto & loom $80 S13 Transmission Fly Wheel & bolts $30 S13 Interior Door Seal Left $10 S13 Engine Washer Motor & Pipe $5 S13 Exterior Exhaust Hanger x 2 $15 each S13 Transmission Clutch booster hardline $10 S13 Interior ECU Harness CA18DE? (Non Turbo I think) $60 S13 Engine Anti Pollution Cannister & pipes $5 S13 Engine Turbo heat shield CA18DET $20 S13 Engine Crank Angle Sensor (Poor Condition, untested may work) $20 S13 Engine Fuel Pump (Poor Condition, rusty but may work) $5 S13 MISC Various Brackets ?? S13 Suspension/ Brakes Brake Line (Unknown) $5 S13 Engine Exhaust Heatshield (Non Turbo) CA18DET $20 S15 Exterior Intercooler $80 S15 Exterior Intercooler cross pipe $60 Skyline R33 Engine Clutch Master Cylinder $60 R33 Engine Air Conditioner Condensor $30 R33 Engine Powersteering Reservoir $50 R33 Engine Air Conditioner Line $20 R33 Engine Window Washer Motor $50 R33 Exhaust Exhaust Hanger $20 R33 Exterior Bonnet Latch $40 R33 Exterior Boot latch cable (maybe fuel cap cable?) $20 R33 Exterior Boot Hydrolyic lifters L&R $80 R33 Interior Brake Pedal $80 R33 Interior Clutch Pedal $100 R33 Interior Accelarator Pedal $60 R33 Interior Accelarator Cable $30 R33 Interior Windscreen Airconditioner vent $40 R33 Interior Handbrake leaver $80 R33 Interior Seat Belt Rear Centre FREE R33 Interior Dash Shroud $50 R33 Interior Kick Panel Front Left $40 R33 Interior Dash Panel (Under Steering Wheel) $50 R33 Interior R33 Fuse Box (Rear with battery connector) $80 R33 Interior R33 Fuse Box (Front with Cover) $20 R33 Suspension/ Brakes Brake Master Cylinder (non ABS) $120 R33 Suspension/ Brakes Brake Disc Front L&R GTst (drilled for 4 stud) $80 R33 Suspension/ Brakes TieRod & End x1 $40 R33 Suspension/ Brakes Steering Rack (inc clamp & cover) $50 R33 Suspension/ Brakes Brake Hard Lines Rear L&R FREE R33 Suspension/ Brakes Handbrake line rear L&R (Cut) FREE R33 Exterior Stock Rear Pods $100 R32 Engine Engines Brackets L&R $80 R32 Engine Power Steering Reservoir $40
  3. LOL.. then why not just say that?? Thanks 6330
  4. Hi, was following this guide, which is awesome btw, but I don't understand the following; Is this only required when using R32 backing plates? because I dont see how it's possible to swap the cables with the 33 ones I have (see attached). Where the cable disappears into the backing plate wouldnt line up while still using the mounting bolt? am I missing something here??
  5. R31 vs R32 Engine Mounts,

    Thought so.. thanks mate
  6. I've read in a few threads that R31 engine mounts will lower and move the engine back compared to R32 mounts. Has anyone had actual actual experience with this? visually (by looking at pics on the web) i cant see how it would make that much difference. Anyone around the western suburbs have one laying around i could compare one of my R32 mounts? or maybe just take a few more pics from different angles? Just want to be sure before i commit to buying somthing I dont need.. Gareth.
  7. Thinking I might do the same.. how was the length on the rears? any chance you could measure them??
  8. Price : $900 Condition : Used SUB-ZERO - RB25DET Intake Plenum & Throttle Body For sale is a custom polished Subzero plenum that is welded to the standard RB25DET runners, it has fittings to suite the standard vacuum/air lines. Pics: pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4 The throttle body is 90mm, the nut has been modified so the stock TPS can be used, however this can easily be replaced with a standard nut if it's not required, with a few small mods this can be a replacement the of the stock plenum. Pics: pic 5 This is a photo showing the TPS adapter fitted. More Pics: pic 6 If you haven't heard of SUB-ZERO they were an Australia tunner who apparently have moved to Dubai now, they were responsible for a few insane 9 second Skylines (try googling PVL 747: 9 second pass, try9s: 9.5 second pass) I'm selling this as I decided to revert the car back to stock for use as a daily. I would of loved to see it's full potential but will have to leave that up to the lucky buyer.. this plenum is simply stunning and is a very regretful sale, buyer will not be disappointed. I am located in Tarneit, Victoria and can be contact on Mobile: 0427 350 666 or via email: ameic@me.com $900 ONO thanks, Gareth.
  9. I did the front brake conversion a while ago and everyone said to remove the olive which I did and have been happy since. I've just recently bought the matching 33 rear calipers and have to order some brake lines so I thought i'd braided lines for the front and rears. Question is, now the olive has been removed from the front calipers, should I A: Order new olives and order R33(S15?) lines to fit to the caliper as it was intended with the screw in thread, where do I even order them from? anyone got a guide/photos on how to install them? or.. B: get S13 ones and retain the banjo setup. is there any safety concerns with running banjo's on the 33 calipers?? Also on the rears, i've heard the s13 lines will be too short, Should I just order 33 lines for the rear? also, is the extra length ideal for the s13 lines & is the thread the same? I've done some searching but couldn't find concrete answers... thanks, Gareth.
  10. Thanks for the tips guys but i wanted to upgrade eventually anyway so i've gone with kriss's option.. thanks kriss
  11. upgrade s13 to r33 gtr brakes

    Sorry to bump an oldish thread but i'm in this situation as well. I've read a few conflicting things about what BMC to use with R33 gtst brakes on an s13. I'm running the s13 one at the moment because i read that with the front skyline calipers the brake "feel" was more predictable and less "bitey", I'm just about to install the rear R33 gtst calipers as well so thought I might run it by you guys before I stick with the s13 BMC because i have the BM44 anyway. I assume i would only need BM50 if i was going brembo's?
  12. IP board iOS app

    I got ip communities app but I can't enter the URL .. It just shakes indicating the URL is wrong, what's the correct URL??
  13. wow.. didnt expect to find a guide when I did a search for this.. got any pics of the brackets for the Perminent solution?
  14. R33 LCA

    Hi, I've come to learn the swaybar doesnt connect to the r33 lower control arm, but there is still 3 holes, 2 for caster rods... What's the 3rd for??
  15. Oh and there was only $10 difference in retail between the RB conversion and the direct replacement ones