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  1. Turbotech Question S15

    As others have said, remove the solenoid and the hose altogether. Unclip the harness from the solenoid and hide it in the well behind the tower somewhere. Put that screw you have in that hose and screw it into the rubber intake pipe itself. Run the vacuum hoses beneath your hot/intake pipe. Now you have a boost controller, that solenoid does nothing at all. Its not picking up/reading anything. Who are you kidding trying to keep it looking stock? Next .. Get a atmo venting bov and replace that rubber intake pipe with a stainless pipe with no bungs and paint it black even so you can get rid of the rest of the plastic junk in front of the engine. ps. kinda hard to see from the angles of the pics, but what is that solenoid on top of your cold pipe??
  2. NISSAN FAST Thread (Thread Now Closed)

    Cheers Ashman ... exactly what I wanted!
  3. NISSAN FAST Thread (Thread Now Closed)

    Can someone please help me with a part number and perhaps a diagram of the mounting bracket that I believe is attached to the cat, which bolts onto the support on the chassis. For a ADM S15 Cheers.
  4. When it happens to mine on full boost, its the loud 'whoosh' noise of my intake sucking in the air through my pod! Gotta love boost Might wanna check the bolts on your front pipe to dump pipe ... 1 or 2 may have come lose. They're the ones that will always loosen over time.
  5. the waste band width selection for a hoody is off ... thats why its so short for everybody ... 'flight jacket' style on a street/casual hoody is a big no no ... but love it either way! orangutan much peeps
  6. whats the best LCD TV to get?

    ^^ And thats the difference between a 'salesman' and a true vis/audiophile finallyy!
  7. whats the best LCD TV to get?

    A good tv does not 'stutter/flcker' in slow moving backgrounds whether its 50hz or 200hz or even true cinama 24 fps... you must take that in consideration! When I looked for a TV it was always .. The aspect ratio ... the channel 10 logo - not always a perfect circle, even though you reckon all are the same Whites and blacks - the biggest difference - 1 will always be brighter/darker RGB - reds especially, blues to bring out the white but can easily be ruined by the black. SPEAKERS!!!!!! fvcks sakes ... i know people have mad theatre systems, take that into consideration too And most important of all .. to me anyways, the motion control - background. For those who have LED TV's ... if it aint direct lighting backing .. waste ....
  8. should i be changing my tyre size?

    No .. I actually meant transbrake/powerglide! .. I'm talking about straight line burnouts where you don't need to use brakes at all. edit: You actually posted a vid of one in action you spastic.
  9. should i be changing my tyre size?

    Its not a old school v8 mate ... if you wanna do a straight line burn then get transbrake ... short of that sit on your brakes .. your car ain't meant to do straight line burnouts, its only a 2ltr after all with fark all torque compared. That, or you have been greatly misinformed by others and all this drift business!
  10. The Crap Filter

    How much was a alignment at wa sus btw Johnny?
  11. You can remove one of the bottom locking collars.

    I'm guessing you fall into one of those "most that have probably never even seen or experienced before pfft". The material in the version II series of the "low end" Brix's use the same material as the Low Max serie seats. It's the older models of the Bride seats that use an inferior material to the newer model of Bride seats. There is no "low end" of Bride seats mate, just older models with different material. Cheers, Andy oooohh .. you getting all technical now are you .. Well you got me there, but did I mention the brix 2's anywhere?? .. was trying to make a point you drop kick! not all brides are made of the commonly known 'faded blue with tears' seats .. and fyi .. the low max's actually ARE a more comfortable and quality seat compared to the shitty LOW END brix's! "There is no low end"??? .. where's the common sense man? So your saying every bride seat is the same? A brix is NOT better then a Low Max! .. size, widths, height, lumbar, support, cushion, weight and .. material used?

    You's will find the material/quality is much more better with the upper models such as the Low Max's compared to the shitty low end brix's that is commonly around Which most have probably never even seen or experienced before pfft