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  1. Make : NISSAN CEFIRO Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 220000 Price : $8,500 Condition : Good A31 Nissan Cefiro 1990 model. Rb20DET, engine has only 15000kms on it, have receipts. 5 speed manual. Electric Sunroof. 16inch enkei racing wheels. Apexi power Fc computer with handset. R33 skyline turbo. Bigger injectors and fuel pump. new Tires. recently resprayed in two tone purple/black. S15 silvia bucket seats. Brand new BC coilovers, less than 1000kms old. Car located Dural NSW. September rego. please call for more info. 0410115298. $8500.
  2. Super Lap 2011

    cheers mate, cant wait!
  3. man up and buy it! if its like any 180/s13 the boot will leak and drown the spiders each time it rains then smell like wet dog for days after.
  4. threw together a vid of last years super lap footage i had... cant wait for this year...finally get to see everyone's drift beasts coming out of the shed for a well over due thrash. This year driver line up is even better then last Om nom nom nom nom http://www.vimeo.com/23035064 Enjoy'
  5. How to get into stunt driving?

    And he is actually a really nice guy too! Now we have no reason to hate him! damn!!!!!!!!!!!!! u going to Bozlap this year? oh wait...course u are
  6. If you torque these up properly they handle drifting just fine in my experiences with bolt on's Keep in mind that you need to cut down your studs on spacers smaller then this was the case on my 180 at least.
  7. Anyone know where i can become a donating member? Ive been a member since god knows when and i still havent got enough posts to put up a thread... pretty gay in my opinion... im on NS several times a week but cant get enough posts up without commenting stupid shit like "sick ride hope it sells" or "why u sellin up u only just got this?" anywhooooo any help with the donating thing will be appreciated P.s Good advice!
  8. D you need heaps of power to drift?

    holy shit-balls, 440kw would break my mind...
  9. ya drifting is garbage maaaatttteeeeeeee just quit now ay..granny shifting, not double clutching like u should! u never had yo' car... u up for more tandem dori man? ill get the cameras hooked up again (if u havent realised whom this is yet, then shame...shame on you). haha
  10. Marulan driver training set to close?

    As entertaining as that idea is, it's exactly that sort of attitude & behaviour that the negative types who want to shut Marulan down are looking for as a reaction. It will only provide them with more ammunition to have the place shut down. I'm discovering more & more lately that wanting to enjoy cars legally is less about driving and more about politics which isn't f**king RIGHT! this was ment to be an idea for if the place ever got shut down...as in a punch in the face to the people that shut it down...of course i wouldnt condone street drifting as its rediculous how much of a negative assosciation with our sport drifters have attracted. and yes politics in motorsport is not uncommon... i spose its like everything..drag racing is bad...v8 super cars are bad cause it makes people race their shitbox commos and fords... to be honest you cant do anything that fun on the street in places that you are likely to get caught anyway... we all know to take it to the track as its 10 times better anyway u can actually get out of 2nd gear and do entries other then a power over after the coast is clear haha anyone know if wakefield is in danger at all?
  11. my mate has 4slydn as a number plate...jealous? or maybe its just slydn....useless info i know...
  12. Skid Pans 9th july EC

    yo link iz buzteddd bruzzz haha
  13. Marulan driver training set to close?

    voted...why do people keep trying to close tracks down? we have like 2 tracks in the greater sydney area... gah people are so gay...i vote for insane street drift around the complex if they close it down!