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  1. V8 update

    On that matter, greg, I've got a Soarer V8 auto just sitting in my garage that I'm not using. Give me a call if you want a spare. You're right about the t56 being a better box, but for my application (street driving, no forced induction) the W58 will be fine. Damien (guy from SC, now has a twin turbo V8) ran a W58 behind his individual throttle body setup for 3 years with a fair bit of track work and no troubles.
  2. V8 update

    I'm using a manual conversion kit (W58)from Bullet Cars in my 1UZ soarer. Pretty happy with it, they use a CRS bellhousing with a custom flywheel, fork + slave. You're looking at about $2k for the kit including clutch (they have kits to suit both W58 and R154). Expect to pay under $100 for a slip yoke for the box, about $700-1000 for a W58 box or $1500 - 2200 for an R154. Mr Nagata, I would speak to Neil out at Rush, he's done exactly what your mate is looking at doing.
  3. Driver training dori spotcheck..

    The back track at the sutton road training centre is designed to replicate the worst conditions that are generally encountered on public roads - tightening off-camber corners, poor road surfaces, narrow lanes. Not really suitable for controlled skidding of any sort. Best left to places like wakefield or eastern creek - they're not too far away. Stinkypoo is right though - if you want to improve your car control skills, the motorkhanas are ideal. You'll learn very fast in a situation like that exactly how big your car is, what your understeer threshold is like, and stopping distances. A good primer to drifting, certainly.
  4. Engineee ulehhhh !

    Hahaha - they really need a breathalyser test before posting on this site.
  5. Wheels Wanted

    i've got a pair of Work 5 spoke 16x8s can chuck in some legal (20% tread) rubber with them $200 let me know mate
  6. the sil is for sale

    Sorry chucky, this is NS. getting along is for lame forums.
  7. the sil is for sale

    Only one way to settle this. Ring of death. Stu, as the offended party, you get the choice of weapon - handbags or umbrellas?
  8. Ladies and gents, has anyone got a spare blown SR20 or RB20 gearbox lying around? we've got the box out of Scott's (stocks13) car and the collar has broken off the input shaft retainer. If you've got one to sell, that'd be awesome, PM me or Scott and we'll arrange pickup and payment. Have a good one, Bernie
  9. Blocked cat

    unfortunately it's pretty easy to tell if a cat's been punched or not - they get an IR laser guide thermometer and check before and after the cat - if there's no temperature difference, cat is punched. As 02PRUV said, the police would have a hard time picking up on it, but the RTA will ping you.
  10. Window Washers

    they get as much sick leave as they want. Or, they can just turn up to 'work' still drunk.
  11. the problem with any modification to the surface of the bolt (cutting, grinding, etc) is that most bolts are surface hardened - as soon as you damage the surface of the bolt, it reduces its toughness, so it'll just strip much more easily next time. I would recommend drilling and using an easy-out.
  12. If you don't have much experience, I'd consider going to a reputable suspension shop to get them set up the first time. Let them know what you want, what you're going to be using the car for, etc. If the shop is any good, they'll also talk you through why they're doing what their doing, and what the effect is of each change they make. That way you've got a good starting point. THEN take it to a track day and adjust from there. Shouldn't cost too much either if you can install them yourself.
  13. sr20det manual

    In the link that Big Boss posted is a discussion of this as well - there is no commonly available ENGLISH S13 SR20 manual - most people just use the S14 manual as well to get the required information.
  14. 20MBI S15 421hp

    bhp can either be brake Horse Power (where it's effectively flywheel power) or British Horse Power - exactly the same as the american SAE measurement we've all come to know and love.
  15. Oran Park Drift Day

    don't be soft, bring it round my place and i'll crack out the welder. *gaze does not condone running a locker on the street or any other such retardedness*