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  1. Hey Guys, Have been trying to decide whether to get poncams or go step 2 procams, and guessing about how much low end power I will lose and therefore drive ability on the street. Basically, people will say, less power up to 3000rpm or gets boost from 2000rpm, but really that doesn’t give you any indication of how that will affect you when you take off from the standstill. So, what I propose is a 0 - 70KMPH test, only using up to 2500rpm. If you list the mods you have and then your best 0-70 time, you can get an idea on how much a turbo, cams, pistons, flywheel, weight and gearbox can have on your cars pick up. Therefore make a more informed decision on the upgrades you choose!!!! Anyway I'm completely ready to be flamed the shit out of, especially because I haven't used the search function... Car: 92 Nissan 180sx Engine: SR20DET Internals: Stock Turbo: GT28RS .64 rear housing Cams: standard Flywheel: stock Weight: 1284kgs Gearbox: Stock ratio Power: 200kw at the wheels Diff ratio: stock 0-70KMPH Time: 12.50s
  2. I'm pretty sure I'll go for the pin cams ecause I ha e heard so much good a out them and I don't want to change my valves or springs.... But I still think there could be an alternative test to a 0-100km test that could give you an idea on bottom end pickup. Maybe 0-3000rpm is more relevant as that is where most people would change. Anyway I don't care, was just a thought about coming up with a simple standard like 0-100 for gauging low end pick up. So you could be like "omg that guy does 10s to 70kmh, the only difference between his and my car is that he has a higher ratio diff, that means I can improve my pickup by changing the diff ratio." and prett much no other use than that.... Good day sir!
  3. Its only meant to be a rough guide. Instead of "it pulls ok up to 3.5k then goes hard." And how would road surface matter? Your not goin to lose traction.
  4. Hey Guys, We are running another learn to drift day on the 9th of july. It will teach the basics of drifting from entry through to linking. Its a fun day where you can test the limits of your car and fine tune your control of it. All the courses will be on the new skidpan at hidden valley, we wont be using the actual race track for any of the courses. The cost will be $129pp (which includes all licences and food). Discounts apply for TEDA and NAMSC members, if you hold a current cams license that will be deducted from the cost aswell. If you would like to be involved and give it a crack send me and email at darren.ford@brinkin.com with the following details. Name: Contact number: Previous Experience: Car Make & Model: Car Year: Car power approx (just put standard if standard): CAMS Licence (yes or no): NAMSC Membership (yes or no): TEDA membership (yes or no): Cheers, Darren
  5. April 1st Night Drift - No Joke! TEDA is running a Night drift competition on the 1st of April. The night will include a full tandem battle competition and a new street class competition. When - Friday, 1st April, 2011 - Gates open 5pm drifting from 7pm til Late There will be food and drink stalls and a DJ. Gate fee - $10 kids under 15 free. No glass Entrants Information: Entries close on the 25th of march for current NAMSC members and at 6pm on the night for new members. Cost - $66 entry fee (not including membership and licencing) Normal clothing and scrutineering regulations apply for this meeting (enclosed shoes, neck to ankle clothing, helmets, batteries clamped etc.) Street Class Street class is a new category made specifically to urge anyone who can drift to bring it to the track, and we are putting up a $500 prize for first place (even if there is only 1 entrant). There are regulations to enter street class and they are as follows: - must have entered no previous national or state drift events. - must have only entered 2 or less local drift events on track. - car must be registered or able to be registered with minimal effort - scrutineer's decision will be final. (on experience and vehicle) Entry Fee - $99 (including all fee's - TEDA subsidized normally $128) No Excuses! If you would like to enter please contact me and I will get you all the information and forms that you need. Come on closet drifters show Darwin what you've got!
  6. next one was on the 20th of may The next scheduled one now is on the 9th of July. I will post an update on this website when we know.
  7. Hey mate, I have stock 180 front guards and front bar. one front guard is a bit damaged, but not bad. Cheers, Darren
  8. Hey guys, I have just bought a VL with an rb20 in it, and it needs some work. started it today and let it get up to opperating temp and the CAS started to smoke... atleast i think it was the CAS smoking, the car doesn't have a timing cover on it and the smoke was coming from the sensors side. I dont know anything about rb20's, does the sensor have a bearing that can go or anything? i have no idea... thanks for your help, Darren
  9. Hey guys, I have just bought a VL with an rb20 in it, and it needs some work. started it today and let it get up to opperating temp and the cam angle sensor started to smoke... atleast i think it was the CAS smoking, the car doesn't have a timing cover on it and the smoke was coming from the sensors side. I dont know much about rb20's, does the sensor have a bearing that can go or anything? i have no idea... thanks, Darren
  10. I will have to smell it again... i thought it was rubbery though. I doubt the spacer's would have been put on so I bet that is the problem. Ill have a look tomorrow, thanks for your help.
  11. Drift Damage - The official thread

    Crashed my car into a tyre wall at the last meet. &ap=%2526fmt%3D18"> &ap=%2526fmt%3D18" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="480" height="360">
  12. sup guys, http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=EhoQExVRx5E Some footage from our last drift day. If you want to get involved in drifting in darwin go to www.teda.com.au lots of useful information on there.
  13. Car: 92 180sx Red top sr20det Mods: Tune, Z32 afm, GTR fuel pump, s15 injecters, jdm gt28, avcr, bov, fmic, 3" exhast, split dump pipe, pod and bashed cat. Boost: 17.5psi Cams: Negative... Power: 157rwkw I thought with those kind of mods i would be looking at around 170-180rwkw after looking at the ultimate turbo reference guide. have i missed something? edit- i did search, but couldnt find anything that helped. if i've missed it can you just post it. Cheers.
  14. its a bit smoother, but doubt there is any extra power, hopefully it will get extra power after the tune. I always thought that spark plugs were pre-gapped to the specific application, but now i know Thanks for the help
  15. The missing was caused by incorrectly gapped spark plugs.... my bad. getting another tune in a couple of months, see if i can get much more out of her...
  16. I think it was from a 32, ill find out. It does make alot of noise...
  17. also, just checked the psi im running and its set at 1.1 bar but has been spiking to 1.33bar. and i've change the fuel filter in the last 10000kms
  18. i never ended up getting a print out for when it made 157kw. This is the dyno i got before it. this is before: -gt28bb (was running stock t25g) -z32 -s15 injectors. -running 17psi. I did get alot more torque and lot more power at 4000rpm but it just didnt get much more total power.
  19. It had about 2.5 hours of tuning by Dr Drift. there were a few things on the dyno day that could contribute. - it was 30 degree's - the intercooler was heat soaking. - it was a safe tune because its being used for drifting. - it was before i bashed the cat But that aside the car seemed like it would struggle up to 3500 then go. i've changed the plugs and tryed a different set of coil packs that were working on another car. ill have to double check the what psi im running, i could be wrong. one thing i did notice is that after an hour of drifting the missfiring got really bad, it consistantly missfired as i accelerated to 5000rpm. could the stock coil packs be failing at high heat? not long after it got really bad the car died completey because of a blown fuel pump fuse. so maybe the fuel pump isn't handling the heat? i don't know... but its f**ken annoying.
  20. It missfires at 5000rpm intermitantly under load in 2nd and 3rd gear. would split fires help a great deal?
  21. fair enough, ill try and get the dyno read later tonight, but it hits 157 at around 4000rpm and stays there till 7000rpm...
  22. yeah 98 octane always, and i'm 90% sure the turbo is in good condition, its not showing signs of bad condition....
  23. Hello, Last Night I did a skid and snapped my rear right wheels axel, when it snapped it grabbed the right wheel hand brake cable and pulled it until the cable snapped. Now the brake is locked on really tight. I've undone the four bolts holding the calliper on the disc, but its still clamped down on the disc. How do i release it the calliper so i can get it off the disc? Thanks.