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  1. Are nissan silvias fast?

    Price wise modding your car still comes up trumps in most cases when compared to the price of newer cars.. When I picked up my s14 I paid 10k for it. It was making 210kw or so.. Most notably it kept up with a 370z with 3 mates in my car, pulled away from some idiot in some convertible Ferrari (who probably drove like an idiot). It was a fairly quick car, managed a respectable 12.7 at EC, with more left in the tank if I had less wheel spin.
  2. 1979 Honda Accord - $5,000

    Make : HONDA ACCORD Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 95600 Price : $5,000 Condition : Used Up for sale/EOI is my grandmother's old 1979/80 Honda Accord. It's in great condition for its age and pretty rare! If it doesn't sell or I just get low balled, I will end up using it as a fun daily. With a little lowering and some wider wheels this could look great. I don't know a whole lot about Hondas as I've only owned nissans, so below is about as much as I know. The car was always garaged and meticulously taken care of by my grandmother. Servicing and log book records all come with the car to show a genuine 96,000 km's! Specs: - Currently unregistered as I just went and collected it from the Blue Mountains yesterday, will be registered this week. - Silver - 5 speed - Hatchback - Old school radio (that works, including all electrics). - Funky sheep's wool covers on the seats (Seats are fine otherwise underneath, my grandmother lived in the blue mountains, so I guess it was warmer with the sheeps wool covers). - Runs and drives great (I will be changing the oils and spark plugs this week anyway).
  3. Drifting quitters

    I built my car up to be a fun reliable street/track car. Went to about 8 track days and was over it.. Nothing against drifting, but I just prefer a more pure form of motorsport like racing. So I sold up and now I'm either saving for a deposit for a property or a street/circuit car.. Maybe something fun like a Torana, meh I don't know. And I also try to go karting regularly for a track fix
  4. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    http://smh.drive.com.au/motor-news/honda-returns-to-f1-20130516-2jp13.html Honda is coming back on board in 2015
  5. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    At least it's only a week till the next race.. Warm Bahrain, my bets are on Kimi and Alonso and Sutil for a podium.
  6. 2013 F1 online tipping

    i got demolished in this round.. sutil and alonso out.. 2/4 of my cars are ferrari and force india..
  7. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    It was a pretty low move, given the differing engine settings. Hopefully Mark clears his head back at home and doesn't do anything drastic. I've been saying for a while that he can be a bit boring at times to watch and that he seems to give up easily. But, after watching him race Seb with a slower car around a few corners and almost managing to hold him off it was exciting to watch. So he can drive aggressively when he wants to, I want to see more of that. I hope he comes back and races in China and the rest of the season as if every car around him is being driven by Vettel, so we can see him attack everything and everyone and hopefully win the championship.
  8. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Sutil is looking very exciting.. In a potentially slower car than the majority of the field, he's doing some amazing things.
  9. 2013 F1 online tipping

    I was sooo close to cleaning up big time.. Still sitting at 54/5200 so can't complain. Sutil is a very exciting driver, I'll be looking forward to seeing how he progresses in the season. Mark's start was a big dissapointment - regardless of the glitch, if he managed to qualify so well, why couldn't he maintain that race pace and overtake some people, drive aggressively for once.
  10. Guitar stuff

    Ha.. Well I ended up buying a deluxe strat and it came with a cheap valve jet city amp all for 2.6k about a year ago now. Have myself 3 pedals to muck around on - Big muff, ts9 and a boss phaser. Looking to get a wah soon and then i'll be pretty happy. I'm mainly into rock/blues.. So I learnt all the boxes for the minor pentatonic and (blues).. Also most major chords etc and some other crap so I can try to do rhythm and solo's on my own. I basically just jam along to jam tracks on youtube mainly trying to figure out my own style and what I think sounds good.. Otherwise I'll try and learn little licks here and there from blues artists who I like. I'm still incredibly shit, but hopefully after a year I won't be so bad.
  11. 2013 F1 online tipping

    I came 3rd last year I think.. I think I could have come first, but meh.. So what site are we all using again? Sportal is the most familiar to me, or are you all using superbru? If you guys want a bigger league to join USE THIS CODE: 547460 For Sportal dream team.
  12. MCM Drift Car - Does it drift? [Video]

    Good mini series, you guys have come a long way since your first couple of vids. The s13/180 market is going to get interesting now.
  13. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Can't wait to video of this thing hitting the drag strip
  14. Seriously.. The fact that any human being has thrown their hat into the religious lottery baffles me.. There's so many, which is the right one? If there is even one.. I mean f**k, if you were brought up in a Christian house hold, chances are you'll swing that way.. If you're brought up in a Muslim house hold, chances are you'll swing that way.. Hindu, buddhists etc.. Same thing. IF there is a god, chances are you're not going to enjoy a nice afterlife because you picked the wrong f**king one anyway. So if you enjoy living your life knowing that you're literally rolling the dice with your life, go for it. Or you can act like a reasonable person and grow the f**k up and stop believing in fairy tales.
  15. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    http://youtu.be/VjG0-18-oV0 (watch in HD) http://youtu.be/H2XWr1KrxXI (watch in HD) Not sure if many of you are aware, but the eastern/northern beaches have been hit be a red tide (red algae). When it spreads throughout the water you usually can't see it anymore. Except for night time, it's hard for my iphone to capture exactly what it's like to watch it in person, but this gives you a rough idea. 'The color is caused by a chemical reaction that results from the movement of the algae. Move a whole lot of algae at once (in say, the crash of a wave) and a brilliant flash of light becomes visible.' So yea, I was sitting down at the beach for about an hour in the dark last night just watching the waves roll in, and as they do it looks like lightning in the water. With the blooms popping up on the Northern Beaches yesterday, it's possible that it could glow blue tonight/well into the weekend. I highly suggest you head down for a look, somewhere where a current/rip gathers at a beach (it will hold more algae) and has breaking waves and you will get an amazing show (with a better camera than my iPhone, the pictures are sure to look a lot better). Also, it's got nothing to do with glowing from the moon etc.. It's just nature's home made light. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HcQlQlKt2w