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  1. 20B S15

    9" of dish..... ....man a 9" rim would be wider than most peoples rims on here. F@%^&%g awesome build mate.
  2. Hey champ, what is the measurement from the bottom of the headlight to the bottom of the bumper on the S15 G-Force front bar? Also cost of shipping to brisbane 4123. Cheers.
  3. Best tattoo parlours

    Dragons lair did an exelent job of my tat, and am going back in the next month or 2 for more work.
  4. My RB Powered S1580

    Ok so throwing that spacer idea out the window! will just keep saving for 5 stud convo then some new rims cheers for the feedback guys
  5. My RB Powered S1580

    Ok guys how does this sound as a temp idea, the rear gards are 50mm wider and the fronts are 30mm wider so if i get 30mm spacers up front and for the rear get 2 sets of 25 and bolt them to eachother to make 50, will that work, the 2 25mm's togeather?
  6. My RB Powered S1580

    All 3 of those pics were taken b4 i started to bog up and sand back. so the kit was just fitted and i went at it with a spray can just to get a better idea, so maby that is y the front gards looka bit weird, they are matt black while the door is gloss? n 1 of the pics was taken b4 i had the wide body rear gards Its an Masa front bar aye? interisting again cheers for the comments fellas , and fella-rets for taht matter (tho dont remember any chicks posting ) guna try fix my camera so i can show ppl how its going so far
  7. My RB Powered S1580

    Cheers Benji, iv read the write up on your car and its sweet as ride! Wana go into a bit more detail, not sure what u mean? I put up a pic of the front bar i would like just cant find a suplier let alone the brand of the bar cant get mod plate for 25? i think he wants to keep it legal Y would the 25 not be legal if the 20 is, n i swear there is a few guys up hear with mod plated 25's
  8. My RB Powered S1580

    Wide body gards: 100$ Bog n hardener: 70$ wheels will be about 3000$ doing all the panel work my self, so its cheap, n im doing things bit by bit. + im only an apprentice so i dont have heaps of money Yeah ill get some pics up when i get my dam camera fixed
  9. My RB Powered S1580

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Went the 20 cause it already had the Mircrotech and the custom plenum and was still cheaper than i could find a 25 so yeah Want new rims so badly but cant afford just yet (still need to do 5 stud) i have found a pic of a front bar n fell in love with it yet cant find it for sale anywhere or even what type it is Smashed the one i got this morning comming out the driveway so will be getting a new one. stupid drop down gutters. this is the one i want, if anyone can give me some details about it that would be great.
  10. My RB Powered S1580

    Thought i might post up my baby My RB powered S1580 I have had this car for almost 4 years, i am the first owner to have it registered in Australia. it had 92,000k's when i bought it and had a CA18DET. at 120,000k's i did the RB20DET conversion and brake upgrade. all mod plated. The rings in the CA didnt survive. Have the dyno sheet to show the 254RWHP Pics are b4 the bogging, sanding, smothing ect. Mods are as follow: Engine: RB20DET 1992 model with 10,000 less k's then the rest of the car. Microtech LT 10 with hand controller. FMIC. 3" stainless steel turboback exhaust with 3" highflow cat. Custom Front n dump pipe all 3". Custom foward facing intake plenuim. Walbro 255L per min fuel pump, intank type. Nismo Strengthened engine mounts. KnN pod. R32 radiator with 2 x 12" thermos. V Port BOV. Drift oil catch can. About 10,000kms ago the gearbox spat an input shaft so the box and clutch were replaced, with the box out i figured i may as well do the clutch. Transmission: R32 GTST 5spd (10,000k old). exedy heavy duty clutch (10,000k old). CA drive shafts, tail shafts n viscos LSD. Suspension/Brakes/wheels: R32 4 pot calipers on front. RDA slotted rotors front and rear. Braided brake lines. Cusco strut braces front and rear. lowered springs. 19x7 speedy wheels. Exterior/Visual: D-max 50mm widebody rear guards. 30mm wider S15 vented conversion guards. Blits ADR approved fiberglass vented bonnet. spoiler removed and smothed. aireal removed and smothed. Rear gards, side skirts and rear bar have been blended and smothed. Vertex side skirts and rear bar. Uras type 2 front bar. 8K HID low beams with blue led parkers. Clear/smoked rear tail lights. Blue rocker covers. interior/stereo: White leather retrim. Blue dash leds. Blits dual stage boost controller. Drift oil temp and pressure guages on A piller. HKS boost guage on dash. Response 7" dvd screen. Response DVD player. Fusion powerplant 6" splits up front. kenwood 6" 2 ways in rear. 2x clarion 12" 600w subs. kenwood 1000w monoblock amp. JVC 4 chanal amp. custom black and white leather boot install. battery relocated to boot. nardi look a like steering wheel. Razo Gear stick. Car is for sale at the moment, $16,000 NEG Selling as i need a ute for work/to tow my Track 32 gtr to and from places. car still has 9 months of rego. can throw is MDU coilovers for $800 am throwing a full set of 17x6.5 for spares/skid rims have 550cc injectors that i never installed All 19’s have new tires Call Dave on 0431 521 512
  11. Name: Dave Username: daveosx job: 4th yr Electrican Location: Brisbane/southside I do houseing type electrical so if u need lights installed, power points n almost anything inside or outside ur house. Can also get electrical supplys pretty dam cheap give us a yell. note im not quallified as yet so pm me
  12. Will be leaving my place for bunnings in about an hour..... .......in my half sanded half-assed primed S1580
  13. New pics of my 180sx

    Did u say SR20? cause pic shows a CA18 bud, and ca style front bar and seats. not trying to be rude btw looks good, gun metal grey is sick

    the forges CA swap over pack, do u do one for an RB26DETT???
  15. Hey champ, the pic of the silver D1r's, there is a 5 x 114.3 but is there also a 5 x 120? or am i seeing things?