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  1. i remember when this comment was popular on here "nah deej"
  2. Lol Im running 6 pot alcons 365mm rotors with stretched 225/40s true sik kent
  3. lol yeah your car would definitely be faster without a set of 265 dz03's especially around corners you should swap to a set of 225/40s and have some mad stretch then your car will be fast
  4. WTB varex twin tip

    My varex sounds ok Just got a set of twin 3 inch blast pipes made just need to put them on
  5. So what are the side skirts???
  6. What were the side steps btw Spoke with tark the other day on fb Whats the latest please keep us dreamers dreaming lol
  7. Number plate advice

    Ha I used to have ove too lol 09?
  8. i need some pods too
  9. S15 Track/Street

    Is this a troll haha, it's just a paint pen from supercheap auto. It's good for putting a number on your window every week too makes you look like a drag racer lol. Bring your car to circuit and coffee this Saturday and I'll give ya a race. yeah troll lol, I Iive in Cairns but I'll be down next year for a few events we can race then. Do you race open or street class? I'll bring two sets of wheels so we can make it even. Whats your club team manko mean ? Is Stuart a member too?
  10. S15 Track/Street

    Can you tell me what tire paint you use as well? Just so I can look like I race?
  11. S15 Track/Street

    Ill get them painted for you
  12. Sons of Anarchy

    Poor Chinese f**k I hope jax gets wacked he deserves it