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    That was me and afew mates coming back from moonta for the long weekend, yeah we were just eager to get out the traffic.. Were you the guy towing the 32 gtr? Yeah man, that was me. Can understand being eager to get outta the traffic, think we all timed it well though

    tidy red 180 w/ 34 GTR wheels, silver S15 and silver R34 GTT passing me just outside Pt Wakefield on the way towards Adelaide late this morning. Probably not a good idea to be sitting that close to each other though guys
  3. Matty T's BNR32 GTR

    Power steering pump didnt rock up before the weekend, HICAS eliminator kit did however Threw some shit together, some is fixed properly (HICAS Eliminator, including a quick "by eye" rear toe alignment). Other shit needs some work (turbo kit is just loosely hung in spot for the second. Compressor housing needs to be rotated, new oil drain / head drain to the block needs to be made up as it fouls on the gate location, needs a couple of gaskets here and there too) Pulled out all the old HICAS gear, now once the pump arrives i can re-plumb the front half up again to the pump
  4. Matty T's BNR32 GTR

    Scored a 33 GTR power steering pump and bracket. Now its hoping it rocks up before the weekend haha
  5. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    mate is chasing an s14a steel bonnet (no fibreglass). not fussed on colour, prefer one with no dents n shiz (bonnet pin holes are fine though)
  6. Matty T's BNR32 GTR

    I was sure from what ive read that the rear half of the pump is only low pressure to the HICAS pump on the drivers side, then it obviously (via that other pump) ups the pressure for the HICAS rack. Therefore i should be able to (in the correct looped fashion) run a P/S core on that low pressure feed Or have i misread that somewhere :/
  7. Matty T's BNR32 GTR

    RB25 pump needs some modifications to its mountings (the front of the bolt guides needs about 15mm cut off it, and then you need to space behind to have it sit in the right spot). Plus RB25 uses a 3PK belt, RB26 all use 4PK belts Hence why id thought about using a 33 GTR pump, as it should all line up and being off an RB26 originally i shouldnt need to modify anything else
  8. Matty T's BNR32 GTR

    cleaning means thinking (and as im nowhere near the car i cant have a look half the time OR do anything haha) plan b is to keep the standard P/S pump. then piss off ALL the HICAS crap (solenoids, lines, rack, etc etc). Use the rear feed of the P/S pump to feed a larger P/S cooler core, and use a proper HICAS deletion kit (with the nice fat arms to replace the twiggy little tie rod ends) then in the midst of all this, theres getting in and gutting the doors out with a grinder, removing all the power window bits, making brackets to mount my lexan door windows, stripping / changing other interior bits and pieces to simplify what looks a half complicated car on the inside
  9. Matty T's BNR32 GTR

    Cheers Pabs, will see how we go. I need to chase out a new P/S pump and resevoir from a 33 GTR, enables me to properly delete HICAS without blowing up my existing pump (apparently from the reading ive done, taking apart the rear vanes negates the flow to the factory P/S cooler and then blows the pump due to overheating) Seems i forgot one build thread last night haha. Lucky the image link is still in my copy/paste history hahahaha
  10. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    R33 GTR power steering pump and fluid reservoir, preferably in good condition
  11. Matty T's BNR32 GTR

    Hasnt been dragged outside for a wash as id hoped (i didnt want to wash my "to do" list off the front window haha) It has had the battery recharged so i could put the windows up (ive now got a nice fine layer of dust inside the car as well as outside) Manifold is being collected this week (pics once i have it in my hot little hands) Headlight vent from 2-Up coming this week too (i thought my hopes were dashed finding one locally until Antonio came to the rescue!) Should get cracking and start putting all the shit together now i guess!

    sunday night cruised next to a full VIP spec Crown on Lonny Highway between Hallett Cove shops and the bottom of Cement Hill. Heavy metallic flake blue, BIG flares, big dished wheels and big pipes with that familiar 1UZ note. Mad props for driving that around!
  13. Matty T's BNR32 GTR

    Hahaha, so it does Craig, so it does It'll have an update in the next few weeks, i'll have some stuffs to show for it (plus it needs to be dragged outside for a wash)

    heard it this morning on Heaslip Road as he drove past while i waited at a T junction L series porn to the ears OT White S15, crystal tail lights, blast pipes, black wheels with good fitment turning off Grand Junction Rd into Pt Adelaide this arvo. Had a cop car pull a u turn at the next island in front of you just after you turned, reckon you might have pooped a little (i would have if i was in your shoes haha)

    spotted Jay Duca cruisin round in his 100 through our worksite on Cliff St Glengowrie this arvo.......all the boys instantly assumed cos it was a beat up looking import that you were one of "my mates" hahaha