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  1. r32 brakes question

    thanks salad
  2. r32 brakes question

    i just had a look at them & all i can find is the word "sumitomo" on both of them. does this mean they are r32 GTR brakes?
  3. r32 brakes question

    how can i tell the difference between r32 gtst callipers or r32 gtr callipers? cuz i need to know what rotors i need to buys thanks
  4. r32 brakes question

    can sum1 confirm what hawker05 has said??? thanks
  5. i bought a pair for r32 GTR brakes from ebay (front pair), but how do i know if they are gtst brakes or r32 gtr brakes?? is there a serial number i can look up???
  6. R32 gts-t brakes on a s13

    try getting spacers!
  7. SR20 running Garret GT28RS

    go to a better tuner .... or take it back & get it retuned!
  8. the GT28RS willnt take u to 250rwkws, at most ur get 230rwkws (i've got a GT28RS with all the support mods) but if i wanted more power i would be looking at the trust T518Z (8cm), it should be able to pump out 250 plus rwkws
  9. KA24DET

    the ppl at nissan arent stupid, they know what they are doing (u just have to look at the GTR's). SO there has to be a DAMN good reason why they never released a KA24DET..... not bagging the KA24DE, but if they are sooooo GOOD, y dont we see more KA24DE + "T" powered cars .... only in the states?? y havent the jp's picked up on it??????? my 2 cents
  10. i have almost the same mods & when i get my car back i was quoted to have about 230rwkws, thats using a GT28RS. which is cheaper one from the turbos u listed only difference is that i have cams & i have rebuild my engine so i dont see y u cant make that power level with a newish s15 & a GT28RS however with a stocko turbo ur hit about 200 to 215 rwkws (from what same other ppl on ns have reached on the s15 turbo (t28bb))
  11. installing hks cams

    where are u getting ur engine built? ... maybe the builder got ur cams mixed up with another cust cam's ... (hope not)
  12. HKS Evc IV, dual soleniod?

    npz knows? bump
  13. heya guys & girls do even1 know if the HKS Evc IV users a dual soleniod ??? has even1 used 1 of thoese boost controllers before ??? good points? bad points? thankz *UPDATE* i only info i could find is that it has a "stepping motor" as a control valve. does that mean it doesnt need a dual soleniod? & how good is a stepping motor?
  14. making 300rwkw wat ecu?

    s15 t28 willnt put out 300rwhp i'm hoping for 310rwhp & i'm using a pfc, but u can get ur ecu remapped by sum tuners
  15. turbosmart vs gfb

    lolz its all good!!