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  1. 89 S13 Silvia - Building to perfection

    any updates here..??? what did this computer get for christmas.?? hahaha
  2. Brys 180... v2

    update update update....????
  3. worlds slowest build...

  4. SR23

    hey what happened to this build.. what did you sell the car.. hahaha you would never do that.???? come on i know its only been like 6 months. lol
  5. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    didnt he toy with the idea like a year ago and could come to do it. im pretty sure i read it in his old post.
  6. ********************FOR SALE 30k! ****************

    far out kemp... you are the serial poster and no updates.... whats the go
  7. Primal Garage - 180SX

    any pics of the update??
  8. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    any updates...???\ i want moar..!
  9. Brys 180... v2

    any updates bry???
  10. 1990 Nissan Silvia

    were did you get the tail lights from... are they crystal black lights..?????
  11. rb25 powered s13

    any updates dude
  12. search?

    could it matter that im on hardtuned not nissansilvia
  13. search?

    m3rls - both mate
  14. search?

    I just tried searching now and it still comes up with "no search results" I have tried it in: Safari version 3.2.2 Mozilla firefox version (cant remember) the newest one tho Internet explorer version 7.0 Would be good to use the search function