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  1. Depending on meeting spot might come for a look. PM please
  2. VS KF in shadow chrome 19x9.5 and 19.10.5 (+25 ish offset to suit v35)
  3. Damn it! Every date so far I've either been crook, interstate or overseas! For this one i'll be in Beijing, eating some sort of dog meat instead of cow
  4. well it is a 4wd luke_enr34 your a genuine einstein... And youre a genuine idiot... And you're You are a genuine D grade English student! Ha, ha. Couldn't resist. Mikes' R34 is a monster truck?... It has stock suspension! You are not really one to speak on the use of language. Remember only use ellipsis marks when omitting a word, phrase, line, paragraph, or more from a quoted passage. Your general grammar and punctuation both need quite a bit of work. I saw an advertisement last night about adult reading and writing classes, perhaps you could start there. That is if you are actually out of school yet. You are a C student at best, but thanks for playing.
  5. any VSKF or TE37's comming in say in a 19 X9.5 and 10.5 +22 ... any chance??
  6. HTDCAS foreign legion

    Where is this place? I've got a nights stay in Singapore on my way to Thailand
  7. can you get / do you have any 19 or 20 inch wheels with offset to suit V35
  8. Race Gas @ the PUMP!

    If you have just imported a 2003 model car from japan and only run 2 tanks of BP 98 through it would you be able to swap to this fuel without issue or still need a tune?
  9. 10th sounds good to me. Why don't we just go straight for the gold though and head the the BBQ Inn. ...mmmmm mixed grill
  10. Yep i'm a teacher ... new car nearly sorted out
  11. ^^^ then you should of got in quicker!
  12. Yeah but very $$$ and pretty common.
  13. Something less gay hopefully Coming from "The yellow on my (old) car would fit in well in San Francisco" owner New car no idea… ... Suggestions? Pat: Actually at the moment I’m a teacher without a car. Which actually kind of suit considering the new round of enterprise bargaining agreements just came out and up the top it simply read "Before reading our offer please purchase at least one tube of KY lubricant, otherwise this is really going to hurt".