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  1. Some times gets used

    Pink doesn't look to bad in the poor shed lights. Thoe I do have sand burn from rubbing against it.
  2. Some times gets used

    You have such shit bloke mates that won't even come and do shit for you. I can put you onto a bloke thoe
  3. this is one of the few builds ive read from start to finish. i love the attention to detail. i co built a tarmak rally r32 and we were anal about weight. it payed off in the long run as we were a good 50kg off our competitors and had a far better weight balance than the average 32. any chance you can post a link to the subframe weld in braces. im about to put an s14 subframe in my own 32 would be keen to help it out a little.
  4. 1jz 180sx

    looks like all the old dogs will be there in force. we will have to team up on the new top few. haha. ah i remember the days i used to beat lloyd smith.
  5. 180 build thread - just clicked 300kw woot!

    good stuff nick im liking the flat floor at the rear. somthing a bit different. looking forward to seeing you at round 1.
  6. ****TASMANIAN TRADERS********

    selling a stack of rims but you didnt mention 4 or 5 stud. have a look anyway.
  7. ****TASMANIAN TRADERS********

    steve cornish is selling is r32. add in the cars forsale section.
  8. POWERCRUISE 2012-In? Out?

    i had no dramas entering my car a few years back. (no rego) they just asked for a current pic to be emailed to them to make sure it wasnt some junker ke70. lol its good fun and the cheapest event you can enter if you pay early. even the cruise section is good to take friends or family in your car for a bit of point and squirt to show them what you sink all your pocket money into.
  9. super keen for this one. got a turbo that works and some power to match. bit rusty on the driving front thoe.
  10. i have some flairs mandy that you can try on.
  11. 180 build thread - just clicked 300kw woot!

    the areomotive pumps are about the noisiest pump ive ever heard. you can hear them over rb on gate..........JK top work as usual nick. you know E85 isnt that dear to run and good power to be had. as well as better spool and engine temps. i have a very good suplyer up north for the good quality stuff. the cheaper stuff seems to eat pumps and injectors.
  12. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Bit off topic Kriss but i have a pair of flat spoke panasports (same as first pic) if you was after a matching set? mine are 17x9 around +20 but the centers would swap into your 2nd pair. shoot me a pm if your interested. cars making good power. and the DR30 lip is the go.
  13. more than likely it will have a worn pillow ball in the top of the shock making it knock as such. if the rattle is in the shock its self it will be uneconomical to fix like dave said but if it was just a top mount it may be a replaceable part. anyway pedders do a $14 steering and suspension check which will tell you heaps of things that may or may not be wrong but it will confirm if you have a buggered shock or not. thats a cheap check. then buy yourself some new stuff of ebay and get someone to fit it. or try pete nunn motorsport. 0408 145 234 he has a small workshop that he operates out of when hes not overseas. he has a huge motorsport background, mainly rally and can build a car from the ground up. and very good value. he can diagnose source new parts and fit. or boost automotive. they will do same as above. hope this helps.
  14. Van Diemens Motor Sports Show

    i spoke to steve as he doesnt come on here and he is happy to put his car on display if some one is organising a stand or alike. he doesnt have any interest in organising a stand or alike thoe. if you want his car pm me and ill give you some details.
  15. Is round 3 going to happen?

    someone donate a turbo for my bus and housy can drive it. ive heard he brakes into a rash when driving 32s thoe.