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  1. selling parts after doing an engine swap on my 180, pickup in nunawading.. can also arrange postage


    Clutch fans . Rocker covers . Timing belt covers . Auto t bar . Wiring loom (auto) . Radiator . Intake manifold . Turbo . Ecu . Intake pipe . Starter motor . Alternator . Power steering pump . Air box . Fan shroud . Injector resistor pack . Head . Coil packs . Crank angle sensor . Air flow sensor ... and other small parts








  2. Hi I was just wondering if you can get aftermarket rear seatbelts that fit a 180sx, im on to my second pair of genuine seatbelts and like the first pair these ones have corroded and gone to shit, going by a lot of threads on google this is very common.. just wanted to know if I can get some that will last rather than wasting my money on another pair hat will do the same? thanks :)

  3. so I have a 180sx and when in sunlight you can see its about two different shades of black , I want to get it painted so all sides match, but the colour I want im having trouble finding, most blacks go milky in the sun, the one I want doesn't at all.. the colour code on my car is for the milky black.. anyone know what colour im looking for?



  4. Im not sure about CA's but my friend used something similar to this with his SR low pressure PS hose.




    thanks man, not sure if straight hose will work cos its got a large bend in it, and the inside diameter is about 20mm.. ill have a look at supercheap tho, they might have something


    Check Clark Rubber too, they have alot of automotive hoses


    ok sweet, never thought of them!


    3/4' i/d oil resistant hose.




    yeah man i heard heater hose is a bad idea.. which makes it a lot harder for me to find a hose because its an odd size