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  1. photo chop my sil please

    Yeah looks good to me,i can give the mirrors a go
  2. thanx,ill chuck some more up when i make some
  3. yeah i cant use it for shit!,i cant figure out how to edit one frame at a time
  4. i use that with photoshop cs3,make the picture on photoshop and animate it on ulead gif anim
  5. you can download the full version of Ulead gif animator 5 from a bittorent website.or you can use photoshop but i wouldnt have a clue how to make gifs on it
  6. s14 or rexy

    What do they go like, the cardboard box that it? cardboard boxes are more of a luxury sports car compared to a wrx,i would go for the cardboard box for sure!
  7. s14 or rexy

    come on!!! wrx are ok for a girls car....
  8. yeah but most cars on the road are silver,and silver is a bitch to paint
  9. want to sell

    hey ive been on this site for more than a year but havnt got enough posts to put somthing up for sale,can you please help,thanx
  10. s14 or rexy

    how can a wrx be compared to a s14? the older wrx arnt 2 bad(the ones b4 the crapy round headlights and bubble shape body),but still not as good as a s14.
  11. s14 or rexy

    i would rather drive around in a cardboard box than a wrx
  12. s14 or rexy

    go the s14,Wrx is just a done up hyundai excel
  13. hey,thanx for ya comment
  14. rims? what do u reckon?

    yeah ,i would keep em as they are
  15. Ive been looking to lower my 180 2inch but i can only get 1 1/2 inch springs.im not sure if 1 1/2inch would be low enough. if any one has done it can u send some pics(no bodykit)? thanx
  16. 180sx lowering

    yeah thats true, ill do that. thanx alot
  17. my new 180

    just felt like saying im now a 180sx owner! i had a look at it thinking it was a ca18det because im on P's thats wat im lookin for,but when i had a look it was a sr20det and because of the price i got it anyway. its not at my house yet but i hope when i get it the cops dont mess with me 2 mutch . ill send pics when i get some
  18. my new 180

    Ok this time for sure! IM NOW 1990 180sx ca18det owner ill get some pics up when i get some.
  19. my new 180

    its a 1990 ca18det in good condition