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  1. xw vs 180sx

    yeah the vn isnt normal for a stock vn ,its a bit quicker.....i dont know why
  2. xw vs 180sx

    yeah commodore drivers,... not all of them
  3. xw vs 180sx

    yeah most of the oldies dont get that a 4cyl these days is nothing like they were before
  4. xw vs 180sx

    i can tell on the takeoff he would win but then i would pass him easy. but i just wanna stop this argument between me and my dad,without having a drag. and i wanted to know for myself
  5. xw vs 180sx

    all these people that say my dads would shit all ova mine......have you driven a xw ??
  6. xw vs 180sx

    lol, all good points......i like the one about getting his keys.... ........wat about my brothers stock v6 vn?
  7. xw vs 180sx

    yeah true,if you drive a xw they run out of alot of puff .but ill get him to race me on a track......he wont but ill try
  8. xw vs 180sx

    yeah all good points and my dad probably wouldnt accept mine would be quicker even with the stats. im happy with my 180sx and unlike him i have nothing to prove. still gonna bug me everytime he goes around telling people his is quicker and mines just a 4cyl jap shit
  9. xw vs 180sx

    its a fairmont xw stock (not a gs or gt) i would say it would be more heavy than a mustang
  10. xw vs 180sx

    i want to know cos my dad keeps telling people his car would shit on mine! it pisses me off
  11. xw vs 180sx

    his is more powerfull because it is a v8,but with all that weight it is slower than you would think. i have driven both and on the takeoff because of turbo lag he would win. if the start to finish was 1meter .
  12. xw vs 180sx

    yeah my dad would chicken out
  13. could be a stupid question but is this part separate or part of the guard? got a ca so im not sure. if its seperate ,you know where you can buy em?
  14. 180 sr question

    $80 not bad,but still more than wat i wanna pay. i might have a go at making some outa fibreglass
  15. 180 sr question

    cool,thanx alot
  16. EOI: Photoshop Comp

    ill have a go........
  17. Photo shop practice

    a little crap in parts........
  18. Photo shop practice

    thanx,ill make up another 1 some time
  19. Photo shop practice

    ill make up somthing better later..
  20. Photo shop practice

    you choped it or u want someone 2 chop it?
  21. original: choped was a holden ute
  22. thanx for the comments
  23. just a quik one,mostly done with airbrush:
  24. updated with some new pics,feel free to add your own versions of the top original image to this page.