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  1. 180sx super black paint code

    spies hecker schwarz deep black 096, i dont no if super black is blacker than that
  2. 180sx super black paint code

    yeah the colour code on my car wasnt the same black thats on it,it was alot more creamy.if you want more of a blue black than a red black,i used wat i think was schwartz black. i can find out

    what pic won last time?????

    cool,all the pics from the last comp had no background. ill send my pic friday,i keep changing it
  5. TA22 Celica

    hey thanx alot, i was on alot of the celica sites,mainly on classiccelica.com. yeah its 10times easier doin up the 180, but its not the same,i had more fun doin up the celica. you keeping the engine original or you gonna put somthin else in?
  6. 300e merc chop

    Had a quick go of the other pic:

    so can ya put a background in or ya gotta have it white??

    should make the deadline sooner!

    yeah ive already made up 6 versions of it
  10. xw vs 180sx

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you joking ? Dont bite, its just a wanker trying to shit stir yeah true, wtf he doin on this site!!!????
  11. xw vs 180sx

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you joking ?
  12. xw vs 180sx

    good stuff!. thanx 2 everyone for the reply's that helped with the question and all you people that rubbished the 180 over the xw.......f**k YOU!!!!!! thanx.
  13. xw vs 180sx

    So you think 15s are fast? ok...... Anything above a 15 (Including a 15) is slow, and that includes my own car, just to make sure no one mistakes me for a close minded f***head that thinks my car is the best in the world. Considering they have a Turbo, I call that rather pathetic. Yes, yes VK-VL 308s could only manage a 16, but no one calls those fast. Anyway XWs are still way cooler than a 180SX. in your opinion they are,2 me i would rather a 180sx than an old brick with wheels. i have nothing against old cars,i like alot of the old chevs ,shelby,plymouth barracuda etc. but xw xy just do nothing 4 me, ill take a newer car for its luxury anyday
  14. xw vs 180sx

    lol, i was lookin for that pic!
  15. xw vs 180sx

    little thing called money.......i dont have any after buying my 180 and keeping it in good condition....if you want to give me some,go for it!
  16. xw vs 180sx

    Dude are you for real or are you on some sort of Illicit Amphetamines ? Maybee the XW would beat a Ferarri F430 after all, the Ferrari is only 4.3L, better lining it up against a HG Kingswood with a 253ci 4.2L in it.. lol. people just dont get cars of today, still living in the 70's
  17. xw vs 180sx

    so i should beat him on takeoff as well? 0-100 in mine is 6.9sec and his 0-60 10.5sec
  18. xw vs 180sx

    cool thanx alot , ill let him no, 2secs differencs is still a good win!

    so it should still look like the car we are doing just our own version?? our own concept
  20. TA22 Celica

    very nice mate,i luv the old skool celicas, this was mine i sold last year i miss it but i got a 180 now so its all good. more pix: 75celica
  21. xw vs 180sx

    THANK YOU!! thats what i think
  22. xw vs 180sx

    maybe he couldnt get it out of 1st
  23. S16?

    yeah im not mad on it at all, needs to be more aggressive looking, its a bit plain
  24. xw vs 180sx

    yeah the vn isnt normal for a stock vn ,its a bit quicker.....i dont know why