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  1. Avatar Help

    i dunno,check if its 120 X 120. do you upload it? you could use the url
  2. strange chop request?

    yeah he wanted it looks ok'ish with the skirts
  3. strange chop request?

    this what you want?? looks better with skirts but n e way...
  4. strange chop request?

    ill do it,i wont use that 350 but
  5. i would say no.3 has won ,unless somone else gets 20-30 votes
  6. Avatar Help

    not the best but you havnt had anyone else help so i gave it a go.
  7. lol,the differance 2 extra days would have made! anyway they all came out good!. was my first photshop comp so i hope to get 2 votes next time lol
  8. Good win HOJ11 !! hope its more of a challenge for ya next time.! lol
  9. nice one! luv the colour. we'll both do better in the next one ! .......i hope
  10. yeah,to me i dont care who wins ,it was fun 2 do and ill be in the next 1 for sure! for somthing different next time we should do the back half of a car,ive never done 1 b4
  11. yeah thanx,i spent alot more time on the green 1 so i chose that
  12. mods on mine no.5 .made into a 2door + made the doors bigger .door handles .lower .front bar .made up the wide body kit .tinted windows .custom green paint with silver black .wheels (dunno what the are) .rear end cut n' shut .grill .back grn .+ a shitload of airbrushing and no.3 is very good, neat finishing
  13. i guess it helps to have friends on this site, i dont care if i come last or anything but 1 vote...made by me is pretty bad,lol no. 7 should have had a bit more votes as well
  14. ...and yeah,all of em a good!
  15. lol,thanx alot guy's!!
  16. Hey ill take any sympathy votes..........
  17. all of em looking good!, should chuck the original at the top so we can see the changes made.
  18. now playing

    Chimaira kick arse! , im currently playin a mix of death metal,devildriver,arch enemy ,chimaira..etc.. Britney spears is to heavy for me, i like Nikki webster better!
  19. S15 vs S2000

    yeah,but you could get somthing as good or better than an s15 and subaru or honda dont make a car that good
  20. S15 vs S2000

    yeah,why the f**k swap for a honda?

    i dont know where you people get your pics from cos i couldnt find shit! i had to make up most of mine from scratch! its mainly all airbrush. anyway ill have it done 2morrow

    not bad,think i gotta work on mine a bit more.................
  24. whats a good price for adjustable coilovers?