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  1. CA to SR wiring

    got it going! ..for anyone with same probs as me , black and purple on ca goes to thin black red on sr and the rest just match colour to colour,, still got a few to work out on the dash
  2. CA to SR wiring

    looking at some pinouts i found on the net it ,i found a B/P fuel pump relay on the ca loom but there is no B/P on the sr loom? and also what is L/G and L/R ?
  3. Blown head gasket help

    yeah check the oil to see if its milky and maybe check the radiator water to see if it has oil in it, from what you said it doesnt sound like anything to worry about
  4. hey just wondering where these go? is the first one under the manifold for the brake booster? and where do these go? to the rocker cover?
  5. sr20 pipe locations

    ok thanks for your help man,ill see how i go
  6. sr20 pipe locations

    alright man thanks heaps! so ya reckon i can just block the EGR pipe for now?
  7. sr20 pipe locations

    i dont have an oil catch can or an EGR? do i need em?
  8. put an sr20det in my car and just noticed it doesnt have an EAI control valve? do i need it? and if not where do the pipes go that normally go to the EAI? ignore the red circle :
  9. sr20det EAI valve?

    yeah im not sure exactly what it does?, its on a few diagrams i have as well.. but if yours doesnt have it then good, one less thing i havta worry about getting lol
  10. CA to SR lines?

    doin a swap from ca to sr and just trying to figure out where everything goes, so far im just stuck on these if any one can help?
  11. CA to SR lines?

    sweet man thanks! glad about that cos they look ugly lol
  12. CA to SR lines?

    ok cool , so i can remove the canister and evrything?
  13. ok heres probably a stupid question but i just put an sr20 in my 180 and its sitting on a slant, im pretty sure thats how they sit but just wanted to make sure?
  14. sr20det positioning

    oh yeah thats true, just thought i would make sure.. thanks for your help
  15. I just got a sr20det to chuck in my ca 180 and i only just noticed it doesnt have air con.. are the air con compressors the same and i just need to get SR brackets?? thanks
  16. ok just had a look and they look wayyy different! spewin! ..
  17. hey thanks mate ill have a look, hopfully i can use the ca compressor on the sr bracket, otherwise ill probs havta change the lines as well
  18. S15.3 conversion. Any pics?

    do the 180 front, suits it a hell of a lot better!
  19. Hi i was wondering if anyone can help me,i know this has probably been asked a million times on here but i cant find it anywhere... I have a Nissan 180sx im doing up that was originally a CA18DET auto and im after a SR20DET black top engine in good condition,low miles etc. with wiring lume and ECU to put in it and im also going to convert it to manual, so ill need gear box,tail shaft,pedals,gear stick,clutch master cylinder etc... anybody know a good place in the melboune area to get what im after?? and what sorta price im looking at? thanks
  20. sr20det plus manual conversion

    cool man will do,what ever i can find new at a good price ill get, thanks man
  21. sr20det plus manual conversion

    Maybe, but im not gona get much for my 180 with no engine in it? plus im a mechanic so it will only cost me in parts. i figure if i can do it all for under 5grand im better off keeping it and doing it up?
  22. sr20det plus manual conversion

    sweet as man! ill check them out, thanks
  23. sr20det plus manual conversion

    Sweet thanks man, 1000 bucks isnt too bad, ill have a look around. you just get your parts from ebay or something?
  24. hey im putting together my ca18det for my 180 and ive got 4 small hoses that i need to put together but i dunno where they go, can somone help?? this is the front side of the hoses colour coded ,i need to connect the other side behind the manifold
  25. cool thanx alot for your help! my cars at work so ill chek it all out on tuesday