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  1. Ca18det Engines + Parts - $300

    Price : $300 Condition : Used BUMP
  2. Ca18det Engines + Parts - $300

    Price : $300 Condition : Used BUMP
  3. Ca18det Engines + Parts - $300

    Price : $300 Condition : Used BUMP
  4. Ca18det Engines + Parts - $300

    Price : $300 Condition : Used BUMP
  5. J0KERr666 - GTA V - COD - CRYSIS 3 etc..
  6. sr20 cluster

    ok so done an sr engine and manual conversion on my ca,got a 97 loom and ecu on a 95 sr20det and im told i need to change my cluster from the ca18 for it all to work properly.. went to get a 95 + model cluster and apparently they come digital and analog.. im not sure what i need for my car or how to find out?.. are all the 97 model 180s digital?
  7. sr20 cluster

    hmm well i cant figure out whats wrong, its doin my head in lol , thanks for your help man
  8. sr20 cluster

    petrol gauge and door light work,ran a separate wire to get the speedo to work, but nothing else works.. also i think the type x loom doesnt have a wire for the oil pressure gauge?
  9. sr20 cluster

    so the CA and SR clusters a pretty much the same?? if i am using a type x wiring loom and ecu that could be why its not working? would a type x cluster work on it? or is there more to it
  10. Can't fit a rocker cover gasket

    swap it around and if it still doesn't work, that's ya prob
  11. lol yeah fair enough, might be worth just getting a second hand auto for now and when ya ready sell it and get an sr20det manual.. i got a feeling the ca auto wont fit but ill see if i can find out
  12. if your keeping it do the manual conversion, i just did it on my 180 and it was waaaay easier than i thought, only thing that gave me a bit of trouble was the pipes under the dash for the air con when i was fitting the pedals, but i got it done no prob, i am a mechanic though so that helped lol.. but i reckon you should give it a go, ..get a good clutch kit and get the flywheel machined if it needs it .. also are the ca18det autos the same? cos i have one i dont want
  13. anybody no of any auto elec that has done the wiring for a ca18 to sr20 conversion on a 180? i need someone to come get my dash wired up, ive had an auto elec look at it and ive searched for diagrams on the internet but nothing works? im out of ideas ,, its got an 97 loom and ecu in it, i have pinouts for that but cant match anything to my ca dash :/ ive matched colour to colour and that didnt work either.. im in northern suburbs melb
  14. need auto elec in melb

    thanks mate ill give him a call
  15. hey ive got a 1990 180sx that i have done a sr20det conversion on, it has a 97 sr loom and ECU , trying to get the dash warning lights and tachos to work but im having no luck , i have a diagram for the ecu and loom but there is nothing on the internet for my ca18 dash loom, ive tried putting power to each wire but could only work out what wires were for one warning light and for the Rev meter ,, is there any other way i can figure out what wire does what?? without tracing the wires and pulling everything apart, ive taken the cluster out to see the wires going into it but they are different colours again and the writing is Japanese .. also there are two plugs under my dash near the ecu ,one up in the back corner and one up the front, they both have similar colours.. not sure if im meant to use the one at the back as well? thanks. Joker front plug : rear plug:
  16. ca18det dash wiring

    i put power to the yellow/red wire on the front plug and the rev tacho moved, when i do it to the plug at the back it does nothing? thats why i thought it was the plug at the front.. ill try hooking up the rear plug and see what happens but there doesnt look like many of the wires will match up? ive searched all over the net but i cant find anything that helps ,there is alot about this conversion but nothing that matches my ca loom in the dash.. this car is doing my head in! lol i added some pics ^^
  17. ca18det plug?

    can anyone tell me what this plug is for and if i need to worry about it?? done a ca to sr swap ,cars running but not alot works on the dash and its running rough,dont no if it has anything to do with this plug or wires i havnt connected on the f1 plug.. .. no diagrams i can find match my car or the loom i have this is under the dash ,top left hand courner
  18. ca18det plug?

    yeah its near the ecu, but there is another plug up further wich i thought was the plug for the dash? maybe im using the wrong plug?
  19. Ca18det

    if you want an engine to rebuild I have two ca18det engines that need some work
  20. Heyyy im just wondering if a 97 ecu and loom would work on a early model sr20det? I know the 97 wiring loom and 95 or earlier ecu don't work together
  21. ok thanks man, ive put a 97 wiring loom in my car and im having trouble with it cos the pinouts are wrong for the ecu, plus some wires are missing. ill get a 97 ecu and hopfully that fixes it rather than changing the loom
  22. just wondering if anyone has put bonnet struts on there 180 and what ones you used? also wanting to know the best way to fit them? any photos would be awesome. thanks
  23. 180sx bonnet struts?

    oh yeah true! they would probably work!? and i could get them fairly cheap, ill see if i can get some to mess around with, thanks
  24. 180sx bonnet struts?

    ok thanks ill have a look!
  25. CA to SR wiring

    ok i know this has been asked a lot but i cant find a simple answer and im having no luck with auto elecs.. converted my ca18det auto to a sr20det manual and im not sure how to wire up the 2 plugs up the front for the fuse box and the one under the dash for the ecu.. i have found diagrams etc. but they just made it more confusing because some diagrams are different and colours are different ... i need someone who has done it before that can dumb it down for me, is it pretty much cut all the plugs and mach colour to colour? or is it not that easy? thanks