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  1. Supplement Reviews

    Just got myself a couple tubs of Muscle Pharm Hybrid NO!! Never used MP products before and have not had a NO supp for a good few years, so interested to see if its any good. Have seen some reviews give it the thumbs up!
  2. Gym wankers

    Maybe start taking your mum to the gym?
  3. Custom Fabrication

    How'd you get on? Def recommend Craig at Helps Metalworks, had plenty of work done by him on multiple race cars, is really well priced and a top bloke!!
  4. Price : $9,900 Condition : Used Im Selling my built evo 6 engine see below for details 2.3 stroker kit scat forged rods & Je forged pistons arp bolts through out ported & polished Custom cams & adjustable cam wheels lightweight & balanced metal head gasket Block has been machined and sonic tested tunnel bored indexed crank No expense spared to much to list Can hear runinning if needed. Would suit race car or fast street car. $9900 with exchange motor Please contact for further info Brad 0400 845 991
  5. Boostworx: actively involved in circuit racing, drift, drags, time attack Boostin Oz: actively involved in circuit racing and drift Horsepower in a box: actively involved in drift See a pattern here?? Yup thats right, They all funnily enough work on race cars of some description!

    Quite often see a blank and white looking S12 up around the Blackwood area....nice stance and looks the goods whoevers it is!
  7. Ive been told if a 3 day split you should do Chest / Tri'ss Back / Bi's Legs / Shoulders and chuck in some Abs whenever possible!! But yeah not sure which way is "correct".... Anyways I do a 5 day split like Legs(and Abs) Chest Back Shoulders Arms
  8. Gym wankers

    You've prob all seen it before, thought id still post for LOLZ....
  9. Basketball related workout.

    Where do you play? I don't really see my need to touch the ring. I more want to gym just to improve general skill, become stronger and probably better at defending. I just play social mixed at Pasadena with a few friends, im nearly 32 now, so well beyond full competitve ahahah
  10. Basketball related workout.

    I also play basketball, but only social once a week, I have hit up the gym for the last 2 and a bit years, Im 6'4 and 104kgs, prior to the gym i was no where near touching the rim, now i can just touch it. I have bulked a fair bit, however its prob not what a basketballer needs to do. You would be best off working on fitness and leg stuff for jumping! So anything from squats to lunges to calf raises would be my bet. Also some core strength work would be a bonus!
  11. Supplement Reviews

    I have heard good things about Craze, will get me some soon to see what its like http://www.mrsupplement.com.au/driven-sports-craze
  12. I hope there is some chance he gets sent packing home to Ireland, other than that id dare say some time should be done! Gerald Im still LOL'ing at his name Robin, and the video footage of the fat fvck running away from the camera man.... Last laugh is on you Robin Gerald BWAHAHAHA
  13. hyundai excel race series

    Nice work Rex, I currently have 4 mates who race in IP with another in the build(safe to say im a busy man running around the pits on race day) What car are you thinking of building up? We currently have a KE70(3sgte), Datto 1200(Sr20det), Chrysler Lancer(4G63det) and a Rx4(13BT) and in the build a Mazda808(BP18T) in our fleet..... If you need a hand on any info PM my way, happy to help get another competitor out there within IP!! Ohh and if you wanted to get out there for a steer, then you can also hire a MG for a race meeting for a bit of fun, not sure on costs though, but wouldnt be that expensive!!
  14. hyundai excel race series

    If you want to go circuit racing door to door and not worry about banging up your precious S14 or narrowing your rear GTR guards, then something like this is perfect, who cares if its a Excel when theres 5 of your mates out there racing to work out who IS actually the better driver and for next to nothing(in comparison to other categories). I just checked Natsoft and around Lalla a HQ is actually 2sec a lap quicker, thought the Excel might have been quicker actually, but not to be. If you wanna go IP racing, your looking at ALOT more.....a set of tyres are about $1300 just to start with, and not to mention panels are starting to get hard to find for some of the early model cars we all love. And to be at the pointy end of the field the current lap record is held in a 808 with a BP18(1.8ltr) restricted turbo of a 1:14.9 on Yoko controlled semi slick(A048), we have a new controlled tyre(A050) which has seen lap records drop by about 2sec a lap around Australia, so expect a 1:13 possibly a 1:12 soon......but my point is this car wasnt a big budget car for IP BUT it is big budget compared to Circuit Excels!!