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    still for sale ?
  2. Epic ! That garage is around the corner from me, could they sort out all the wiring for you as well (dash etc etc) ?
  3. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    still a few piece left from a r33 wreck, pm me if you need something.
  4. Make : TOYOTA SUPRA Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $9,999 Condition : Used 5 speed mostly stock except carbon ganadors, tint, mp3 player and slightly lowered. black black leather interior Car is in MINT condition, only selling as I need more money for a house deposit. Cheapest manual jza80 in Adelaide. P-Plater dream! Any inspection welcome. Reasonable offers considered. Urgent Sale ! http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/toyota-supra-1994-12397935?base=1216&vertical=Car&cr=6&eapi=2&__N=1246 1247 1252 1282 4294962861 4294962110 901 1216&silo=Stock&Range=Price:Min,Max~0.5&sort=default
  5. Awesome, the damage hasnt been pulled apart yet so not exatly sure of the parts needed. Will be doing this very soon, as soon as insurance is settled. Ill get back to you as soon as i know the parts needed. no worries, just PM me when you are ready, its sitting in my shed.
  6. i have an almost complete kr4 s2 front end for sale, if he is after just panels. pm me
  7. anyone know how much it went for ?
  8. long shot but anyone know the current owner ?
  9. H2P are shit as well. agreed value ? pffft. they paid out what they wanted. *milkshakes*
  10. got rear ended

    how much for the car as is ?
  11. STOLEN R31 GTS1

    saw it driving down west tce (towards south tce)...maybe was around 11.30ish ? dont quote me on exact time.
  12. any1 know of any 33 s2 2 door manual turbz, damaged, for sale ?
  13. Nisbro Car Club

    hmmm...2j conversion into sumthing with plates [ 2JIZ ] ?
  14. Support a Dragstrip!

    dude...i wanted to make it on the news page on adelaide now...why ruin it 4 me ?
  15. exactly... jsut spread the word through facebook "heard there is a cruise on the **th, at ****** carpark"
  16. jza80 sz-r

    wtb: series 2 1997-2001 jza80 in MOONSTONE (gunmtal) only - has to be 6 SPEED as well. PM what you got.
  17. UFC 121 - Lesnar vs Velasquez

    Should be a close fight. Velasquez is the quicker fighter and can hit damn hard but Lesnar is just a freak. Re-match with Carwin and Lesnar is going to be awesome! First round was great when Carwin was knocking the shit out of Lesnar and just scraped it into the next round. yeah but lesnar took it like a freak i dnt knw y ppl want re match as lesnar will whip his ass again. seriously, what fight were u watching ? who doesnt want to see a rematch ? whip his ass ? lesnar kept running away all of first round and got lucky with a submission in 2nd...
  18. UFC 121 - Lesnar vs Velasquez

    lesnar will win. cant wait for carwin v lesnar rematch..... CAR4tehWIN!!!!
  19. sr20det redtop

    wally from Z imports is due back or already back from japland with a shipment of goddies. give him a call.
  20. bday cake

    merridian patisserie...been buying all my cakes there for last 13 years THE shit.