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  1. hi guys & girls i'm quite new to the SLR photography side of things, i've always had digital cameras and been able to take some "reasonably decent" photos for my severe lack of knowledge on the subject, but with a fast-approaching trip to Hamilton Island and the US for a month i decided to buy a Nikon D3100 with the Lense Kit...but i dont know how to do anything but point and shoot. now, i've being doing bucketloads of reading and i feel like im cramming for a never ending exam, so i wanted some guidance on what to focus on (pardon the pun) first before i start doing too much and overkilling it. should i just use the auto-modes on the camera or should i try to experiment and adjust different settings and see how that goes? i also noticed from most of the pics around the place (here and other sites) that photoshop is used quite a bit to touch up pics. did you guys buy photoshop, or is there somewhere you can pick it up for free? sorry for the noob questions, but i think i've read waaaaaaaay too much information and lost sight of where to begin and what i should work on for my trip and beyond. any advice would be great thanks guys. cheers, Josh
  2. Gym's in SA

    some interesting opinions on here. from personal experience, you're best off joining a gym and making use of all the facilities it has to offer. it gets you out of the house and away from the distractions of home and then you can focus on your workout. my girlfriend and i use Jetts at Valley View. its awesome. 24/7 access so you can workout anytime you want and its cheaper than other gyms around the place for what it offers. i've PM'd you about it further. cheers.
  3. pothole damage

    Spoke to the council who were pretty quick to let me know it's a transport SA road, but had already received many calls about the same pothole. Spent some time on the phone to transport SA who gave me the "we will have to work out if we were notified about the hole and then if we were negligent you can make a claim" bullsh!t . The guy ended up agreeing to send me a claim form so I can get the process started, but said that chances are they'll say they didn't know the hole was there and no claim can be made. So, in all honesty I don't like my chances, but you never know right? So now I'm looking for a new set of rims, possibly some work emotion 11R or XD9's in black, 18 x 8.5 for a Subaru Liberty, I think it's 5x100 stud pattern. Anyone know of someone who can do a good price? Wheelworx quoted me $3750 for wheels and tyres and as such I won't be buying from them haha Good luck to others trying to get some money from transport SA!
  4. pothole damage

    what evidence should i be looking at? i've got pics of the wheel and some pics of the pothole, but lighting in the area was very poor so quality isnt the best. perhaps a quote from a tire place? is it worth getting a suspension check done to cover all bases? as previously mentioned, when its pissing down with rain and the hole is full of water, and you've got other cars in front of you spraying up water, you cant see a pothole until you're on top of it. i wasnt the only one who hit it either, i remember seeing a ute pulled over changing a tire about 200m down the road. didnt think much of it until just now.
  5. pothole damage

    ok, so driving home tonight, and went over/into a massive pothole and it put a massive dent into my rim and ripped a hole in my tire. couldnt see if there was any damage to the suspension as its too dark, im just hoping the tire took the extent of the damage. does anyone know if i can take the matter to my local council and get them to pay for it to be fixed? or has anyone had a similar incident before? so f$&%king pissed off. for those of you in wynn vale, modbury heights area, the said hole is at the corner of grenfell and the golden way, in the turning lane as you're heading right onto the golden way, right hand lane. cheers.
  6. analogue fan control

    thanks for the input guys. yeah, this is also on a S14. is it an easy do-it-yourself fix with the resistor? or am i best leaving this one to the professionals?
  7. as the title says, the fan control for my a/c, will only work on full blast, but not on 1, 2 or 3. since the fan still works, i'm guessing its not a fuse, so can anyone help me out here? before you go and flame, i've searched with no success. any help on whats wrong/needs to be fixed would be great. cheers, Josh
  8. old people during peak hour traffic - you're old, where do you have to be by 9am that couldn't be done later? stupid 18 year old pill-heads in town - get off the drugs and go home...whatever happened to just getting drunk? idiots NOT keeping left unless overtaking, and then when you go past them they speed up and you can't get around. "hoon" laws...should be re-named bogan laws. if you drive a VN/VP/VR with calais rims, your car should be crushed before you have the chance to do something else dumb. the advertiser...no need to elaborate there. rangas. i know its been said, MIKE RANN too much AFL, not enough other sports footballers...nuf' said the fact that there is a bunch of backwards old wankers running adelaide and stopping any real progression by heritage listing crap-hole buildings and empty spaces (parklands) so they cant be demolished (no-one cares who lived there 69 years ago except you) and putting a stop to any major development that would allow adelaide to grow and become a "major" city. no wonder we dont get the big concerts or sporting events. i love adelaide, but it needs to move forward. my 2 cents
  9. need some sr20 (s14) cams ASAP!

    yeah, just spoke to JIS and they have the HKS and Tomei cams in stock, and also the rocker stoppers as well. what would be the best way to go on the cams? i honestly dont know anything about the differences, so any advice on what to go for would be great. thanks, Josh
  10. as the topic says, i need some cams for my s14. long story short, my car has been playing up for a while now, i made topics about it a couple of months ago, it needs to be fixed under dealer warranty blah blah blah...well, finally in to be fixed, and turns out there wasnt enough oil going to the cams and they are completely f.u.c.k.e.d... the place that is fixing my car is having trouble finding new or used cams at a good price (nissan quoted $1000 per cam, which is too much) and everywhere else has none and its like a 3 week wait...i need my car for work and cant be without a car this long. they said stage one cams are a possibility, which would be ok, but im guessing with stage one cams, it'd probably need to be tuned afterwards too...? i may be wrong here, so please correct me. if anyone has any suggestions or has some available that they're willing to part with please PM me or call/sms me on 0423 039 709. **mods please leave this one in the SA section coz i need help from local people on this one** thanks, Josh
  11. nah, didnt buy it from redline or a dodgy import dealer. pretty sure the guys i went through are honest enough not to screw me outta something they're meant to fix. i'm fully aware i need the dealer to actually do the repairs, but i wanted to get an inspection done prior to taking it back so i knew what the problem most likely was and also if it should be covered by warranty.
  12. yeah, thats what i figured. the contract is just the standard "contract for the sale of a second-hand vehicle by a dealer" one and i didnt sign a waiver of rights or any of that stuff. i wont name the dealer coz i dont want this to turn into a "i've heard this, that, blah blah" type thing...however if i get screwed around, there will be some slander flying around haha can anyone recommend a place to get my car checked that's not gonna cost me an arm and a leg?
  13. yeah, i checked out consumer affairs and from their description of what the warranty covers, it should cover this, but i just know what most used car dealers are like. should i get a quote or a diagnosis from a nissan dealer or import specialist before going back to the car dealer or would i be best to just take it back to them first?
  14. as the title says, would a VCT rattle on a s14 be covered under the standard (3 months / 5000km) dealer warranty? i've tried researching and finding out more info, but it'd also be good to hear of people's experiences with getting a dealer to honour their warranty as i'd like some kind of an idea before i bring this up so i've got "ammo" so to speak when i bring it up. any advice or ideas would be great. cheers, Josh
  15. Protest at Parliament House!

    will be there in full support having it at 5pm will surely make an impact! peak hour traffic on a friday haha take that suckers! pre-drinks before-hand anyone? haha