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  1. VE for me!

    no updates at the moment, just got back from a long trip away. Motivation is severly lacking :-(
  2. VE for me!

    cheers you saved an expensive mistake
  3. VE for me!

    No wife hence why i can do this haha. i don't add the costs up, its depressing :-) thats also why its taken soooo long
  4. VE for me!

    i wish i had got them to assemble it!!! im sooo slack
  5. VE for me!

    when do i expect to have it finished.... well im hoping to have the motor assembled maybe in a months time, but depends if the motivation is still with me haha. all i have to do is workout what bearing grade i need and get a head gasket car looks like a stock s14 with an exhaust, not even rims anymore. im hoping to do a 15 front conversion etc but well start with the motor.
  6. VE for me!

    SOOO after idk how many years i have finally started on my SR20VE motor build!! All this will be going in an s14. Setup at the moment: OLD Engine S14 SR20 GT3040r (3082) Custom high mount steam pipe manifold Turbosmart 48mm Progate wastegate Tomei 270 deg non solid cams Tomei adj cam gears Tomei type A valve springs Greddy rocker arm stoppers Splitfire coils Haltech E8 with plug in loom NA 60mm throttle Nismo 740cc inj Sard FPR NEW Engine: BLOCK: -RWD SR20DET +VE (VVL) head conversion -DARTON sleeved and machined block (by Mazworx) -MAZWORX block oil mod -20V CAS -Factory crank -TODA 87mm forged pistons -TODA Racing GT Spec NiCr I beam section forged connecting rod Rods -TODA adjustable cam gears -NISMO bearings -NISMO thermostat -ATI harmonic balancer -VE oil pump with modified (by Powertune) DET/VE oil pickup -TOMEI N2 oil block with AN fittings HEAD: -HYPERTUNE 77mm throttle -MAZWORX/HYPERTUNE custom plenum -MAZWORX fuel rail -MAZWORX ½ in head studs -SUPERTECH valve guides & oversized valves 1mm IN, 2mm EX (installed and mild port by POWERTUNE) -SUPERTECH dual valvesprings and titanium retainers -GREDDY sump -GREDDY pullies -ARP main studs -TAARKS rwd solenoid relocation blocks, with twin sol IN & EX -TAARKS timing mark re-locator -SR16VE cams -20V rocker cover -INJECTOR DYNAMICS ID1000 -AEM cdi pencil coils -M&W cdi ignition box -GREDDY oil cooler thermostat/filter housing -Oil cooler -SARD fuel swirl pot -SARD FPR -BOSCH 023 fuel pump -SPEEDFLOW fittings and lines -NOS fogger kit -GARRETT GT3076r with 63AR Tial V-band exh housing -Custom steam pipe V-band exhaust manifold -TURBOSMART 50mm Pro gate -TRUST Power Extreme II exhaust with V-band dump pipe -KOYO alloy radiator -Full rewire of engine/relocated Electronics: HALTECH platnum sport 2000 (or E11 which i have) TURBOSMART Eboost 2 AIM Sport MXL digital dash Drivetrain: R33 rb25 gearbox POWERTUNE SR to RB conversion OS giken S15 twin plate clutch and flywheel Custom tailshaft Suspension and Brakes: TEIN super street coilovers CUSCO adjustable suspension arms WHITELINE **mm adjustable front swaybar WHITELINE **mm adjustable rear swaybar Brembo/Porsche Cayanne 6 pot caliper with 2 piece 355mm x 34 Front (have calipers) Brembo/ Evo 4 pot caliper with 2 piece 330mm x 32 Rear R33 drum handbrake conversion Handbrake conversion plate Front and rear strut braces Front and rear sub frames strengthened and gusseted Body Work: To be completed s15 front conversion Rear guards flared Wish list: GTR rear end and diff 18 x 9.5 or 10.5 Volk RE30, CE28n or similar hahah The VE head: 10mm VS mazworx 1/2 in Mazworx sleeved block: Oil grove for use with gti-r bearings here are some of the issues with the conversion: here you can see how close the water line goes to the head. this is the oil feed for the VVL solenoids, but this is not needed as you use the solenoid relocation plates you need to plug the rear oil drain drill 45/64 hole, then tap using 1/2 in NPT tap. as you can see i machined a NPT plug to minimize the tapping required as the mounting is different and the ve's are east west mount the oil pickup had to be modified. ve tube with the 14/13 strainer
  7. Hey im in the process of building a sr20VE motor that will mainly be a dust collector/track car not seeing too much street use. Measuring the main and rod bearings atm and interested in what people making reasonable HP are running for bearing clearances. the aim is around the 350kw+ atw aprox. Standard clearances are: Main: 0.004 - 0.022 mm Rod: 0.02 - 0.045 mm ill be using gti-r main bearings with the holes Are people going the loose side of factory clearances or even bigger than these??
  8. there are more and more sr stroker cranks coming, would be interesting to see how they all go. one thing that needs to be taken into account is that you can't use standard sr pistons, you will need either one's designed for the 91-92 stroke respectfully or get some made with lower pin height's
  9. s13.VET

  10. no pic, but on a 14 it is in the passanger foot well far left hand side. the fan is the the first on the left, on the underneath there should be like a plug with like 5 or 5 wires. there should also be like 1 or 2 screws, unplug and remove screws and this card like thing comes out and on the board there are the resisters.
  11. find somebody stripping a 15 and buy the fan, im not sure but you may be able to use the 14 version
  12. Nissan s14a

    very nice, put some speck's up!!
  13. i hope you made/can make another timing guide relocator thing. I want/need one!!
  14. even with shipping it is still way cheaper, i have bought allot of parts from the us and most, with shipping are still cheaper. if you are in the states as i was, you save that shipping charge but sill a very viable option. next time i go ill have to get some order's going haha :-)
  15. $165 for one coil... what a rip off. I got the AEM ones for under $300 for all of them with the electrical plugs. you also need to factor in the CDI box about $1000 here you can get denso coils for 55 each.. thats still way cheaper with any shipping (note, i don't think denso's come with the electrical plugs) http://www.t1racedevelopment.com/en/products/category/2/ignition.html