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  1. Loving this section! Ok, so here's some pics of my work. Tell me what you think. GTR surge tank GTR Sump extension Little Radiators
  2. low mount power steer pump bracket

    I do a whole kit, PM me.
  3. Sway The 20V 4AGTE AE71

    Cheers buddy, enjoy it!
  4. Sway The 20V 4AGTE AE71

    Haha. I did most of the fab on that engine setup. That's the combo that won us the 2006 drift Australia championship! Good to see its being put to good use again

    by the time that guy drives out of his driveway they will all be snapped off. Why would you want to do that?
  6. eBay America. Can get them for about $450 delivered last time I looked.
  7. Ring Wayne from M&W Ignitions. He has them instock usually. I use them with a M&W CDI on my sr20. Whats more important than the year of bike is the part number on top of the coil. cant remember off top of my head but Wayne will know.
  8. GT300 car turned into time attack car

    Undoubtedly an amazing car. It just doesn't seem right to take a GT300 car and try to make it into something different. This car deserves alot more love and respect than it got in my opinion.
  9. Some of my Fabrication Pics

    Thank you guys for all the kind words, not much exciting stuff happening at the moment, just trying to get cars out. Heres a car i just finished the other day, BMW with a 2J. Ended up doing Radiator, intake manifold, piping with wiggins, fuel system. Tell me what you think... Had to semi mount the surge tank as he is getting other stuff done in there, that explains the MDF. Also FINALLY finished this bloody exhaust on the supra! What a mission. 4" to twin 3" to 3.5"!.You can see the dump pipe on previous pages. The customer spec'd this exhaust, so it is what it is. So next up on the Supra is a fuel system. Haven't finalised what im going to do yet. Have to wait and see. Maybe a triple 044 setup, dunno yet. Enjoy Mitch
  10. holly shit

    For anyone interested, that inlet manifold design is called "slot filling". It's supposed to distribute the air evenly throughout the plenum. A few old WRC, Le Mans, F1 cars used to run that style. I don't know if anyone is still using them these days. Just keep in mind that all the race teams that used them were running restrictors somewhere in their intake system. Turbocharged usually before the turbo and Aspirated before the throttle plate, restrictor wise. Anyway, it would be good to see one of these things take on the V8 supercharged boys.
  11. Welding Question

    No problemo! Glad to help
  12. Welding Question

    G'day sweenz, There are lots of coarses you can do at Tafe NSW. You said you just want to be able to do more DIY stuff. Which is great. In saying that, as a welder, i would advise against going and buying a welder straight up, and trying to teach yourself from youtube videos. Although there is some very useful info out there to be had for free. And although i don't doubt your ability to do it, it will just be a long and arduous journey, as you'll have millions of questions and limited answers. I would have to recommend enrolling in a coarse that will teach you the basics in MIG, TIG and OXY and whatever else you want to do, as a start. That way you will get to do a bit of everything and see what your most interested in, and what applies best to what you want to be doing. Then you will have the knowledge to make the right descision on what type of welder to buy and what not. Then go buy a welder and trawl youtube and build off the skills you learnt at tafe. These types of coarses are usually very short, so don't worry about committing to something huge. Now for the coarses. Obviously a coarse with some sort of automotive welding would be a good place to start. Here is a link to the Tafe NSW website. Click on "Coarses (22)" at the top of the list. Thats all the welding coarses avaliable. https://www.tafensw....=&Submit=Search Now, one that i think would be a good thing is this: https://www.tafensw....o=28764&tpInd=Y As you can see, it has MIG TIG and OXY, very short coarse, and you would learn enough to get started. And if you need a bit more time spent learning there are others similar, but more advanced. Hope that helps! Mitch
  13. Some of my Fabrication Pics

    Well the turbine housing outlet flange has a recess for the tube to slip into, so a fillet weld is used for that. With the pipe on pipe, it's just butt welded together with filler rod. Thank you kind sir!
  14. Some of my Fabrication Pics

    Well it's certainly been a while since i've been on here! Nothing exciting to report... Here's a few pics of what's been happening lately. Had to re-pipe this twin turbo VE commodore. It had silicone reducers to silicone expanders to mild steel hacked bends to AFM..... Customer was blown away. Looks and performs a million times better! Some of you may have seen my custom power steering pump bracket on my 180 I did in previous pages. One of my customers had seen it when I was designing it, anyway after he had some problems with his RB26 spitting belts he asked if I could design him one like mine. Photos arn't in order sorry. Much like mine, I made a aluminium template to roughly sit it where I wanted and to test adjustability with a dummy belt I made. When I was happy, I drew this.. Made some drawings, sent them off to laser wizard, which was a nice change from cutting it all with a grinder like I did with mine, and bbq'd it together.... The end result is a belt that's virtually impossible to spit off, and a s***load more room up top.... Also, you may notice the chopper wheel on the back of the balancer. I did this ages ago, but basically machined the chopper wheel to slip over the back of the balancer and weld it on. Then made a billet adaptor to hold a pick up sensor off the front of the sump. The manager wanted to give his uncle a xmas pressie so we made him this.... Brought back good memories of working with timber, should do it more often A good customer of ours has a titanium exhaust for his evo 10. The pipe cracked pretty much all the way round coming out of the muffler, so under the knife she went..... Mines the fillet weld I just bought one of these... It's a space navigator made by 3D connexion. Primarily used for 3D modelling. Allows you to position the part in anyway you want with one hand, while using the other hand to operate the mouse. Wicked toy! That's it folks, enjoy. Mitch
  15. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    I was just going to say that with the cooling system, running -6 lines as bleeders is very large. As a result, alot of coolant, possibly too much, is by-passing the radiator and not being cooled. Its simply going round and round, which is what it's supposed to do, but when its alot being by-passed, it can run hotter than desired. Also, plumbing the bottom of the header tank to the lower radiator pipe, before the thermostat means the system will only fully bleed when the thermostat is open. Generally I only use -4 at the absolute most, for bleeder lines. Plumbing the bottom of the header tank to the back of the water pump (after the thermostat), will ensure the system is bleeding the second you fire it up. When I got my CDI off Wayne, he gave me some anti-vibration mounts and told me it is highly recommended to use these to mount the unit. Might be worth looking into. Bit hard to see......
  16. some fab stuff i have been working on

    I like the fact that you went to the effort of folding returns on both sides of you cooler cover. I do the same where I can, I like it. Good job man!
  17. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    Is constructive criticism welcome?
  18. how to do lobster back piping

    Yes, tube is measured by it's outside diameter and pipe by it's inside diameter.
  19. 180sx roll gage

    I have made the templates out of thin wall mild steel of the same o.d. from an exhaust shop. It's worth nothing. then once your happy with the shape, measure it and make it out of the thicker stuff.
  20. turbo lag in the heat?

    If you have an aftermarket ECU, the tuner will allmost always setup compensations. Such as Air temp, water temp. Usually pulling boost, timing and whatever else out of it to make it safer. So you can go thrashing on a 35 deg day and be less likely to blow the thing up.
  21. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    M&w don't make their own coils. They just recommend that you use the denso coils. Which are made by denso in Japan for Honda. No problemo r4race:)
  22. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    Yeah the ones i bought are CBR 1000, but i think there are a few other Honda bikes that use the same ones.
  23. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    Hey guys, I'm currently running a M&W CDI Pro-14 also with denso coils. I'm good friends with Wayne, and when I bought the CDI off him i already knew what coils/plugs i needed as we had used this ignition setup on my bosses Civic and a few other customers cars. He agreed and said the Denso coils are very hard to beat. They are actually off Honda motorbikes, so obviously the quality is second to none. He asked me what coils i wanted to use and was happy i wasn't using AEM. I think during their testing and what not, they have had some manufacturing faults/issues with them but not the denso's. Afterall the AEM's are just a copy of the Denso's. More than likely you will never had a problem with the AEM coils, but i think if you hadn't bought any yet, i would suggest the Denso's. He doesn't make coils, he would have only wanted the best for your car and not to pair a high quality product with a lesser one. I'm not trying to say your car will blow up, just wanted to clarify. Anyway, regarding the sparkplugs. I went through a long ordeal with the general manager of NGK trying to find a off the shelf plug that was easily avaliable and would work with what i wanted to do with my SR20. The civic had HKS plugs, which is clearly fine but i wanted an easier option. It also depends what heat range you want to run. I run 8's. With my stock ignition setup i ran BCPR7ES. Now the options that i came up with are, Run BCPR7ES or similar and machine the terminal down as the Denso coils are obviously made for a motorbike which suit a small threaded terminal, which wouldn't be too bad, just take to machine shop with box of 10 plugs. OR, the plugs i use are IRIWAY 8's. These plugs come in 8,9 and 10 heat range. They come with a brass terminal that screws onto the small terminal then are crimped on. I cut the brass terminal off and was left with the small threaded terminal needed to fit the Denso coils. But from memory (or lack there of), dont the AEM coils suit the larger terminal? which would make your choice of plugs allot simpler? Here's a pic
  24. Chill Pill?

    Hey guys, Just wanted to talk about welding in hot weather and what you guys do to stay cool. I really struggle concentrating when it’s that hot. Working in western Sydney in summer sometimes feels like Death Valley. There are obviously people in worse places than me, like boiler makers and miners. So let’s hear it. I usually take my shoes and socks off and kick a pedestal fan over and put it under the welding bench, in shorts obviously. Gloves suck for heat but I’m fresh out of ideas with those, and I hate not using them. Obviously allot of heat comes out of your head and with the helmet on, it’s not ideal. I have seen guys mount little fans in their helmets and even little LED torches but I don’t really want to cut holes in my new helmet. Admittedly, allot of the time I weld in short sleeves, unless I’m going to do a marathon, which definitely helps. I have also wet a rag and put it in the freezer for 10 mins, then wrap it around my neck which is awesome, but doesn’t last long. I’ve tried getting an industrial fan and pointing in my general direction about 10m away to try and disperse some of the heat away, which does help but not that good. Do you think it’s possible to get a Craig David external water pump and plumb it into the artery in your neck, run that through a spindle heat exchanger from a CNC machine and plumb it back in?....
  25. welder gurus help me choose

    I don't own one but my mate does. The only problems i was facing was having to drag the gas bottle every where as he has no trolley. The other problem i had was trying to do an awesome weld! I'm not that good on a mig, more of a tig man. Besides that, I couldn't fault it. Plug it in. helmet down, make shit!