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  1. My S1580

    yeah it looks really nice as is definatly nice
  2. My S1580

    that is one sexc car how much if you dont mind did it cost you to replace the front end with the S15
  3. stretched ears

    i had a 26mm in my ear about a year ago and took it out now i wish i had never done it lol.
  4. r32 missfire

    hey man dose this happen under load, i had the same problem or similar and all it was, was the air filter was dirty. i know this seems simple and silly but i tried everything els and it ended up being just the air filter
  5. hello all i had my timing belt replaced with a gates racing belt a couple of days ago and an adjustable exhaust cam put on it, i know i should have replaced bothe gears but i didnt, i also ordered a clear cover for the set up that arived today. i just went to put it on wen i descoverd that the intake gear has a large cylinder pertruding from it, which is preventing me from puttin the clear cover on. i have seen this clear cover on some rb25s before with standard gears on it. is there any way i can put this cover on without modifying the cover. please let me know
  6. adjustable cam gear

    yeah it will look lol i am a wanker but i will let someone who knows wat they are doing lol
  7. adjustable cam gear

    yeah i know it was cheap and there and my timing belt is being replaced on monday so i thought why not
  8. adjustable cam gear

    yeah thought so the guy i bought it off said something about it so the cam gears are just for look then i dont know a great deal about them
  9. i have just bought an adjustable cam gear for my rb 25 det was wondering wat setting dose every one run them out that gives the best performance gains i herd that 2o retarded is the best on the intake side cheers
  10. just a quick question was wondering if the aftermarket RB26 Clear covers for the timing belt fit onto RB25s
  11. turbos will sound like they are sucking more air if u put a pod on it! and if the car is running fine i would not worry abou it
  12. S15 Not 100% Again!

    tps sensors are generaly located on the throttle body. there will be a plug running into the sensor. most cars will have a resistance reading at certain throttle openings so u can test exactly how it is working and some even have adjustments just use a multimeter
  13. S15 Not 100% Again!

    tps sensors can cause it to stall at the lights when u pull up, or afm check the air filter i had a problem with my 33 not boosting properly and running rich, thought it could have been the comp afm heaps of things, turns out the pod was dirty and blocked, replaced it and all my problems went away
  14. comps for r33

    yeah i will probably look at a power fc i will be getting bootworx to tune it up so if it is fairly common then they should be able to do it, i live most of my time up at roxby were i work so i will have to do it in a little while
  15. comps for r33

    yeah i have herd goo things about them wat about motech and haltech systems i have also herd a few good things about them.