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  1. I think you are referring to MRT and yes they aren't positive on the WRX forums ps is the mark from Unigroup you guys are referring to different from the mark at MRC :/??
  2. Thanks all I'm.assuming Mark at Unigroup/MRC are two different people?? But will go to Mark at MRC from the sounds of things...is 18psi safe on stock internals sr20? I'm hoping so,i want more Punch and response from my car, right now it tapers after about 5k and max torque around 4-5k it's really lousy lol
  3. Wow thanks for all the comments any idea on price from MRC? I done my own research on mrc from other forums and it all seems just as positive hope they tune the Vipec ECU
  4. Motor seems fairly healthy....20-22psi on stock motor???
  5. Hey All, finally after a few headaches with my car I've managed to get everything back up and running!! Csr is running well and is even giving me good fuel economy It's in desperate need of a retune. Specs as follows: S15 SR20DET FMIC 2871R Turbo 255 fuel pump walbro 555 injectors No MAF sensor Vipec ECU 3" exhaust Pod filter Poncams Previous tune was from 4 years ago with uni group (before I purchased) and made 234rwkw. To be honest it doesn't feel like it's.making that much power, also the current tune grid is 6x6... Hoping to get more punch and responsive Street setup....18psi ok on stock motor? Any recommendations on tuner name/workshops?
  6. Thanks for the responses!! Definitely not losing any oil and my 555cc injectors literally just got ultrasonic bathed and cleaned new tips/o rings etc. Plans...it's currently running a 2871r setup at around 18psi was hoping to keep it running at around its current power 235rwkw for another year or two...?? Possible
  7. Hey guys I had a quick comp test done on my car today, was wondering if I should get a second opinion and test done on it. Don't know whether the car will last and whether to keep it anymore as I've thrown quite a bit of money into it already. Results = 130/150/150/150 after retesting cylinder 1 i still got a 130 reading so it feels a little low compared to others. Car does drive great though. I managed to work out an ongoing issue I had with it ( coil loom faulty causing misfire and stall etc) Test was done when the motor was warm.... no oil was put into the cylinder wall to test Thoughts?
  8. Hey, the efi place I went to to got them flow tested and cleaned,placed new o rings top and bottom and fitted them back into the fuel rail for me. All I done was put the fuel rail back in with injectors cleaned and assembled. I did buy new insulators for the injectors and spacers aswell. Anyway the exhaust muffler is full of smooth....my car was running super rich before I done all this, and the soot is dry on the exhaust tip. I haven't really taken the car for a good drive yet. Seems to spit out the soot only on start up as far as I can see, and the car has been sitting for about a week and a half. Also no black or white smoke coming out just spitting the soot.
  9. Hi all, my s15 sr20det has a slight issue after pulling out the fuel rail and getting my injectors cleaned. After reassembling everything the car is now spitting out what looks to be black soot and I'm trying to work out why? Many say leaky injectors but I just got them cleaned and flow tested so it doesn't make much sense.also changed Coolant temp sensor at the same time
  10. Thanks mate! much appreciated, im slowly getting all this done each night after work I have carby cleaner already and cleaned my IACV aswell! Sorry for the newb qn...but when you say to clean the plenum, im assuming you mean just the part that is out of the engine (top half)?? As the bottom half is still attached to the head atm. Just spray into the openings and let the cleaner do its thing? I have on order rocker cover gasket, plenum gasket, iacv gasket, injector insulators, fuel rail spacers (as i lost mine when i pulled the rail out!) and also replacing the two fuel hoses going to the rail for piece of mind. Will replace all vacuum lines aswell, and also replace my temp sensor while i have easy access to it! On the S15 SR i believe there is 3 fuel rail spacers in between the rail and manifold? i didnt get a chance to count as i didnt expect them to be there when i removed the rail and all of them got lost!. Im assuming each of the 3 bolts attached to the rail had one spacer per bolt?
  11. Thanks dose pipe!! Vice grips worked a treat got all 4 injectors out today now needs to get them flow tested and cleaned! I will also look for those water hoses under the manifold and replace. Also looking to replace intake manifold gasket and iavc gasket aswell. Maybe do all my vacuum hoses at the same time? Had to tighten my exhaust manifold studs today few of them were loose and i managed to get a few turns in them Didn't really check but is it easy to access the intake manifold studs with the manifold out? Or will the fuel rail need to be removed? Might tighten those aswell if loose...
  12. As per title pulled my injectors out now looking to get someone to flow test and clean and advise if any are faulty. Hoping some are bad as I'm getting symptoms of a faulty/leaky injector...
  13. Where is sydney region to get my fuel injectors ultrasonic flow tested and cleaned? Roughly $20 per injector I'm guessing?
  14. Hey guys, I bit the bullet and decided to take apart the car this weekend for a thorough check over. I noticed that my intercooler piping looked a bit suss, check the photos as you will see what I mean, there's a few cuts into them, the intake side hole cut-out for piping near the battery tray is scraping the pipe quite severely. more than likely will need to enlarge the hole diameter by a bit. Also the previous owner just placed duct tape around the areas where the piping was cut (which would do jack all for protecting the pipe)!! Also noticed that the rocker cover gasket is leaking, on the intake side the first two injectors towards the front of the car seem to have a leak don't know whether it's from the injectors/fuel rail or from the rocker cover gasket? Again photos attached. Also I taken some photos of some not so ideal vacuum lines I would like to replace as they look fairly brittle to me? Thoughts?? anything i should do whilst the engine is this bare (ie intake removed, piping removed etc. Should i buy new gaskets aswell? Clean throtlle body/intake manifold etc etc? One last thing to note, those two screws per injector (philips head) were impossible for me to remove, i tried WD-40 tapping with a stubby etc etc....I might have ruined the thread on one trying....any ideas on how to remove these screws to access the injectors? Is there any way for me to test the injectors if they are in good condition etc?