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  1. the arms are 18.5 inchs ... im 183cm tall
  2. Sit Ups

    for starters why would you do situps everyday.. thats like training back everyday.. muscle needs rest 2nd you dont lose fat from training you lose it from your diet ..
  3. all this calorie counting .. what for .. your a 140kgs you know what is good for you and you know what isnt keep it simple otherwise you wont last 3weeks

    you cant get rid of them you can only make them appear lighter .. i have really thick ones where you have them .. the only way you prevent them is when your training for mass to keep the skin moisturised .. there is no lasers or any treatment that will get rid of it
  5. 104.5kgs time to lose some fat .. i had a few months off been back into for about 6 weeks now
  6. RUTAKN training Log

    back on the scene .. havent lifted weights in agesssssssssssssssss my job has been full on by the time i get home have a shower its 6pm and the only place i wanna b lying down on the couch .. did a light session today MILITARY PRESS cleaned from floor 50x12 60x10 60x10 65x5 65x5 50x10 BENT ROWS 60x10 70x8 75x5 75x5 60x10 BB SHRUGS 120x20 130x20 150x8 160x8 120x15 DIPS 3sets
  7. whoever wants their boots welded give me a call ill beat anyones price.. 0410 572 258
  8. i luv how theres so many experts on here when someone new comes and posts something they all jump on him and say his wrong and laugh at him and put shit on what he chose as his sport .. yous really are f**kin puppets ..
  9. stretch marks

    i have a stretch mark near my armpit its 1cm thick and about 5cm long it looks like a big scar nothing will get rid of it sometimes it goes lighter and less noticeable but thats it ..
  10. Squats with smith machine

    get 2 guys to lift the weight on your back..
  11. have you got a scan or x ray watever they do ? the massage person should know where to send you if the pain is still there .. i hope your not still training could make it worse then it is
  12. non turbo r u a wanker or r u just stupid ? u train 7 days a week yet u eat kfc and pasta and beer everytime u post on here as for the other bloke who d fk eats tuna 4 times a day .. lol
  13. have you got a good massage yet?? i had a similiar pain in the chest collar bone and trap area i think it was a knot too whenever i pulled weights it would kill me .. got a really good massage and after a few days i was good to go .. the massage i got wasnt a pleasant one i was in pain for 30mins
  14. affect anyone else?

    simon is right ... when i started doing10-15mins of hi intensity cardio after weight sessions it helped alot with weight training.. trained harder and longer