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  1. At the wheels? DC2's have 125 at the flywheel, but i'm sure they'd weigh alot less though.
  2. DC2R though... Bit out of my price range...
  3. Opinions on FTO?

    http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=240588 Poll here guys Cappucino aye... How about a Honda Beat
  4. Hey guys, As requested I made a poll about which car I should get. If possible please state which one and why. No i'm not after an S13
  5. Opinions on FTO?

    Oh btw how do I add a poll? Cheers
  6. Opinions on FTO?

    Chicks cars? Really? I drive an ST162 right now whilst searching for another car...So many problems, I could get them fixed...But I can't justify spending any money on it lol! Thanks for the info morgz, I assume they'd eat up more petrol being a 6 Cylinder too though, but the actual Mivec part would eat up the same amount as whenever i'd hit Vtec (Yes I realise that there is now a high possibility a VTEC YO picture will be posted soon).
  7. Opinions on FTO?

    Did you own one or just drive one? Just asking cuz i'm curious on maintenance costs and that...
  8. Opinions on FTO?

    Yeah it would have more aftermarket parts for sure I would think... As for mimicing the Type R, that would be ideal as aquiring Type R suspension for VTIRs seem to be a common thing to do... Although just putting a Type R badge on it does reap its benefits (jks).
  9. Opinions on FTO?

    Well DC2's range from like 10k to 20k DC2Rs are like 20k to 30k
  10. Opinions on FTO?

    Hey mate, I only asked about the gsi because the front end is already screwed up so I could either strip it/sell parts and all that or convert it into a JDM GSI...Or just get a VTIR... As for DC2R, i'd love to have one but way out of my price range and finding insurance would basically be impossible too.
  11. Opinions on FTO?

    Well I would but I don't want to waste his time if i'm not really that interested, are they within my price range? They would be 4 dr as well wouldn't they? I'm more into coupes and that... thx btw
  12. Opinions on FTO?

    I don't think i've looked at them? Anyone got any good examples from carsales or whatever?
  13. Opinions on FTO?

    Yeah...But I don't have the money...
  14. Opinions on FTO?

    Hey, cheers for the opinions so far guys, especially CroS13! I'm not sure about the handling for FTO's but redbook says they have 150kw at the flywheel so they're not exactly slow (well they are if u compare them to other modded cars) Oh and yeah I know its my decision in the end but I just wanted some opinions and maybe learn something about a car that I didn't kno which would steer me away from it (like the FTO's engine is really poor or something).
  15. Opinions on FTO?

    Yeah I had a GSI before though so would be looking to get a VTIR model instead...Or converting the GSI to a JDM Front...Then manual...But then again i'd probably be better getting the VTIR... Anyway, yeah the Integra was always the preffered option but as fillme stated, finding one with low kms for a decent price is a bit hard. Wtf? a Lancer? You idiot! jks