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  1. G1 round 3

    maybe you are right, but the fact still remains. just seems like a crock of shit that a guy who is a great ambassador for drifting is having shit put on him for no reason.
  2. G1 round 3

    Pretty sure when Simon wasn't part of CTS and was driving his own car he was still wiping the floor with a lot of the other competitors out there. He seemed to be a bit of a hero back then to this clique... how things change. Sour grapes?
  3. Fishing spots in Adelaide

    Heading out for a fishing session to Thompsons Beach on Friday... going to wade out far at lowish tide and fish while the tide comes in. Mainly looking for whiting. Any tips on bait? or any tips in general? I been hearing its hard to get fresh live tubeworms and only preserved ones are available, am thinking either tubeworms or cockles. whats the go?
  4. Real Estate

    but.. Salespeople are the only ones that make decent money. If you want to earn $500-800 a week then be a assistant/property manager.
  5. Real Estate

    I guess you mean do I know anyone that takes on trainees.. best bet is to call any office, preferably around where you live and ask to speak with the sales manager/director/principal. impress them on the phone and you will get an interview. chuck on a suit, polish your shoes and talk yourself up and demonstrate a huge personal network and they will hire you.
  6. Real Estate

    Real Estate traineeships last 12 months, you cover the same study as the 7-week full time course over the 12 month period. You get paid a wage of around $1200 a fortnight including car allowance.
  7. Real Estate

    7 week course full time.. $3.5k, if you are on centrelink/job seeking company affiliated you can do the course for free. Real Estate Training College SA or give Greg Hansen from the college a call on 0403124916 and book a time to go see him. they will help you find an employer whilst you are training.
  8. What do you look like?

    One from a couple weeks ago at the best chinese restaurant in SA- Ying Chow.
  9. Engine build - Opinions

    Have you spoken with TK George? or is that where it is currently...
  10. just letting everyone know Ray White Gawler are going to be a 5AA fire victims donation drop off location - more details soon.
  11. real estate agents

    Get into property management if you don't want to make any money, get abused all day and deal with bogans.
  12. Second hand tyres

    Got a pair of 295/30/18 Michelin Pilot sports here... 60% tread, think they may be a bit too big for what you're needing though.
  13. real estate agents

    Step 1: Buy a suit, nice shirt, tie and shoes Step 2: Gather a list of ALL the people you know, include names, addresses and telephone numbers, the list needs to have at least 100 people on it, this can include family friends etc. Step 3: Ring some agencies around your area, I would suggest Ray White since I work for them but LJ Hookers are good with their training also, stay away from the high end agencies around as they wont look at you. Ask to speak to the Principal or Sales Manager, once on the phone to them let them know you have been thinking about a career in real estate and would like to meet with them, you have rang them as you have seen some of their agents at opens and they seem to be very professional and you would like to learn from the best. Let them know you have got a personal database organised of your immediate friends and family and that one is considering selling at the present time and 5 of them are thinking of selling in the next 6 months. Step 4: Once a meeting is arranged chuck on your suit, get a haircut if needed (no extreme styles- neat) remove any piercings and head off to your meeting, bring a copy of your personal 100 people database. Tell them that you will combat your age with extra enthusiasm and are prepared to work long hours. If you come across well spoken, polite and presentable, there is no way they wont give you a job. you may have to run as a Personal assistant for a few months but make it known from the outset that you are in this job for SALES. Your job description varies. If you are good you will be busy, if you are shit you will twiddle your thumbs all day. My weekly rundown- Monday- Callbacks from weekend open inspections, letters sent, dropping fliers, filling contracts Tuesday- Callbacks for missed calls, appraisals, form 1/contracts. Wednesday- Meetings/appointments, doorknocking, telemarketing, appraisals Thursday- phone calls, letters sent- AFTERNOON OFF Friday- Doorknocking, Telemarketing, Flier dropping, letters sent, brochures and files for open inspections Saturday- DAY OFF Sunday- 6-7 open inspections 45mins each. Generally you will work 9-6 everyday other than your day off and your time free. You will start off on 600 a week, average commission on a 400k house is $10,000. Out of that commission the office gets 50%, leaving you with 5000, pay your tax and super on that. if you sell 24 houses a year, or one a fortnight, you will make over 100k a year clean. the first 12 months is the killer, not many people last. you need to have either no monetary commitments (ie loans, mortgage) in this time, or money in the bank for backup. if there are any other questions shoot em through. have a good one
  14. real estate agents

    A blind monkey could pass the course it is so easy. But most wont last 12 months in the industry.