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  1. Melbourne Outrun Premiere

    yeah no shit... damn not having a car!!! come visit and shit steff... shits rough!
  2. Melbourne Outrun Premiere

    no one talked up evos, Ive liked them ever since I got into cars, as for 4WDs - no one I hang around with even talks about them anymore - So I dont see a pattern. I suppose my JZX100 Chaser and cefiro was a "copy" as well - 4 doors/1JZ/RB20 - been there done that 5 years ago!! I have nothing to say about you because I dont care about you -I dont know what is is - are you obsessed with me or something or trying to prove something? you always keep coming back about this "behind everyones back" when its like 1 or 2 people who talk shit behind your OWN back and get me involved - Yeah I know all about how you were trying to find out where Vardis lives and shit - its funny how when the people YOU trust crumble. Drive your car how its meant to be driven? I didnt think accelerating for 100 meters, opening up the wastegate in a straight line is how a drift car is meant to be driven - when its going top of 3rd around Nissan on limiter - then its being driven - as for my evo- I just enjoy driving it on the odd occassion = i dont have stickers adorning it like cocko-cocko and im not asking for "GROUPIES" hahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahakim you suck man. its the obvious if its not your car, its a piece of shit, typical kim comment. you had an old ke70 you used to drive around, bobby, has a cressy... what the f**k is the difference and the matter. and who cares about the stickers. he does what he wants to your car. been there done that 5 years ago. mehhhh who cares. bobby had a evo a couple years ago to, he could just say the same thing. and just because he is a fully sick drift kid like you and cant do nissan top of 3rd, whats the point of bagging them out. and everyone drives there car the way they want to drive it. like you said, you drive your evo on the odd occasion. its all typical ironic saying from you?? haha and i have to agree with bry there vardis, where in the world did bry get involved with this? you all need to calm the f**k down and relax a bit. haha makes it funnier that sami calls bry a weasel, coming from a walking rake.
  3. my R32 build up - 210rw kw w/ 370nm torque

    Car is now sold! congrats to the new owner for picking up a bargain!
  4. you have finally seen the light donny! haha
  5. Want to kick start your I.T Career?

    you work in south melbourne too? fark small world!
  6. Wedding Cars

    HAHAHHAA those plates make me laugh!!! i look like the biggest tool driving in a jazz with those plates. haha yeah, well this fri, not 100% sure on whats happening. but ill get mandy to let you know...
  7. Wedding Cars

    where were u last night trent man!!! missed out on drinks again!!! u better be there next fri!!! ask mandy...
  8. MY S14A PICS

    kinda looks reallly realllly reallllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy bad...
  9. s15 front conversion on r32

    i noticed it has meisters on the front, and R33 GTR wheels on the back.... hahhahahahhahah ZING
  10. f**k me! thats sweet as!!! if i had a sil, thats exactly how it would look!
  11. my R32 build up - 210rw kw w/ 370nm torque

    ehh?? what you mean all the cars above? its only just my car? haha cheers for that man, my mate lives in box hill so woulda been going to his.
  12. my R32 build up - 210rw kw w/ 370nm torque

    car is currently in primer, has been bogged where it needed it... need to replace front bar, current one sucks ass, and a new petrol flap. 20mm bolt-ons on the front to make front 17x9-8.. wouldnt fit previously cause disk type was for the rear, wouldn't clear calipers. Front guards have also been flared, ignore the wiper, have put it back to the two. looks aids like that, got bored and tried it out. also cant remember if i updated, but got adj castor rods, and adj rear camber arms in. also got a front chassis brace to put in, ceebs with this heat. got a kenwood double din head unit tv screen dvd player, divx.. blah blah for real cheap so thats in.. looks awesome!! gonna finish up paint in the next couple of weeks, then some new coilovers - probs gonna go bc-racing ones, mates got them in his car and they feel awesome. def need to upgrade atleast anyways. apart from that, car has been running sweet! just need to organise some 18x10's for the rear tried on a mates pair of 18x10+30 and with -1.3 or so camber, they sat perfect!
  13. INFO PLZ...

    trent, im in tears!

    hahhaa komen, yeah i wanted to try it and see what it looked like, not really a fan, gotta chuck the other one on, but ceebs lol.
  15. SR20DET AE86 JDM Trueno

    holy moly. nice ride.. or should i say. nice rides, those cars in the background, ur bros daily and that low ass old school truck are awesome as too!