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  1. Gran Turismo 6 announced

    Why buy a second hand g27 when you can get a new one from ebay for less than $200 This is my old rig And this is my new rig I'm so pumped for gt6! G27 just so I bit the bullet and I bought a t500, its on its way. My build thread is here: http://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?t=260449&highlight=sleepa20v
  2. Congratulations guys fantastic result!
  3. Yeah it wil be fixed in a couple of days, I play in the dark so I can feel where the center is anyway. Trust me, you don't want to see me drifting, so frantic ATM. I just want to be smooth already.
  4. So how are the new g27 owners progressing? I'd love to see peoples setups! I did a write-up of my rig on gt planet. http://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?t=260449
  5. Was gonna ask how all the recent g27 owners are going with thier cockpits, I looked around and wasnt really happy paying that much for a bit of framework, so I'm not far off finishing my homebuilt setup, including hacked up s13 dash and centre console and a bride on rail, I've also replaced the wheel with a gktech item, extended the shifter, disassembled the pedalbox and reverse mounted the pedals and I've taken apart a controller and wired it up to a custom stainless button panel I've made that fills the double din head unit space that also includes wires that lead to a custom hydro handbrake setup, I'll chuck up some pics when it's finished, on a side note is anyone a bit frustrated re-learning to drift in gt5? It's like starting from scratch, I've been told its a long road and to stick in there but I just wanna link corners already.
  6. just delivered woot, love catch of the day! Now I have to learn gt5 all over again...
  7. Just got one from catch of the day, $169.00!!!
  8. Prometheus

    Was hoping for so many questions to be answered and most of them were, However I came out of the cinema with more unanswered questions than I went in with...
  9. No mate it was for a 2-bolt wastegate with adjustability from 12psi to 21psi in 1psi incrimints simply by twist clicking the head.
  10. While on topic has anyone seen or heard of a wastegate that has adjustable boost by twisting the head, I got a glimpse of a magazine add over someone's shoulder and i haven't been able to hunt the sucker down.
  11. They went to robe so can't be too much of a stretch. On topic my gf got me 2 tickets today for the Melbourne show.
  12. people of vic.

    Are we talking about racer spandex MTb fags? Coz bmx's will generally break every law there is but still get out of the way before you even get near them.
  13. Uncharted

    This could not be a better quote!
  14. Gran Turismo 5

    Starting the last one today, decided to buy a fresh x1 for it, in white lol.