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  1. S13 SR20DET Coil Pack Loom Pin Out

    Hey guys, sorry probably my fault for being a bit confusing. It would be an immense help if someone can post a picture of the engine side loom of an s13 SR showing the wires going into the loom. thanks
  2. Hi friends, On a S13 redtop sr20det does anyone know what the pin out is for the engine side loom? I.e from the ecu to the coil packs plug? There should be five pins, 1 for each coil and 1 power, just need to know which one is which on a stock loom. Reason being is I’ve got a micro tech ecu and it’s got a custom loom connected to the stock coil pack which has also been cut up to a custom plug. Now I got a plug and play spitfire coil packs for a redtop SR, so I don’t know which coil should line up to each pin from the spitfire igniter... if I can find out what the stock engine side loom is then I can just make up a loom and plug it in (I’ve got a blank loom ready to go) For the reason above I’m looking for the pin out (ie looking at it front on left to right, top row then bottom row) rather than colour ID Cheers guys!
  3. Hi guys, I’ve got a bad misfire and bought spitfire coil packs...if I swap out my stock coil pack for a Spitfire one with external igniter do I need a tune? i got a red top sr20det with Micro text ecu thanks
  4. cost to replace fuel pump?

    dont pay someone to put it in for you, its really easy to change look it up on google, plenty of straight foreward write ups....
  5. Deep Dish Wheels

    yea youre right aye, sometimes local wheels can be tempting but in the end might aswell do it right the first time. I think im going to wait till i have a bit more spare cash for em. cheers
  6. I find a medium sized Maccas coke fits decently snug in the ash tray. Can of V fits alright too... Never thought of taking it out though good idea i might try that!
  7. Deep Dish Wheels

    those wheels are alright what are they?
  8. Deep Dish Wheels

    I dont think it is, just trying to find out what to what extent people consider as 'deep dish' did cross my mind before i started it but i think this topic is slightly different and more specific to size of the rims lip rather than wheel offset. I have a 180sx, stock guards (but rolled), stock 4 stud, fully adj coilovers I want to use it as a daily, few drag runs at WSID, and want to try drift school and at least 1 track day (circut. So mainly daily and drag. Its pushing over 220rwkw and normal tyres dont seem to cut it in a straight line. So i want to get some road legal semis on the rears and decent street tyres on the fronts. looking at these in 18's, 4 stud staggered fitment. Going for pretty cheap 1.4k package (well with shi7house tyres, but add few hunge for 2x Toyo R888s. Problem is i just dont know how it will look on my car, apparently the lip is approx 2 inch which is about 5cm. After this thread i dont think 5cm is big enough.... http://www.talebtyres.com.au/products_closeup.asp?part=&part_no=601 where can i get something like that?
  9. Just shopping for some new wheels cause i want to get some semi slicks but not on the rims i have so ive decided i want something with a lot of dish somethin really rediculous (well that is in 4 stud) seems alot of ads say deep dish but nowadays that can mean anything apparently 50mm is massive dish! what would you consider 'deep dish', i mean in millimeters. cheers,
  10. Matte Black 5 Spoke Rims

    Lenso D1R's dont come in 4 stud.....
  11. are those pictures on page 1 for real, they look photo shopped?
  12. SR20DET Oil

    yea thats the one bro, thanks. 5-30's too thin for an s13 in it (assuming u have a 180)? Nissan Factory oil for SR20det is 7.5w 30 going to try Royal Purple 10w 40, have'nt seen one negative comment about it.
  13. SR20DET Oil

    going to do an oil change this weekend, cant for the life of me find that thread that showed you what everyones using on their engines little help anyone? thanks,
  14. good idea to cut springs?

    Ive got a set of 4 super low king springs for sale, straight bolt in, gives a 2 inch drop selling for cheap, $150 all four inc shocks check topics http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=431194&st=0&p=5632590&fromsearch=1entry5632590