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  1. Make : MITSUBISHI LEGNUM Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 135000 Price : $8,500 Condition : Used SOLD
  2. so if i only eat sugar but under my caloric requirement i will lose fat?
  3. This forum has definitely changed a lot since I was last here. Refer to this post Spazo - http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=186074&view=findpost&p=2538092 In simple terms - Fats don't make you fat, sugar doesn't make you fat, protein doesn't make you fat - Excess calories make you fat. Any "quick" lose weight or gain weight scheme is never going to be healthy for you. Think of a body builder who wants to get shredded quickly - go on a cycle of roids. Same applies to losing weight. A favourite saying that I think applies well here - "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going"
  4. Stupified Training

    Well done mate, great stuff!!! Now, the next goal?
  5. Exercises for after a Knee Recon

    Hmm so what do you do if you don't mind me asking? It's just when you use the word "clients" it makes me curious!
  6. 4B4KIN's Training log

    Sounds like you're resting the bar up too high. When you setup try and push your shoulder blades together and you'll create a "shelf" for the bar to sit on. You'll get used to the feeling of the bar being on your back after a while, it's a bit of a shock during the initial stages.
  7. Exercises for after a Knee Recon

    LKT004 - are you a physiotherapist? (Just curious that's all). My ex has just had her knee recon after doing her ACL. It's been 3/4 weeks now and still can't fully straighten or get a 90degree bend.
  8. Pat Mendes (19yo) 300kg+ RAW SQUATS

    I think it's funny how many people are hanging sh*t (comments on youtube) on him for the lifting style. He gets the weight up.... hell I probably couldn't even roll it!
  9. 4B4KIN's Training log

    Don't b*tch out on squats. They should be your No.1 priority! Short on time? - do squats Can't be bothered? - do squats Feeling hungry? - eat, then do squats Wanna get laid? - do squats. Wanna create world peace? - do squats Wanna cure AIDS? - do squats!!! As the saying goes "shut the f**k up and SQUAT!!!"
  10. Mac Dog's Log

    Alright, its time to get this sh*t started. I've started the skinny guy routine as of the 25th of Oct. My legs were f**ked well good for about 4 days, not to mention I got sick the next day and took me 5 days to get better. So sickness and soreness, I was hating life! Have since done it on the 31st of Oct and 3rd of Nov. But not all excercises due to a minor soccer fall down injury. However, all is good now. So prior to begining the skinny guy routine 2 weeks ago I weighed in at a big 70kgs of man @ 179cm. So yes I have one sexy slender figure. I weighed in at 72.5 on the weekend. Once I get past the 74kg barrier i'm breaking into new territory. This is the first journal of a completed set of the given excersises. 3/11/2007 Squats 55x19 55x12 Pullovers (I need to be careful with these since a broken collar bone the shoulder joint is a little strange sometimes under certain stress). If there is something else that can be done if I face problems please let me know. 15x12 20x12 Incline Press 40x8 40x7 fail last rep Milt Press 20x8 20x8 20x8 Dips (I suck at these!) 4 5 fail last rep BB Curls 30x8 30x8 poor form last rep Bent Rows 30x8 30x8 30x8 So I'm relatively weak as piss. This WILL change!!! I am still trying to work out which routine I should hit as they both appeal to me: skinny guy routine or this one suggested by M&M. Squats 2 x 20 Military press 3 x 5 Bench press 3 x 5 Bent rows 3 x 5 SLDL 2 x 20 CG chins 3 x max
  11. Mac Dog's Log

    29/03/10 OH SQ 52.5x8 x8 PP 67.5x3 x3 x3 PC 67.5x3 x3 x3 Inc Press 55x8 x8 x6 x6 BB Rows 65x5 x5 x5 BB Curls 40x8 x8fml2 x7fm Dips 17, 10, 10 Standing Calf Raises 2x30kg DB's x25 x25 x25fml5 For anyone in the know i'm curious to know how balanced my lifts are going?
  12. Paullies Training Log

    What's with b*tchin out on the DB squats?!
  13. Mac Dog's Log

    26/03/10 SQ 70x15 x15 x15 Massive psychological set, that's the one that f**ked my back earlier this year!!! MP 55x5 x5 x5 x5 x4 Super setted with Chins 13, 7, 7f, 5fm, 5f Snatch DL 110x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 Not convinced on form, not going up. BP 55x8 57.5x8 x8 Wasn't sure what to lift after using DB's. Should've used 60kg's I reckon. Dips 10, 7 Gym shuts early on a Friday night so had to smash this session in a short period. Would explain some backward lifts.
  14. Liam and Hollys training log

    what's your height?
  15. Chicken in a Can

    It still doesn't justify it being in a can!
  16. Mac Dog's Log

    Thanks mate, but I dont think it's anything to be writing to home about yet! 25/03/10 DB SQ 30kg DB's x20 x20 x20 This was testing out the grip!!! DB MP 17.5kg DB's x10 x10 x10 BB Rows 67.5 x5fml2 x5fml2 x5fml2 Form - will not go up. BP 67.5 x5 x4 x5 x5fml1 x4 DL 137.5x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 Thrusters miss, miss Finished work early so I could get to the gym before a rehearsal that night. Ran out of time so skipped the thrusters.
  17. Mac Dog's Log

    Played beach volley ball before heading to the gym. Was feeling a bit taxed when I walked in for the session. 23/03/10 OH SQ 52.5x7 x5 I tried practicing doing snatches to get the weight up, but still not 100% sure on the movement. Will have to watch more tutorials. I think doing the snatches first up taxed me from completing the reps for each set. PP 65x5 x5 x5 PC 67.5x3fm x3fm x3fm Inc Press 52.5x8 x8 x8 x8fm BB Rows 65x5 x5fm x5fml2 BB Curls 40x8 x8fml3 x6 Dips 15, 11, 10 Standing calf raises 30kg db's x25 x25 x25 Don't know what the deal was with this session, I was just feeling really weak and everything was just feeling quite heavy.
  18. Paullies Training Log

    hahahah they are a c**t!!!!!
  19. Mac Dog's Log

    18/03/10 SQ 67.5x15 x15 x15 MP 57.5x5 52.5x5 x5 x5 x5 Wrong weight in that first set. Super-setted with Chins 13, 9, 6, 6fm, 5 Snatch DL 107.5x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 BP 22.5kg DB's x8 25kg DB's x8 x8 Grabbed the wrong weights in that first set. I've also been having slight sternum discomfort as of late and I've put it down to doing DB Bench Press. I'll go back to using the bar. Dips 10, 8 Calf raises 27.5kg DB's x25 x25 x25
  20. Squatting with raised heels

    Where can you source these shoes from, I wouldn't have the faintest idea where to get them Adelaide, no one here knows what COC grippers are!! I've trialled lifting with all my shoes and the best so far are my Onisuka Tigers.
  21. supplements

    For me: A multivitamin Protein Glucosamine tabs - never to early to start with these. Fishoil tabs Then food and milk.

    It's acoustic rock/blues/folk/reggae. Think John Butler Trio sort of gear I'm trying to hit up fitness stores to see if they hire out equipment for a short time, or if they've got cheap seconds. I've found 7ft Oly bars for $150 in victoria, but then Oly plates are too expensive. The nearest gym to where we're staying is 35km away. That's too much time wasted to be driving back and forth from the studio.
  23. Mac Dog's Log

    13/03/10 OH SQ 50x10 x10 Push Press 62.5x3 x3 x3 PC 65x3 x3 x3 Inc Press 50x8 x8 x8 x8 BB Rows 65x5 x5 x5 BB Curls 37.5x8 x8 x8 Dips 12, 10, 9 Standing calf raises 27.5kg DB's x25 x25 x25 Tabata Thrusters 8kg DB's x15, 14, 13, 11......death. I just had nothing left in the tank. In the 3rd and 4th set I had the worst form going down into the squat. ***** 17/03/10 DB SQ 27.5kg DB'sx20 x20 x20 DB MP 17.5x10 x10 x8 BB Rows 65x5 x5 x5 BP 65x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 DL 135x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 Thrusters miss, miss - ran out of time Had to smash through this session as I went straight from work and had to fill in for a beach volley ball game straight after the session. A mate commented "you've clearly been hitting the gym, looking lean, awesome traps!!". It's good hearing those things every now and then, reaffirms that i'm on the right track and the hard work is paying it's dividends. Overall: I'm back on par with my lifts prior to my back injury in January. Time to hit some new territory. Each week everything is a new personal best. Digging it.

    At the end of next week i'm going to be away from civilisation as my band will be dedicating 3 weeks of life inside an oldschool theatre to record our first full length album. Instead of sitting around doing nothing in the down time I figure I still want to be lifting while i'm there and not taking steps backwards in regards to my progress. Does anyone know of places in SA that might hire out gym equipment? I'm really just after a bar with weights and maybe an incline bench. Cheers, Macca
  25. Legal Attorney's Training Log

    Just wondering where abouts you train mate? I now lift with the Onisuka Tigers and find them to be pretty good, but then again i'm not moving the same weights as you.