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  1. May sound a little silly asking... But alot of reels cant be dipped in water right? I got sand in my reel and it was making a grinding noise, so i wanted to lightly spray it down to try and get rid of some, however the BF insists that i can not do this. On top of that, are there many reels out there that are water resistant? Google has been my friend lately, but some reels dont state whether or not its water resistant.

  2. Just popping by to find out what reels u guys are using (preferably spinning reels)


    Im after a new outfit and am looking for a reel within the $200-300 mark


    Heard the Shimano stradics are quite good. Anyone here own one?


    Also tossing between the Daiwa Sol and the Quantum Energy PtiB reel. Quantum reels are quite hard to source here in Australia but I love the look of it, and the rave reviews ive been reading. If youve got another reel that I could get for that price bracket which you think is better, please do share! Thanks

  3. I caught threadfin at st lucia so there seems to be quite a few in the bris river as of late, also a few snapper!


    Yeah i googled how to take the itch away from sandfly/midgy bites but nothing works. Havent tried the scotch tape but i did put clear nail polish but the itch was still there. Went to the chemist to get anaesthetic antiseptic cream specially made for insect bites and stings, but thats shit too. Only reason why i bother coz i got my brothers wedding to go to this saturday and i didnt want to scratch. Turns out I had nearly 50 bites counted all up all over my arms and my legs anyway. I look like i slept naked at a camp in the bush. *sigh* ah well




    I want a new outfit and was trying to find info on Daiwa Sol's, Shimano Stradic's, and the Quantum Energy Pti-B reels. More keen on the Quantum reel for the looks and for the good reviews ive read, however theyre quite hard to source in Australia. Reviews of rods and reels for each brand can be found at www.tackletour.com



  4. Yeah get back into it! Alot of people think fishing is boring, but its worth it when you feel something on your line and you know you've hooked something. Great adrenalin rush when its something BIG! We caught Snapper, Trevally, Mackeral, Tuna and a few other fish that day. We were using PENN Overhead Cast rods, and spinning rods. I went where the skipper and the boat took me, so im not sure what you mean by spinning bait schools?


    Anyhoo i headed to GC the other day to target a flew flatty's. I got smashed by little mozzys/midgys/sand flys all over my damn legs. THe itch is unbearable!!!! I left the insect repellant at home by accident. Anybody know any good shit to use on my legs to stop the itching?



  5. I did a Q ride session. Still to do the nxt few. Trying to look into ways of getting a marine boat license too lol Then Ill get to ride a brand spanking new Kawasaki 250r. Now they arent the beastiest of bikes, but good to start off with. So u mite want to look into getting one of those. 2nd hand should be around 5500 - 6000 if ur good at bargaining. A CBR 250RR would be an ideal option too. Think smart. I guess some people can handle 600cc+ bikes str8 after doing a qride, but ive heard about alot of people eating turf as well. I guess everyone is different! Hope all goes well for the bike license :)

  6. HAHA


    hows everyones fishing goin?


    I decided to go for a fish this arvo for less than an hour.. and landed myself THISSSSSSSSSS!!!


    Good ol bream... and i was stil in uniform too. How unlady like *shrugs*


    Going on a fishing charter next tuesday for a bit of game fishing. Should be fun...


  7. ohhhH congrats booostin!


    I went to Jacobs Well today and caught myself 2 whiting, a bream, and a tree (unfortunately i had to release that catch).. haha


    I was so pleased after the dry spell ive been having lately. I went to a good spot. Found my own. And even 3 hrs past hightide, there were fish jumping out of the water left right and centre. I just wanted a big ass drag net and a boat to catch them ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL jk



    Ive been fishing nearly everyday this week. Sad but true. Hopefully for my birthday in 2 weeks, i get a Charter Boat fishing session! Ill let u guys know if that happens

  8. ahhhh man


    AM I THAT BAD AT FISHING? FAR OUT! Im determined as hell though...


    Ive been googling so much about fishing techniques and what sort of bait/lures to use to catch certain species of fish. I even got a book on how to tie knots, tide times, breeds of fish and which area to find them in, seasons, set ups etc etc. I even did alot of youtubing to watch some pro cast and retrieval methods. I followed it to the tea and still got fk all *frowns*


    So this morning i went to BCF for the millionth time, and i got some more soft plastics to try and have some more options readily available. Now ive got :


    * Squidgy Gary Glitter Fish

    * Berkleys Gulp 3" Minnow watermelon pearl

    * Berkleys Gulp 3" Minnow New Penny

    * Berkleys Gulp 3" Grub pumpkin seed

    * Berkleys Gulp 2" Natural Baby shrimp


    I used a 1/6 jighead with a 1.0 hook. I sometimes also use the 1/4 jighead. To increase my chances i also have the fish attractant spray, burley and chicken guts. I dont use them all together. Just on different fishing trips. I also use frozen prawns and squid on occasions.


    What do u guys think about what i have been using??? When im at a certain location ill try different things. I went to the Bris river today at Oxley to try my luck. I had to basically go into bush and tall grass, and then balance over a long skinny log (over water) to get to a set of rocks which were to the side of the river. I know that it was at least a 1.5 meter drop off the rocks. There were mangroves around too. I only basically had 2 X 1m standing space so it was a very hidden spot!! Anyhoo, i got nothing there after an hour or so, so i headed over to Jindalee. I saw a little old man there and asked how he was going. He said he'd been there for only 30 minutes and to look inside his bucket. He had a MASSIVE BREAM and a few catfish. I was shocked and excited at the same time. He left after ONE hour with fish in tow. I tried for a good 2 hrs and got zipoo. IT WAS SO FUSTRATING! I was determined not to give up but it started to get too dark so i put it off for next time. The man was using prawns and was bait fishing. He did nothing but sit there 10m away from his rod. Am i trying too hard??? The brisbane river has so much junk in it its not funny!! I snagged onto something three times in the middle of the open water. I basically lost 3 jigheads today and had to sit there tying it all over again.


    Anyhoo thats my update for today. Im doing normal fulltime hours from now on so the only chance i'll get is the weekend *sniffles*... I guess i can just google earth some places til i find somewhere good.


    * Oh does anybody also know why you cant fish on the Yerongapilly pontoon??? I went there today and there was a sign? *

  9. Oh wednesday was mad fun


    I woke early and headed up to nudgee again. There were too many people about because of the darn public holiday! So I headed out to Shornecliffe jetty til around 2pm, half hour past hightide. It was SOOOOO choppy. There were alot of little fish that i could see through the water but I didnt end up catching nothing but a tiny little pufferfish. I was using soft plastics that day. It didnt seem to attract much of anything which was fustrating but still fun. The men next to us caught a BIGASS flathead. I was so jealous >.


    WISH ME LUCK! hope u guys have been luckier than myself with your fishing! Oh my tip would be to probably head to nudgee where the boat ramp is with some crab pots to catch some crabs. THERE ARE SERIOUSLY BIG CRABS in there. Im thinking of bringing some crab pots up there nxt time just for crabbing. I seem to be a little unsuccessful at catching decent sized fish at nudgee.

  10. ^ ^ or u?


    Different things bother different people. I just dont like waiting for idiots that diddle daddle around when its really busy. Have you not tried to pull in to pour fuel on a cheap day? Or try and park when there are no parks around? People like to take their time and are inconsiderate. Im one of those people who try to walk across a crossing quickly, run into fuel stations so i can gtfo for other people to pour. Its pretty basic to at least try and be considerate. I guess if i were to sum up my list it'd = INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE


    much better? LOL

  11. - naggers

    - tailgaters

    - underlimit drivers

    - people who talk foreign languages really loudly in public. (seriously TURN IT FKN DOWN, your not at a market anymore)

    - People who sing the wrong lyrics out loud

    - people who love to twist soft drink bottles REALLY tight so others cant drink after them

    - none toilet flushers

    - people who use toilets and like to leave a pee droplet on the seat for the next person

    - running/dripping taps

    - dogs that bark at nothing

    - People who take forever to pay. I hate it when they dig around and pull out their purse or wallet AFTER their items have been scanned (Get it ready and be considerate)

    - People who pour petrol and take their time. U know, when they diddle about in their cars before they hop out or leave? Same goes for parking spots.

    - Being left on hold on the phone for ages. Typical of phone companies, Centrelink and banks

    - Starers. Those who like to stare too much and are nosey.


    Ok, i might stop and add to the list later

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  12. Yeah Filo180, its a shame you cant fish at George's. Back before the renovations there were HEAPPPSSSSSSSSSSSS of fish about. Thats because George's use to be more open, and u were literally allowed to through out your lobster, prawn and oyster shells out for them to feed on. It was awesome! You'd see them all swarm around to get a feed.


    I might give that other place u showed me too! Thanks for the tip. If anyone goes somewhere decent for a fish and wants to share, please post it up. Unless u wana keep the place a secret for yourself ;)


    Cant wait til Wednesday. spent a good hour at BCF today looking at gear ^_^

  13. hey wat? who? why? when?? LOL


    R U SERIOUS FILO THAT U CANT FISH AT SANCTUARY COVE?? If going from brisbane, u take that exit off after dreamworld, then u go left, and go allllllllllll the way down. To your right is a creek/river. ALot of people sit on the banks to fish. I think u can fish there? Unless your talking about another spot? IE, hope island where i eat at George's.


    Anyway i might go with wat empti_s13 too. I guess if alot of ppl are fishing there, not much chance that ill catch anything of great significance.

  14. Hey empti_s13


    I tried all sorts of things. I cast out 15 metres or so, and got nothing, so i unlocked my line from the jetty and pretty much dropped it down from where i was standing so that the fish around the jetty can go for abit of a bite. Thats pretty much where i caught most of my fish, but of coarse, all undersized.


    I used the prawns and did exactly what you said too. Tails and heads were dropped in front of where i was going to fish. Then i baited my hook head side first and threaded the body thru til the hook popped out of the tail end. But for some reason those little buggers were still able to nip it and steal the prawn off my hook without catching on. All prawns were frozen too when i got out there. THey thaw quite quickly tho which is a bit of a shame. I got to the spot just as the tide was coming in and then out again. I guess i stayed for 4 hrs in the hope of catching something. Im a newbie to the fishing scene so wasnt quite sure how long i should stay before i left.


    I was coming back from dropping someone off at the airport tonight, and decided to pull in to Pinkeba for a bit of a scope around. Its this boat ramp behind some sort of industrial place ( i think its sewerage plant??? :S) but the place looked sort of gay... And then i headed to murarrie. I use to work out that way and theres this jetty there. I use to catch little crabs during lunch time at low tide. All i did was roll up my pants, took off my shoes and walked thru the mud to hand catch some little tiny crabs. Does anybody know what im talking about?? Its pretty hiden tho.. its at the end of creek road. Just keep heading in where the Courier Mail office is and then to the end of it, is the park.... Im curious as to whether its a good fishing spot


    Anyhoo im going again on wednesday for the day. Since its a public holiday. Dont care if i dont catch much because its daytime. Just killing time. Im even looking around to see if there are any charters that day. If not, i might give this river/creek near sanctuary cove a go. I saw people there today fishing :D And then if all else fails, im gonna put on some boots or sneakers and walking thru bush to get to a good spot instead of going where everyone else does.


    Getting dirty is fun! Prawn guts and slimey fish ftw

  15. Hi All


    So ive created a fishing topic out in the sports section for ALL to jump in and participate on fishing tips, latest gear, good fishing spot updates or pics of your biggest and greatest catch!



  16. wen i had subs, i only pumped it to a tolerable level whilst driving. Mostly turned it down when at a set of lights to prevent looking like a tool.


    My pet hate are people who fully pump music anytime before 9am... and then any later than 11pm. Its so try-hardish and really achieves nothing. I have dicks in my street who insist on pumping music with their windows down at 2am in the morning. The world is quiet at that hour (mostly) be f**king considerate and TURN IT OFF WHEN YOU HIT THE SUBURBAN STREETS

  17. were those asians related to u FILO180 *ASSUMING UR ASIAN HERE* jk LOL


    WOW yeah the spit sounnds hardcore! A good challenge for the pro fishers (those who have fished a little longer) Would so be awesome if u loaded ur vid onto youtube for us to watch! Ive read through a few fishing forums and there was a topic on the spit, and an aussie having a fit because there were HUNDREDS of asians fishing on that jetty, and taking everything they caught even if it was undersized! The rant was funny but i guess not so good for the undersized bit..


    ANYHOO i went fishing again tonight. I headed out to Nudgee beach out on the jetty. It was GREAT! i caught my first god darn fish, and then another 3 after that... However, they were all undersized. GRR its become a pet hate now. After sitting there for an X amount of time, only to get a bite, and then releasing your catch. I was there from around 8pm-12am. Do u think thats long enough? The only fish around were bream and whiting. Maybe its the only fish i attracted because i was using the stupid prawn again. Stil having trouble with the little fish nibbling at it and then losing bait. ITS TOO SOFT! blaH DEFINATELY going to use something different.


    Do you guys know why i kept catching undersized fish? 2 other people i went with caught mostly undersized too. I dont know if its the bait, the place, the tide or just the season thats resulting in this.. Gotta scope new locations now

  18. awesome thanks for the tips!


    My line basically looks like the 2nd pic posted! woot woot


    In saying that, i found that the prawns werent staying on too well. I kept losing it. So im not sure if fish were nipping at it or it was jsut flimsy on my hook. I just thread it through the hook and it ends up being a "u" shape with the hook running thru the inside. Still lost it though. Firmer bait is looking like a good option though.


    Anyone been to the Southport pumping spit? its like REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY LONG... but it looks really intimidating and choppy. Not keen to head that way yet though, just read a few reviews saying its a good spot. Anyone know from personal experience?

  19. i was sort of thinking about braided line with some soft bait...


    But i lost alot of shrimp today and got no fish, so would the soft bait stay on?


    Also, when is the best time to go fishing? Is it all agreed that its at night? ANy specific times in general?