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  1. aw no rating? Gave u 5 stars for taking the pic off :P

  2. hope u guys had fun at that meet! Didnt end up going >.


  3. Heya girl! Awesome to see ur a fellow brissy chick ;)

    I loved that pic out of the others. They were bland. Yours was very eyecatching and a hell of a lot more interesting! keep up the good work babe! XO

  4. Hope your enjoying the bottle of a-a-a-a-a-alcohol ;)

  5. julieeeee u are seriously the most BANGING SEXC BIARTCH on here rofl WOOT WOOT! Xo

    In regards to my dog.. I think we should just swap and b done with it.. URS ARE TOO CUTE!

  6. hey hun! hows ur dog? I got a guy to come for a hydrobath.. he was gay! Anyhoo hehe i was here 2 sell recaros! Cant help but reply 2 some topics too lol

  7. hey hey! thanks for adding me as a friend

  8. see?! i dropped by after so long just to see if much has changed! unforunately not :P same ol same ol and im rite about wat i told u ;)

  9. hahahah lub you long time.. yes yes

  10. heheh u look cute in urs too babe... I LURRVV UR GREEN SHIRT!

    Lol XoxO Jen

  11. hahha are u a cop?? oOooo a man in uniform!

  12. your a girl :P and ur doo doo was too small i couldnt tell if u were male or female? hehe jk

  13. omg.. theres so many mels on here... :S anyway CUTE PIC sweetie!

    xoxo jen

  14. Hey babe! we're both 21 and from brissy! ROCK O N!

    Take care xoxo

  15. i am not mel. Stop it

  16. Jason???? U didnt return any fone calls?? lol jk


    xOxO Jenz

  17. hahaha miss u?? oh y of coarse..