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    i have nooo idea lol I guess if u want to definately be an orgon donor, its best to register it with medicare

    Apparently its just a rumour that scares ppl from donating.. Even though you've registered yourself as an organ donor, They still have to ask your immediate family again whether or not they want to donate your organs. So theres really no point not saving you, or letting you die, if in the end your family MIGHT say no.. Though i guess it probably happens in some cases
  3. UFC 2009 Undisputed

    too bad u cant create a female ufc fighter....
  4. wah?? U can burn games? Where do u get the modchip from?

    Kary G3 i dont think ur gona get flamed. Its how u feel and TOTALLLYY a valid choice at that TomK - thats a might awesome list u got there ROFL

    for those that vote NO.. can u explain shortly, why? Obvoiusly ppl want to for various reasons too so whichever, theres a few "i dont need em's" which is great haha im sure we need a few non caring ppl out there who'd do the same!
  7. wheres wally>?>

    I genuinely think he was only needing help to find the bitch bcoz he couldnt! Lets ease off on the fella aye... lol
  8. wheres wally>?>

    4 whole pictures that is.. if u count all the little ones underneath and in between.. its around 6-8 pics from the left.. and approx 3 up..
  9. wheres wally>?>

    bottom right corner... shes there... four pictures to the left of the right corner.. and then approx 3 up... HAVE A LOOK! I WINNNNNNN
  10. U dont like UFC brunette beauty? get it and box on with ur man.. ITS FUN! Cod is good too dont get me wrong... Just gotta try something different in between
  11. Books

    woo hooo a book thread! I use to be a book worm, i just dont have time to go to the library and pick a book anymore.. I can read a really thick book with tiny text really really fast. If its good... Any recommendations on books about... Hmm.. Lifes lessons, biographies, love, loss? Im not into sci fi... I like books i can sort of relate to.. OR ones that are realistic to some degree? I can get lost in borders and have a field day there anyytttimmeeeee lol
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    Not really a fan of aussie artists.. But hell.. the songs alrite Jessica Mauboy - because
  13. UFC 2009 Undisputed

    typo! lol >.
  14. UFC 2009 Undisputed

    GREAT GAME! very addictive I think this, and COD 4 are the main 2 games i like playing on Xbox GO SGP!!! Ok guys.. Which characters do u like using and why?!
  15. Cod's getting boring lol GO GET SOME UFC! woot woooootttttt i did 2 ko's in a row.. and got 2 trophies haha got some achievements unlocked
  16. glow in the dark

    yeah actually, they should do that wierd shit to criminals who come out of jail.. Thieves Armed robbers Murderers Rapists Or maybe compulsory glowingness for those who have a criminal record in general.. Would that be half of NS i assume? lol jk
  17. glow in the dark

    yeh glowing humans would be awesome.. You'd spot a potential fkn thief tryna break into your car at night EASSSSYYY DONE... Plus id imagine ud catch alot of ppl d oing alot of wierd things too. Itd be great because those creepy murderers and rapists hav nowhere to hide! bahhhh
  18. up on a mountain or on a plane is the only time i get it... if ur talking about a normal drive.. then no... Maybe get your ears checked out if thats the case.
  19. What would you UN-invent?

    id feed my horses all the magic syrup it can get LOL..
  20. How good looking are you?

    There is already a pics thread lol Yeah Dan, but u dont rate em in the other one. I dont think ur allowed to call ppl fugly.. whereas here.. it should be free for all.. PLus.. if u dont post ACTUAL PICS of urself in the other thread.. u get narky ppl on ur back
  21. What would you UN-invent?

    money.. and cars i wonder where we'd all be at without cars???/ haha
  22. How good looking are you?

    i think this thread should have pics in it. lol voted a 10 to fk with the polls seems theres alot of 10's up there too! haha I dont rate myself. A 1 for me just to keep safe.
  23. Biggest Sex Scandal Ever!

    sex is sex ppl really need to get ova how it happens, with whom or where.. matty johns could take it up the arse and in his ears from his team mates whilst fking 2 pigs and a whore in the mouth and it still wouldnt bother me the slightest
  24. Take your pic

    There seems to be an umprompted taker for big lips from dam_re1
  25. Take your pic

    shouldnt these girls be in some sort of bikini... suits... how rorted..