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    im watching a thing on channel 10 now says alot about the case..

    Man im so sick 2 fkn death with ppl saying shit along the lines of "he was a pedo.. who cares if he died".. I dont know if he did it or not, neither do any of you. What you THINK doesnt make it the BE ALL. Some can say he didnt do it, and some will still think he did it even though he was proven not guilty. NONE of us know FOR A FACT and i think thats where it should stop. In the time of someones passing, i believe people should be remembered by the legacy they have left behind and not for the controversies that surrounded their lives. I dont see the point in bringing up things that were negative in someone's life especially when there are others who are mourning their death. I think its rude, and disrespectful to those who actually care. He may have been wierd, but its a shame that all his achievements in regards to music, and what he contributed towards charity has been marred by a few mistakes and child abuse allegations. Yes, we dont know him, but he has obvoiusly left a mark on a few members of this site, and alot of people around the world. I just think that people should just stop with the "arsehole'ness" for once, pull ur head out of your arse, bite your tongue, and say nothing if theres nothing nice to say at all. If you dont care, dont post. Thats my 2 cents... So anyhoo RIP MJ! I grew up to his music in the 80's and it was the BOMB! So sad and a big loss to the Music industry.
  3. Talking and SMSing while driving!

    well wat im saying is.. Some ppl are going to say "we're not retarded like u, we can sms while driving with NO PROBLEMS!" so be it, If those ppl think they can hold their concentration then im saying "fine" im not going to comment on that part, however i personally dont do it, unless its important or really short. LIke some say, they dont need to look down at their fones to type.. Whereas, the ones im seeing swerving about arent looking at the road.. Hope it sort of makes a little more sense now?
  4. Talking and SMSing while driving!

    Ive seen alot of idiots on the road gradually swerving across into my lane, and go figure, when i change over to a different lane, speed up and look across, the f**ker is on the Phone smsing or talking. Thats when they cop a finger and a honk! If youre going to answer a call or sms, and can hold your concentration then thats fine. Some people can manage to do that, I dont sms unless someone asks me something and all i need to be type bak is "yeh soon" or "coming".. If its a random sms i tend to ignore it til i get home. Phone calls are NEVA answered unless its the BF or something i know is important. Too many accidents happen on the road because people just dont pay attention. It only takes a split second for shit to go wrong. I rather not jeopardise my life or anybody elses for the sake of a phone call or an sms that can wait my trip home
  5. Best tattoo parlours

    Skin FX on the Gold Coast.. I know u specifically asked for Bris and Sunshine Coast, but if u can get to the GC give them a looky too!
  6. someone stole my greddy fmic

    ahhh unlucky for you babe! Its gonna be funny trying to look for it.. If i see any turbo cars on the street or in carparks, Ill go bending down at the front bar on both my hands and knees to check for that mark ok! Even if u dont get it back, I hope u find the person and deck them! X
  7. it depends on how they broke up. If the friend leaves the ex, then i dont see why it would be wrong for a friend to date the ex. I wouldnt think its right though, if you were best friends and the friend still had feelings for his ex. The friendship is not worth losing over a girl. Plain and simple. Oh and i forgot to add.. If ur friend doesnt give a shit.. its FREE FOR ALL! ahah
  8. Tailgate

    I hate it when f**kers drive REALLY REALLY slow in front of u and then speed up when u go to change lanes to overtake them.. WTF IS WITH THAT? There was this lady once who was crawwwwllliinnnnggg at like 50 in an 80 zone, so when it came to a set of lights that spread to 2 lanes i took it as as an opportunity to overtake. But we were sitting at a set of lights, and there was a FORM 1 LANE sign ahead.. And because she was crawling, i didnt think i needed to "launch" or take off in any faster manor that I normally drive, and this slut LITERALLY floors it off in front of me and cuts me off then continues to drive under the speed limit. She was not only holding up myself, but a whole line of cars behind me too. And my whole trip from A to B is literally ONE WHOLE LANE all the way so i was grumpy as fk. I beeped her, and then proceeded to tailgate her. Gave her the finger when i had the opportunity to pass too.. thinking about it makes me so mad! Oh and for those brissy pplz who mite know.. Im talking about Johnson Road.
  9. Psychics- seeing the dead

    im psychic. everybody knows it. its real.... lol
  10. Sell your cars and go travel!

    sell up and go! the experience is so much more worth it.. Though you'll probably be taking the foot falcon a little more often wen you get back... lol for those who want to go to Japan, jetstar is havng a massive 2 for 1 sale.. It comes to around 400 return for one person, so tempted if i wasnt heading to sydney BLAH!
  11. Boiling Eggs.

    holy shit.. didnt realise this topic was so old... hmmmm
  12. Boiling Eggs.

    at least he's trying.. ive had ppl ask me how to make 2 min noodles... insane.. i guess being asian, i wast trained to cook my life away.. so now im an awesome cook rofl


    YES I HAV BOTH A PENIS AND A TWAT. WANA SEE? seriously tho.. how wierd would it be if women had no doors on their toilets.. abit violating.. I think u guys should get walls between urinals lol

    Guys do urselves a favour.. and pat dry think about it... If u shake dry.. then uve still got little droplets of pee on ur penis.. then u go to put it away.. and it gets on ur undies or ur boxers.. pee several times a day.. and wearing the same pants.. im guessing its going to smell a little funky... PAT DRY GUYS FTW! lol... poll shows differently otherwise oh yeh.. and if a girl goes down on u.. shes not going to smell some funky pee as much haha
  16. Same Sex Marriage

    OMG so my parents ARE RIGHT I flat out dont want children.. So wen i told my mother that she was like "DO U KNOW THE PRIEST ASKS U IF U WILL HAVE CHILDREN AND IF U SAY NO.. THEN HE WILL NOT MARRY U" I was like.. yeah wateva.. bullllsshhhhhhhhitttttttttttt * i guess all those freakin non traditional weddings have really overtaken the more traditional weddings.. and alot of religous bits are left out and thats why i didnt kow this! >.
  17. Ok... So im keen to find out how many NS members are keen to give bak to the sick with the precious gift of life. Im a registered organ donor because, with the loss of my life, i want to be able to give the gift of life back to someone else who needs it. I sure as hell dont need my organs with me in a coffin for worms and maggots to eat.. And i have family members who may need transplants and people i know who were sick and died from waiting on a transplant waiting list. Its unfortunate that this could all be avoided, if there were more people keen to register. Each to their own i guess.. Has anyone experienced anything first hand? Whether theyve lost somebody who missed out? Whether they know someone who recieved an organ transplant? Or know of someone who has given up their organs? I suggest u watch the movie NICHOLAS'S GIFT.. I saw it in year 8.. *mind u that was a decade ago* and to this day.. i havent forgotten about it! Its probably one the reasons why i chose to donate when i pass on.. T This the link if ever you wanted to.. but never got the chance to register! http://www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/public.../aodr/index.jsp

    it was soOo wierd.. i was talking about organ donation at work the other day too.. And this girl overheard us and told us SHE GOT CORNEA'S FROM AN ORGN DONOR! it was sort of creepy...... but she was REALLY THANKFUL! then i had a retarded team member thro in the dumbest question.... "DO U SEE WHAT THEY USE TO SEE?!!?" ummmmm ok my dear...
  19. Same Sex Marriage

    im catholic but i dont have a problem with gay people being together. I have plenty of gay female and male friends. My bf seems to be a little homophobic at times (which seems to be the case with most, not all but most, meN) with the dirt that comes out of his mouth, but i guess he jokes half the time.. I just think that marriage should be reserved for men and women only. SoOOO I agree with Hansen, PARTNERSHIP licenses are the way to go..
  20. How good looking are you?

    lol take it as a compliment! ^ ^ i get asked for ID all the time.. maybe its bcoz im small ahhhh i got lucky once wen i went to a sydney club/bar for valentines and i forgot my ID at the hotel, the bouncer was VERY hesitant, but decided to let me in anyway on the promise that i dont buy alcohol lol

    ^ ^ yeh.. coz the people who work at the australian donor register are going to come knocking on your door to rip out your organs while your still alive.. hmm
  22. worst tattoos ever

    yeah the middle one is FREAKISH!

    i think what hes basicaly trying to say.. Is that even tho there are alot of good apples in this world... there will always be at least one bad apple that will do something wrong... And.. there have been quite a few doctors that dont really stick by their "duty of care" oath... Ie dr Jayant Patel.. Anyhoo im an organ donor and the main thing i think about is the lives i may help... Not quite the fact that the dr mite let me die.. its the least of my worries
  24. worst tattoos ever

    Theres a tattoo parlour on the coast called SKIN FX.. and theres quite a good portrait tattooist there. The owner Paul Braniff..
  25. Girls Freaking Out In Race Cars

    she said stop before i grab your testicles and pull it up to your mouth for you to swollow you fkn *milkshake*! NOWWWWWWW