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  1. Masterchef

    haha all the asians are going for the asian... I guess an asian has sort of won something previously... Guy Sebastian from Australian Idol was half malaysian!? Anyhoo.. i think Chris needs to wash his hair and comb it back or some shit.. It looks so unhygenic.. Id hate someone with greaseball hair cooking my food... It looks like someone needs to give him a Gillette as his next Chrissy present too! There were those wierd reports that Julia and Chris were an item too... How wierd is that? Side by side.. Shes alot taller than him!

    Yes nisskid, my friggin post needed to be pink... Anyhoo, i got the darn thing because it was suppose to be "convenient". I dont trust myself on plans because i was racking up $1000 bills on my mobile back in the days.. It was to use on my little aspire laptop and i found it good at the beginning... And now its seriously horrid... randomchu... i blocked my pop ups... and i dont visit any wierd seedy sites that would download random stuff that im unaware of.. So I think anyway.. IS ANYONE USING ANY WIRELESS BROADBAND THATS BETTER THAN OPTUS!?!?
  3. Masterchef

  4. Masterchef

    ummm if theres 30 ingredients.. and ur 90percent thru it.. The rest would all be measley guesses... Im sure if i were to give u an asian dish... U wouldnt be able to "Taste" msg... Even if you knew it was in there... So yeah.. I guess thats why the taste test is a shit test
  5. Masterchef

    go Poh! so all of u can stfu now hahaah JK Chris bugs me! At the beginning i was sort of going for him and Poh.. But now i think hes just too cocky, and wen he loses a challenge to anybody else u can see it in his face that he's pissed... Yes everyone is disappointed, but its like he "expects" to win everything and thinks hes better than everyone.. Then there was that controversy where ppl were saying he'd had training before... MEH i dont care either way Poh's got a great personality! She lights up the TV and i definately dont believe she deserved to be booted for guessing ONE ingredient wrong.. Ppl who get eliminated bcoz they cooked something shit deserve to go, but to leave bcoz u didnt identify ONE ingredient is a pretty bad way to go. Yes, it displays a certain level of skill wen u are able to taste a dish and know what ingredients are in it, but i dont think that just because u got an ingredient wrong in a dish, that ur a shit cook. And Poh has put some good shit out there. So has Chris... So its either of those two Justine .... hmmmm.. meh i dont think she'll win so ill leave her at that And julie.. she makes me nervous watching her! ARGHHH she gets the jittery hands and it bothers me! She scrapes thru all the time.. So i think tomorrow will be her day.. Unfortunately!
  6. How much money do you spend a day?

    haha ^ ^ thanks dipper! U know its funny coz its true Ive tried making my own lunches to bring to work... Failed epically.. so to add to the numerous items of shopping id bring back from breaks.. Id be eating out too BLA!
  7. Anybody ever feel....Conflicted?

    hahaha dont go there! It'll get you into a lot of trouble jk If u eva want to screw the world ova, give me a call and we'll do it together
  8. How much money do you spend a day?

    I waste too much fkn money that if i put it down and actually started seeing numbers.. Id get upset.. HAHA I worked in a medical centre at Garden City, so everytime i was on a break... Id end up buying SOMETHING everyday... Goes to show how shit i am at saving >.
  9. Swine flu

    i have swine flu, Im still alive
  10. To all the parents on here.......

  11. To all the parents on here.......

    ^^ DONNY WTF! IM SO JEALOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! SHES GOT LONGER LASHES THAN ME AND SHES ONLY 2! lol her eyes are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Anyhoo i think its great that there are a few NS members that totally adore kids. U hardly see that in guys. My bf keeps talking about kids too but im a definate no no for them. I do not wish to be a mother any time soon/or eva so i wish he'd stop it! I dont think money should really be the main reason why u have a child. If you have a decent stable job, you should be fine. Things will work itself out. The best advice that I can personally give is just this.... just dont depend on Centrelink to raise ur kid!! My parents popped out 8 kids and raised us from having nothing. They came to australia, popped me out, and then built what they had with all of us in tow... Just budget, spend wisely and you'll have that bundle of joy anytime now!
  12. Wow alot of effort from a SCAMMER!

    ur too horny donny... y would u click on a tainted link for? U knew itd pass something infectious onto u haha Anyhoo, I keep getting these real bullshit msn messages popping up from random sluts trying to get me to sex chat with them.. HOW DO THEY GET UR EMAIL ADDY? It pops up every 5 mins or so and is pissing me off >.
  13. Things you were upset or happy to see go.

    sunnyboys can be bought at woolies where u find the zooper doopers and the icecream cones. I see them all the time Pizza haven all u can eat... Would it be the equivalent to PIZZA HUT ALL U CAN EAT? Coz i know Browns Plains still has one down there. Bogans love all u can eat ***** I miss : * Bacon crisp chips (pink packet) * Monchero's chips * Snap bands duno wat else for now...
  14. How long do you shower for?

    i take around 30 mins to shower.. Qld's water problem isnt so much of an issue now so i dont care I have a routine... Get into bathroom, turn on heat lamps, turn on the hot water and cold water to guestimate the warmth.. let it run to the water gets warm from being so fkn cold... undress.. go back and pop my hand under to check the temp.. Adjust if its not right... Jump in... let the water run over for a good 5 mins.. Shampoo my hair and give my scalp abit of a massage... Rinse.... Grab the conditioner and condition mid-end lengths of my hair + a treatment on some occasions.. Leave it for 5-10 mins... Rinse.... Body lotion all over... Rinse.... Doodle around in the warmth for abit... and then jump out LOL abit detailed but heck.. I gotta xplain y i take so long
  15. Always Tired?

    Thats wat stoners say.. lmao
  16. Always Tired?

    Im always tired. Ive had heaps of tests to see if anything was wrong.. Came up all fine I put it down to late nights - 2am on average No breakfast No exercise And shit diet. I think many will agree on this. A doctor even went as far as saying I may be depressed.. NEGATIVE for me. Though in your case.... U neva know? Lol
  17. ahhhhh ppls.. ur all thinking too much into things.. just fk already rofl
  18. er mmm do u mean the wives or me? LOL
  19. ive got a high drive. i get where theyre coming from lol
  20. OZ Lotto 90 Million

    Your sitting on nissan silvia... im talking about on the lottery u fool, not the internet
  21. OZ Lotto 90 Million

    i didnt bother playing... the chances of me winning were next to nothing... some mite say "u gotta be in it to win it" but meh.. rather not waste my time or money haha
  22. Quotes, sayings

    A woman has to love a bad man once or twice in life, to be thankful for a good one If you wait to do everything until you're sure its right, You'll probably never do much of anything Perhaps our eyes need to be washed with tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again
  23. Best tattoo parlours

    i think my bf went there once bcoz he was desperate... neva again lol i guess everyone's experience is different. I give him shit about his tattoo looking like a torch. THe guy there couldnt even get his lines straight... shocking.. do note, im not saying the tattoo parlour is crap.. Just one of the guys that works there haha

    meh *shrugs* lol

    in a 60 min interview he said that his song "Childhood" sums him up and that we should listen to it.. lyrics are interesting. At one point a psychiatric evaluation said Jackson was not a pedophile, but had regressed to the mentality of a 10-year-old boy.. Written and Composed by Michael Jackson. Produced by Michael Jackson. Have you seen my Childhood? I'm searching for the world that I come from 'Cause I've been looking around In the lost and found of my heart... No one understands me They view it as such strange eccentricities... 'Cause I keep kidding around Like a child, but pardon me... People say I'm not okay 'Cause I love such elementary things... It's been my fate to compensate, for the Childhood I've never known... Have you seen my Childhood? I'm searching for that wonder in my youth Like pirates in adventurous dreams, Of conquest and kings on the throne... Before you judge me, try hard to love me, Look within your heart then ask, Have you seen my Childhood? People say I'm strange that way 'Cause I love such elementary things, It's been my fate to compensate, for the Childhood (Childhood) I've never known... Have you seen my Childhood? I'm searching for that wonder in my youth Like fantastical stories to share But the dreams I would dare, watch me fly... Before you judge me, try hard to love me. The painful youth I've had Have you seen my Childhood....