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  1. sales/retail workers

    ive worked in medical centres and in retail... soon Virgin Blue. I get rude f**kers everyday. Sick people who dont get to see their doctor of choice, people who want to refund shit theyve obviously used and god knows whats to come at the check in ques for Virgin. All i need to say is that its a job, even though they piss me off and are rude at that time, i dont let it get to me. I remain professional but always try to explain why certain things cant be done. If they dont like it stiff shit. People have called me names, thrown shit at me, slammed shit on counters, THE FKN WORKS, but theyre either bogans who are shameless or people who are just having a shitty day. Stuff that happens stays at work. I dont even bother dwelling on it, as soon as i close the store and get in my car to go home, its GOOONNEEE! lol In saying that though, i'd probably lose my job if i was horrid back to a difficult customer/client. So my advice is: When dealing with a *milkshake* of a customer, Try and stay calm. Do not retaliate by yelling or name calling back. This will only aggrevate the situation. DONT EVER GET SARCASTIC! Try and offer another option to resolve the situation. At the end of the day, chances are you will never see this person again, and remember, that you are employed to offer a service so if they are pissed off at something the company has done, at least genuinely try and assist them. Im sure "most" people who are irate arent so without reason..... So if the guy was a fag because he got a dodgy part... try and think how you would react if that happened to you. I must admit.. Ive been somewhat of a bitch to some people too and know its wrong. IF ANYTHING I GET MORE RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE IN GENERAL, MORE SO THAN RUDE CUSTOMERS COMING TO ME.. I think thats a bigger issue on the whole haha
  2. 'Drag Me To Hell' - movie

    i thought id be more scared.... guess not. The gayest part is... The movie trailor is scarier than the movie itself LOL. I dont mind scary movies when its realistic. The only scary thing in the movie was the old bitch. Other than that... the bullshit "computer effects" with the whole "shadowy demon" reaching under doors and shit.. and the porthole to hell is homo.. especially the end. Im not gona ruin it for those who havent watched it.. so ill shuttup now lol Scoota : you will sleep absolutely fine mate! Just put ur feet up in the movies so nothing grabs ur legs from underneath Theres that new movie out too... seems a little more scarier... called ORPHAN. I wonder how thats gona be... hmmm
  3. 90's ABC Kids Shows

    Oh bugger it.. Heres a list for you guys to youtube.. http://www.abc.net.au/abckids/shows/
  4. 90's ABC Kids Shows

    -Johnson & Friends -Secret Life of Toys -Aah Real Monsters -Animals of Farthing Woods -The Adventures of Sam -Babar -Archibald -Albert the fifth musketeer -Trapdoor -El Nombre -Funny bones -Rocko's Modern Life -okie dokie -magic mountain -Brum -The Ferals -Hey Arnold -Arthur -Captain planet -Johnson & Friends -Fireman Sam -Art Attack -Bill and Ben Flowerpot Men -Ren and stimpy -Bangers and mash -Gumby -Super ted -The Sooty & Sweep Show -wild thorn-berries -Banana man -The Angry Beavers -Round the twist -Noddy -Blinky Bill -Felix the cat -roccos modern life -daria -catdog -orson and olivia -The DreamStone -Dog tracer -Lift off -Santo Bugito -Billy the Cat -Rubbish King of the jumble -Insektors -The Wayne Manifesto -Roger Ramjet -batfink -Daring and grace -ready or Not (didn't really watch that, think it was after 6) -Rupert The Bear -The Morph Files -Busy World of richard Scarry -rocky and the dodos -Cro -whatamess -animal crackers -Filbert the frog -where's wally -Monty The Dog -Williams wish wellingtons -Return To Jupiter & Escape from Jupiter -Oscar and Friends -Oscar's Orchestra -MOT -Batfink -Simsala Grimm -beatrix potter Adventure of Peter rabbit -Budgie the little helicopter -Joshua Jones -Count Duckula -Clowning Around -Animal Shelf -Animorphs -Spot Are we just counting ABC shows? Coz i can start on those showed on agro's cartoon connection and cheeze TV...
  5. 'Drag Me To Hell' - movie

    im a pussy wen it comes to horror movies. It looks quite good though! Still deciding if i want to see it, only because of the scary factor... Hmmmmmmmm should i shouldnt i should i shouldnt i... id like to be able to get to sleep after ROFL
  6. Ok... So now i am officially going fkn mental with Optus prepaid wireless internet... When i first purchased my USB and recharged it with $40 i was getting 2.3gbs to last me a month. IT WAS GREAT! Didnt really disconnect much and lasted me LITERALLY the whole fkn month... AND NOW.. After having it for over half a year or so, ITS BLOODY AWFUL! It disconnects me every friggin 2 mins or so on most nights, and for some reason the 2.3gbs is only lasting me 2 weeks MAX!! Theyve got to be robbing me seriously.... The "good" internet only lasted 3 weeks or so before it started to play up.. and now ive had it to the point where i feel like marching into an Optus shop and going off my tree.. I dont watch youtube clips much, and i dont download music or any of that sort. I do my nightly browsing of the internet and check my emails. I have not done anything different to wat i did when i first got it!!! Nightly, i use to go from 2.3gbs to around 2.2 then 2.1gbs... and so fourth... Then recently there was one night where i went from 1.4gbs to 300mbs!! I was SO mad i went to the optus site and lodged a complaint. I know nothing is going to happen with it and i wont be contacted back but heck.. I wanted to give them my 2 cents. No point calling either because id just get more angrier sitting there for 40 mins.. They are charging me in 10mb increments. So if i were to check an email and hop off... id cost me 10mb straight up. So now ive also been reading that when it drops out.. I automatically lose 10mb! WTF! If im getting disconnected every 2mins... and its reconnects... thats where all my data usage is practically friggin going! I did a test recently too.. I resetted all my stats... and it says ive got 200mbs left of 2.3gbs... WEN IVE TECHNICALLY USED ONLY 590MB! So basically... i got robbed of 1.5gbs of bullshit charges? SOMEONES GONA GET A HURTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! iM REALLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY CONSIDERING CHANGING PREPAID WIRELESS PROVIDERS!!! ARGHH! But it seems every company has their downfalls.. I guess thats fine but im really wanting to figure out what is the best bang for buck wireless prepaid out there so i can fk Optus off and switch!! If anybody has any rants to add.. Please do so! *sigh* i feel a LITTLE better now.... LOL
  7. weird food combos...

    *sigh* id get a stomach ache eating half the stuff listed lol Im pretty unadventurous.. Just Nutella and peanut butter together.. potato chips with bread... white rice with sugar... and erm pizza with chilli sauce.. I could just about put chilli sauce in anything i eat. The world is boring without chilli.. Oh and if this is a competition to see who has the worse combo.. im going to say.... STEAMED FISH MARINATED IN MINT CHOCOLATE SAUCE WITH ROASTED NUTS, AND THEN DRIZZLED WITH SOME FISH SAUCE, GARLIC AND CHILLI... (the smell of fish sauce is enough to scare off some)
  8. Masterchef

    oops.. seems as tho one of my mean posts was deleted LOL.. sorry mods >.

    Hey guys! Im debating with the bf who thinks this song is totally shit. I TOTALLY LOVE IT! Meh.. Its catchy! Maybe he thinks its too emo i duno. So im fishing for opinions! Song has no title.. wierd i know.. and its by SNOB SCRILLA "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="344"> Catcha!

    LYRICS it's been a year since you last called hey but that's nobody's fault maybe that's just where we are maybe that's just where we're at where i wake up every morning in the arms of another knowing i'll never love her Chorus cause she'll never be you no she'll never be you said she'll never be you that's why the love it just wont be true cause that's not where i belong said that's not where i belong my heart knows where i belong with you is where i belong so every night before i sleep i get down on bended kness and i pray and i pray and i pray, i pray that i'll never wake from dreams where you were mine sleep scapes take me back into time cause Chorus cause she'll never be you no she'll never be you said she'll never be you that's why the love it just won't be true cause that's not where i belong said that's not where i belong my heart knows where i belong with you is where i belong you belong, i belong, together belong, you belong, i belong together we belong, we belong, you belong with me and i belong with you and we belong, we belong, we belong together
  11. Masterchef

    yup it was me.. If anyone has foxtel go to channel 117 and try and watch one of the UK masterchef episodes.. OR .. try and youtube it or something.. Then you'll know what i mean by AUSSIE MASTERCHEF SHOW SUCKS DICK compared to them.. and the talent is far more superior! As for miss_xtc tellin ppl to get a life and "relax".. i dont carry on about the show in my daily life, hell it doesnt affect me in the fkn slightest, but when theres a forum topic about it, im gona give my 2 cents, so why dont u find a hole and crawl into it. Posting the same comment 3 times is a waste of space, or did u get the shakes like julie and click "add reply" too many times? Rack off!
  12. Masterchef

    Its seems to me that people arent unintelligent enough to figure out that POH WAS NOT THE ONLY CONTESTANT TO GET THE CHANCE TO COME BACK! FK.. morons.. ERRRR JUSTINE? TOM? and whoever got to come back to attempt to get a spot back in..??? *shakes head* i guess its just annoying to watch a show for so long only to have a dip**** win it. Its not because i purely wanted Poh to win, it couldve been Justine, Julia or Chris. REgardless of the contestants personality traits, stupid face pulling etc etc... Julie out of all people shouldnt have won. Those other guys showed MUCH more technical ability, professionalism and versatility. And for the "Poh only cooks asian food" comments.. Yeah ok.. Ive seen Poh have to do challenges that involved other cuisines! And Julie doesnt only cook white people food? Pllleeassseee... Julie's food was as white as food can get! Im over it haha wats the point in ranting now. Her cookbook is just some overhyped crappy book and her restaurant in the middle of central coast is going to be a hit?! Now.. where the hell is CENTRAL COAST? I definately dont want to eat in her restuarant and feel the "love". I eat at a restuarant because im hungry and i wana eat. Simple as that. Seems to be other people have the same perception about the finale being somewhat biased! http://www.masterchef.com.au/forums/thread...50&tstart=0 (its funny! some ppl can be really brutal.. )
  13. Photo Battle #11 - VOTING!

    I like number 3. All the others are obvious.. water = liquid... I went with the one that was more on the artsy side..
  14. Masterchef

  15. Masterchef

    Theres already a thread... Its fkd and thats as much as i can say. The fkn fat slob couldnt cook for shit. MY FKN ARSE SHES AUSTRALIA'S BEST AMATEUR COOK! We all should be fkn insulted. Who cant make a roast with potato and mash? Ppl go on about Poh having too many chances well WAT THE f**k!? Julie had more than her fair share of chances. After serving fkn puddle pie, uncooked fish, raw meat, consistantly failing to plate her food, and pretty much doing the same boring "homestyle" shit, Im pretty sure shes had more chances than Poh who bowed out for identifying ONE wrong ingredient. Others got a 2nd chance too so it just wasnt her. I got more and more mad when i saw julie cooking and it was CLEAR the judges were tryna help her by telling her that her pastry was too "sticky" and then saying that she needed to do something about it, and then later on tasting her fkn sorbet and telling her it was grainy so she can start over.. UMMM IF THATS NOT FAVOURITISM THEN WAT IS? And the moron coudnt even identify Gary's dish calling it "BEEF BURGANDY"and then identify a god damn shallot as an onion.. RITEO.. Dont get me wrong, Julie may be a nice person but she DEFINATELY isnt worthy of the title .. If ppl are saying theyd rather lamb chops and veges for dinner, Im sure youd be able to google a million of those recipes and be able to find thousands of books with that style of cooking already. Thats if the average aussie already doesnt know how to cook it! Julie constantly sweats on her food, has VERY poor time management skills, and cries at every opportunity she gets. TO be Masterchef's winner is absolutely appalling! For those who might defend julie and say "BUT SHE SCORED HIGHER POINTS" is an idiot.. If those plates came out anonymously (which is the fairest way to do it) im sure things wouldve been different. I feel so sorry for the original creators of the UK version of Masterchef. I watched it religiously on foxtel and i can tell you now, if u served the garbage that julie was dishing out in the finals, you wouldve been gone FIRST ROUND! UK Judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode obviously have WAY better taste buds and are very unbiased judges. They know how to turn off the emotions and judge for what the show is really about. GOOD TECHNICAL ABILITY, PROFESSIONAL PLATING AND GOOD TASTING FOOD! Julie fails at all 3. I think the Aussie judges here need to get a grip. They need to stop letting their emotions take over their palet and do what the show was advertised to do.. That is to find AUSTRALIA'S MASTERCHEF!

    Dan, it charges me in 10mb increments.. because that is the way they bill you.. i think optus is the only one that does it.. Which is gay.. But i knew that was the case before anyway. My real problem is the fact that i get d.c all the time by the network.. yet i still get charged the 10mb wen i wana reconnect. I think its bullshit and as i said to the optus guy as well, if i chose to d.c and then connect then i understand HOWEVER if the network is shit because of the congested network i shouldnt be the one to foot the 10mb charge wen i want to reconnect from dropping out. Ive gone through the terms and conditions too and it states NOWHERE that if u drop out, that u still will be charged. So im betting alot of customers have it in their mind that theyre getting charged when they connect, but not again after dropping out. AGREED OZTRUCK! I hate optus with a passion now. They overbilled me on my mobile plans and couldnt explain to me why my bills were over $1000 every month.. fkers

    Well i rang optus last night and gave that fool my 2 cents.. His excuse was that i was in a "BLACK SPOT"... i was like EXCUSE ME! I checked my coverage before i bought this piece of crap and it said i had FULL coverage.. And now ur telling me im in a black spot? I asked if this information was available to the public and he said "no". Then i went on about how it was misleading because when i checked online, its telling me i have full coverage, yet internally on their system, its listed as a blackspot.. His other excuse was that "it may have changed so previously was all good.. and now its in an area where it disconnects all the time. I said i wouldnt have bought it if i knew it wasnt going to be reliable in my area! HMM dodgy! Thats absolute bullshit. I went on about how im only getting 500mb out of 2.3 gbs and that i METICULOUSLY went thru their manuals and terms and conditions, and it said that you only get charged 10MB for when u connect... It doesnt stipulate anywhere that wen u are disconnected by the network or drop out and connect again.. that u are automatically charged another 10mb! I also went on a rant that if i CHOSE to disconnect and connect that id understand if i were charged that 10mb.. However i dont believe as a customer, that its right to be charged 10mb when the network is cutting me out and i have to reconnect again to get back on.. ITS DOWN RIGHT ROBBERY! Fkers.. Seriously.. Then he thinks that $30 extra credit is gonna make me happy.. NOPE.. I told him that it doesnt solve the problem of the shitty network anyway, because that $30 credit wont even last me 2 days at the rate theyre going. I excused myself for being slightly agitated however, its gotten to the point where im just fed up. I asked to unblock my usb so i can possibly change providers.. and he said im locked for a whole year! Im so going to an optus shop to get it unlocked.. regardless. You dont trick people by offering a service based on false information and then not clearly advise customers on how they are being charged.. Its a fkn rort. Even the optus fool was surprised i was getting so little from what i pay.. amazing..
  18. Masterchef

    Julie wins it Its been leaked...
  19. When to buy a girl an expensive present

    Depends if she was out shopping with you and said "HEY I WANT THAT CAMERA" or if she just casually mentioned that she needed a camera... IF shes cleary pointed it out to you... Id be sorta suss haha I didnt take ANYTHING from my bf for quite some time. In fact, I dont really ask for things, he just gets me them. And same goes for me. We use to buy stupid expensive shit all the time but now even the little things count haha LIKE ermmmmm a mug i ordered with our pic on it AND IT WAS ONLY $20! I honestly think u should get her something sweet and quirky... Dont lash out on big gifts yet.. Theyre for the special occasions.. In all honesty though, its not all about the money. IF its not a special occasion of any sort IE her bday.. just go with my quirky idea thingo.. If it is a birthday.. dont go anymore than $150! Thats not being tite arse... so if anyone says that, theyre either tryna pretend theyre rich.. OR shitty spenders lol * Note.. its true.. Not all girls like flowers.. I absolutely hate them so double check *
  20. What Do You Get When You......

    haha thats a golden show!
  21. Masterchef

    "For the finale Julie will serve up an empty plate and say "I got the recipe from the last chapter of my cookbook"... and then cry a bit" LMAO
  22. Masterchef

    Ahhhh geee... I didnt like Chris so i found it funny that he was booted.. A little unexpected considering Julie didnt even finish plating her food. I really liked Julie in the begginning until she kept crying her way through fkn elimination rounds and so fourth.. Im surprised shes made it this far too.. I dont care if she makes "homely food" or "has a great cookbook concept" the fact of the matter is, THE DAMN SHOW IS CALLED MASTERCHEF fOR A FKN REASON! Yes, people f**k up, everyone on the show has f**ked up in one way or another.. No one has been PERFECT throughout.. But seriously.. U cant put someone through who makes homely food, but cant finish plating her food, or f**ks up in some way with the presentation or the flavour! Julie crumbles when it comes to pressure more so than anyone else, and then wen it comes down to her and someone else, she puts on the waterworks and the whole "poor mum i cook for my kids" sob story... and then BAM she gets in... Its bullshit.. I seriously think there is something wrong with the fkn show if Julie wins.. We would have to wait and see. If Poh completely stuffs it then BOO there can be no other winner other than her i guess even if i dont think she deserves it! +1 for Julie needing some sort of sweatband... It makes me want to vomit to see her sweat... and then for ppl to hav to taste it later >.

    Theres a difference Rosscos15? I thought bigpond was telstra.... in a sense..

    lol so many different options to choose! I guess ive just gotta weigh up my options, and whether i really do want to stick with wireless, or if i want something cheaper, yet more reliable like cable or adsl. I guess its just more convenient when I travel or head out of home, to have a wireless modem for internet. When i was staying in sydney CBD the internet connection was GREAT! Hardly disconnected as bad as Brissy southside. But hell.. SA SLY - i aint here to bitch on in threads on the internet. I was sick and tired of unprovoked snide comments all the time. I thought itd be time to point it out to someone who obviously thinks shes the shit. Now thats said and done. Im not engaging in dumb post wars like a keyboard warrior! lol

    yeah unfortunately for me its a USB stick so i dont think anyone would be leaching off me.. MISS_RE seriously.. If u think the purple and the whinging is giving you michael j fox like symptoms, piss off out of the thread. Sick of your stupid shit everytime i post. Take your hang ups elsewhere Anyhoo, i was actually considering 3 wireless internet but it seems every company is different! Its a win lose situation. As i type this dumb post i have already been disconnected 5 times in 5 mins.. Total bullshit. I think i might go with cable or something... My bf is paying $79.95 for 25gbs.. Im paying nearly $150 recharging this piece of crap a month and I only get around 500mb each time! Thanks for all the suggestions too! Will look into my options haha