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    were those asians related to u FILO180 *ASSUMING UR ASIAN HERE* jk LOL WOW yeah the spit sounnds hardcore! A good challenge for the pro fishers (those who have fished a little longer) Would so be awesome if u loaded ur vid onto youtube for us to watch! Ive read through a few fishing forums and there was a topic on the spit, and an aussie having a fit because there were HUNDREDS of asians fishing on that jetty, and taking everything they caught even if it was undersized! The rant was funny but i guess not so good for the undersized bit.. ANYHOO i went fishing again tonight. I headed out to Nudgee beach out on the jetty. It was GREAT! i caught my first god darn fish, and then another 3 after that... However, they were all undersized. GRR its become a pet hate now. After sitting there for an X amount of time, only to get a bite, and then releasing your catch. I was there from around 8pm-12am. Do u think thats long enough? The only fish around were bream and whiting. Maybe its the only fish i attracted because i was using the stupid prawn again. Stil having trouble with the little fish nibbling at it and then losing bait. ITS TOO SOFT! blaH DEFINATELY going to use something different. Do you guys know why i kept catching undersized fish? 2 other people i went with caught mostly undersized too. I dont know if its the bait, the place, the tide or just the season thats resulting in this.. Gotta scope new locations now

    awesome thanks for the tips! My line basically looks like the 2nd pic posted! woot woot In saying that, i found that the prawns werent staying on too well. I kept losing it. So im not sure if fish were nipping at it or it was jsut flimsy on my hook. I just thread it through the hook and it ends up being a "u" shape with the hook running thru the inside. Still lost it though. Firmer bait is looking like a good option though. Anyone been to the Southport pumping spit? its like REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY LONG... but it looks really intimidating and choppy. Not keen to head that way yet though, just read a few reviews saying its a good spot. Anyone know from personal experience?

    i was sort of thinking about braided line with some soft bait... But i lost alot of shrimp today and got no fish, so would the soft bait stay on? Also, when is the best time to go fishing? Is it all agreed that its at night? ANy specific times in general?

    at the moment im using a 6 foot Daiwa spinning real and rod combo i got from BCF. Apparently its pretty good for what it is. Im using a size 2 sinker and a swivel with around about 6 inches til my hook is attached. Iono all the fishing terms yet but im getting there. Im also using frozen shrimp as bait. What type of fish will i be attracting with the stuff ive got? Should i upgrade my line? Its a mono line and i think its 2-5 pounds that it can take. I have a wee feeling its a little piss weak. The BCF guy pretty much recommended everything so i went in there and got whatever for now as im just starting off

    ok... this is so gonna sound mcstooge... checked aquarium ave today.... FAIL! I needed a fkn boat to fish there basically lol Then i headed out to Wynnum to Pandasa beach i think its called, and fished out on the board walk jetty. Now apparently according to the fishers that were already there, its gr8 for big bream and stuff like that. Anyhoo after setting up my rod and putting my cruddy prawn bait on, I cast out .... and got nothing for a good 2 hrs.. Only to realise that the tide was going back out the whole time... fk i feel like an idiot. I was pretty much casting out into knee deep water of nothingness hahaha Ive learnt my lesson now. Day fishing is really gay and probably no point in it unless im deep sea fishing. Im heading back out to Pinkeba/Sandgate area tomorrow night to see if im successful at bringing something home! Im so determined grr Anyway has anybody seen a MERCEDES cruise around wynnum? WTF is with that? I seriously saw no less than 100 NEW NEW NEW NEW mercedes models. I was like PHHHWWWOOOAAAAAA! Unless it was an auction or something. There were wayyyyyyyyyyy too many mercs together in the one spot to be a rich persons function. They even had numbers on their back windscreens. 0-1-2-3 and so fourth.. Anyhoo ill update this again MORE FISHING AREAS SUGGESTED WOULD BE GR8 FOR ALL KEEN ON FISHING. OH AND DEEP SEE CHARTER FISHING WOULD BE AWESOMENESS! You guys should watch some youtube clips. Ive seen 1000pound marlin being reeled in, MASSIVE jewfish, and giant tuna too.. Its amazing how these ppl catch it! SO ENVIOUS

    yup checked the tides earlier in the day! ive moved my fishing idea to Aquariam Ave at Hemmant or to Wynnum for the day now. And not really keen on eating anything if ive caught it from the Bris River I was looking at Shimano rods today too. They got some cute pinks but it was sorta too girly for me so i stuck with the red daiwa one. WIll update this on how i go, maybe with pics too if im successfuL! *should hav a group NS fishing day haha*

    yeh but girls have been raped and said no but the guy continues on anyway. Then they go on to say that they were too "scared" to fight them off. It puzzles me.. Hey do u hav a link to that other article?? Ive not seen it

    can u guys not turn this thread into jokes about anal im being serious. The guy didnt want it up his arse, and she did it anyway and got away with it. Thats wat it comes down to. If a girl got raped, and then the rapist's lawyers said "she was wearing skimpy shit so was asking for it", I highly doubt that it would fly well in court.

    i read that as soon as he felt the pain in his butt he yelped and got up straight away... Hmm i know that if i was a guy and someone shoved a dildo up my arse, id be mad.

    yeh ive always been keen to go fishing but nobody has been too enthusiastic about going. So i went into BCF today and got a cheapo rod. I know a good rod would pay dividends in the end, but because im still noob i thought id go for the DAIWA rod and reel combo. Its the D-Shock series. Took me a few goes to spool my reel but i did it! woot woot!! Now im gona go and test it out tomorrow up near the airport. Was sort of thinking bulimba, only because i feel its slightly cleaner than maybe fishing down towards indooroopilly where the water is more mukky! I dont know if im going to catch anything but fingers crossed i come home with SOMETHING! Friday i might head up to the goldcoast towards tweed or up to Hornibrook Bridge. SO EXCITED HAHA i know it takes patience so im gonna pack a light lunch and snacks to keep me occupied for a few hours. Itd be nice to sit and collect thoughts anyway while waiting

    huh? ^ ^ Anyhoo thanks for the REALLY great suggestions Boostin! HOLY CRAP that was a really good list! Thanks! Im hitting BCF tomoro to check out some rods. So excited lol ive even thought of going out on a charter boat to check things out too!
  12. wat are u on about caustic? I only realised they were feeding me shitty lies AFTER i had checked the phones?????? Obviously if someone says to you "oh i was at home on tuesday" and you saw an sms that said "had fun on tuesday", they had lied. and SA SLY - sometimes unfortunately, it takes longer than just a few months or years to truly see how some people are. Im sure you are more intelligent to know that that is true sometimes
  13. Yeh ok 62 ppl who voted said "YEH SURE" theyd check it OR "IN SOME CIRCUMSTANCES" 22 said "NO NEVER" I guess there are alot more "psychos" in this vote than sane ppl. And the only 2 bfs ive checked on have both lied to me and tried to fk me over. Go figure who the fkn smarter person was. Psycho or not. At least i wasnt stupid for believing the stupid shit ppl tried to feed me.
  14. YUP id check it if i suspected he was cheating. Who in their right mind would suspect something suss was going on and let it eat them up inside not ever knowing? Id rather find out and move on then sit their like a pathetic loser allowing their husband to cheat all for the sake of respecting his privacy. And caustic... are u seriously telling me i should respect the privacy of a cheating partner and his bitch by not checking his fone just in case shes sent him a dirty little message telling him how hot and wet her pussy is? Highly doubt it. And if i know its his friends, i wouldnt read it coz i dont care
  15. If uve got an issue with a partner looking thru ur fone, uve obviously got something to hide. Ive read thru shit of ex's and my bf now, and have found suss shit. They only resort to calling you psycho's because they dont like the fact that they could be caught out. Id only do it to ppl i suspect tho. In saying that, Id rather check and know if someone was cheating, rather than being stupid and oblivious to everything that was going on behind your back. Its called CHEATING for a reason. Ppl do it and HIDE it so they cant be found out. If nobody in this world "lacked trust", there'd be alot of cheating going on with nobody doing nothing about it. How the fk do u think ppl get caught? I think a higher percentage find incriminating evidence in sms's, phone logs and on the internet, then actually walking in on people in the middle of a dirty deed...
  16. baby name help

    BOY = ARAI *insert last name* GIRL = SUOMY *insert last name* motorbike helmet brands haha all the rest would sound gay. So at least im making an effort to not call them something like SHARK or SHOEI
  17. GI JOE

    AWWW MAN IS CHANNING TATUM THE GUY FOR SHE'S THE MAN??? OMFG... SO IN LOVE WITH HIM >. Its the only reason why id watch it woot woot!!
  18. Got a Ticket

    lol fail. wat exactly failed my friend? I asked about leaving grass to grow and 2 get council to come and cut it and not being sure if that was able to be done, only to find someone above had already mentioned it????? u poor lost soul... *smiley bak at cha*
  19. What do you prefer in the opposite sex?

    Im attracited to short brown hair. Going for the shaved look is best. Spiky isnt really my thing. Blondes tend to be truley brown though im not too keen on carot tops.. And if we're gona talk about height... anything > 6 inches gets a BIG tick... LMAO
  20. What do you prefer in the opposite sex?

    wheres the "size of wallet" option??? ROFL jk In all seriousness u should at least be able to choose multiple options? Or the "i dont care wat colour eyes or hair u got so long as ur cute, got a banging body and a personality to match" answer?
  21. Turbo/water lines kit?

    nhan is that u?! LOL
  23. Got a Ticket

    oops.. i think DAMMIT answered the question a few posts above haha
  24. Got a Ticket

    my brother got a ticket at his house too.. THe land from the gutter to about.. your letterbox is basically council land. Your not permitted to "park" on it, which i think is absolute bullshit. The only reason council would head into that way, especially if its a small suburb is because some ahole neighbour or passerby decided to dibby dobby. If thats the case, leave the grass reallllllllllllllllllllllllllll long from your fence to the gutter.. and call them in to cut it every week... I wonder if u can do that?? Hmmmm
  25. Wheels

    ermm i guess u can check out ozzytyres at coopers plains (i think theyre still open) and to my friends shop in moss street called STYLISHAUTO