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  1. Lower Abdominals

    u owe me for getting the grips on the chinup bar replaced
  2. Entry level road bike

    two users have lost their post virginity in this shit thread
  3. Entry level road bike

    you joined to post that?
  4. id say hes [retty f**king dangerous as he is right now....
  5. horleys

    HORLEYS ice... don't know if its good or bad but allegedly its good so i use it
  6. A hotel daily routine

    i have a friend over there on holidays at the moment who takes her clothes off for money... if shes not stressing over two months i wouldn't worry about two weeks
  7. Pics of yourself

    its a pity the person never owned up

    black rims look pimpin...just needs to be dropped on its belly ive got wider rears on my skateboard....

    with wheels like that they should send it back
  10. you do know 'toning' means losing fat right? And you do know 'soft areas' only become 'hard' by losing the fat on top and building the muscle underneath? If not, you do know man i am so disappointed that u just made a comment rather than a pic because u dominate this thread (NO HOMO)
  11. muscle ups..

    im going to leave them in the playstation 3 basket... prob really amazing but i just can't give a shit
  12. muscle ups..

    ghosty my best was 28 chinups and i have done 5 sets over 20 and it took me a week or two to be able to do a muscle up. the key for me was forgetting all about chin ups and learning how to 'kip' (spelling???) once u learn the technique which is entirely different to the mindset of a strict chinup you will be able to do doubles and triples and work up from there if u can deal with blisters on ur hands.
  13. Wrist ligament injuries

    ive broken my left wrist three times and have no ongoing issues with it.
  14. Running thread

    i did a beep test barefoot at school lol cracked a 6.2 before i had to sit down
  15. The Garage Gym

    where do u guys put your cars?