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  1. This is how to run a jail

    in jail...youre the pie
  2. whats your point? legality is based on stock power, and how "easy" it is to make 500hp with an engine is totally subjective.
  3. Go the Victory

    look, who hasnt at one time or another? perfectly hygenic compared to drinking sadelaide water
  4. S15 are legal on P's as far as 125kw per tonne goes unless like a good wine, S15s get better with age and develop more power?
  5. Go the Victory

    a less original come back i cant recall seeing. back to the drawing board. you do have drawing boards in adelaide dont you?
  6. were does everyone park in the city

    actually its part of ur salary. nope....have same base salary as other similar-level employees at work however due to needing vehicle for my day to day duties, i get a swipe card ditto. wilson parking platinum card, park any at of their carparks for free (i.e. my company pays) or at the RACV club for city club member rates ($5) free central melb parking is the business....i love my job
  7. Go the Victory

    only if you're a soccer fan, which i'm not. so no, it doesn't hurt mate. your water tastes like arse.
  8. Hoon Protest

    yes but my point was that, within reason, you CAN sneak one or two somewhat 'cheeky' mods in, without raising an eyebrow. a car dragging its ar*e along the ground with 200kg of cheap fibreglass kit dangling down to the road isnt the right way to go about it.. haha, interesting...i like it! about time! thankyou exactly i rather enjoy your posts, they display maturity and a grip on the realities of modified car ownership....keep it up
  9. My New Ride

    quite simple more environmentally friendly. 2 stroke is being phased out rather quickly around the globe, and professional motocross and supercross fields are more or less 100% 4 strokes nowadays. 4 strokes also benefit from massive torque, i loved my last bike (05 CRF250R)
  10. Hoon Protest

    oh ive seen it often 2 weekends ago i was in portsea and saw several commos getting the red hot poker up the arse its not just imports. in any case, the "why me and not him??" argument holds no water worry about yourself
  11. Hoon Protest

    you guys must have your heads in some fairly deep sand ive seen countless commodores/falcons being defected in recent times
  12. Striping interior (180sx)

    but it sounds cool to say u have "no sound deadening"
  13. Hoon Protest

    whats illegal?
  14. Hoon Protest

    so what youre suggesting is you deserve to fly in the face of ADR laws and modify your car as you wish, without any regard for relevant laws governing these modifications? okkkkkkkkkk............. actually the laws are just rules written down and enforced. whether you defy them and put yourself out of pocket is entirely up to you! dont be so melodramatic.....if you wanna play, you gotta pay. if you can afford thousands for mods, you can afford the odd fine/canary here or there. again, you do realise you as a modified car driver are a tiny minority, who society in general really doesnt give a stuff about?
  15. Hoon Protest

    car doesnt have to be illegal to be nice though mate say you had an S15 you could -put 18x7.5 rims on it -lower it slightly (keeping it 100mm off the deck) -put a reasonable exhaust on it that is under 90db -do a FMIC -do a couple of stealth mods to the airbox (and hence having 'one' intake mod) -get the stock ECU rechipped (invsible) what would be wrong with that as a street car? the problem for the import nuts is the car HAS to have illegally sized rims, with a loud exhaust, and be dragging its arse along the ground, and have a billion ECU bits and pieces littered over the dash its not THAT HARD to comply with ADR laws....theres really no excuse for being defected. getting done for trivial things like washer bottles and tyre pressure, well, thats just laughable. check your tyres regularly and make sure the washer bottle is full not hard!