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  1. Tracking down [MyRush]

    Did I miss something???
  2. Hilux revs too high

    Just look for any type of all terrain, mickey thompson atz are a good tyre or cooper st for road and sand duties,
  3. Hilux revs too high

    Throw on some 33's, you wont wanna go with lower ratios after trying to drive with them
  4. sil80 conversion legalities?

    f**kn lol, bout time vic section picked up again
  5. 12v Air compressors

    iv got the arb ckma12 i think it is, retail at around 370 bucks, there worth it though, or if your cashed up go the new twin motor arb compressor, you can run air tools off it aswell, but thats about 800
  6. looking for a new Engel fridge?

    i got a 80ltr waeco from ebay and it came with a stand, cover and uhf radio for 1300 bucks. money well spent as i can use it as a fridge and a freezer at the same time. heres some pics of my dual batt setup aswell
  7. you really need a dial gauge to do it properly but even if you did get yourself one there a pita to use and setup. golden hand is your friend, it will be fine, basic mechanical skills and you can do this job
  8. Cheap firewood SE subs

    Thanks dude, Did they guy ever come for that cage? ahaha nope still got it sitting in my shed. do you want it back or do i take it to the scrap yard. or is it something valuable and you could resell
  9. how do you think people are going to learn how to do things by themselves, seriously, read up as much as you can so you have an idea of what to do then pull it out and give it a crack, if youv done it wrong you will know straight away as it will either clunk as your taking off because of too much backlash or whine because its to tight. if you get to the point where your really not sure and getting massively confused then go back to your research or take it to someone to get it sorted and maybe someone who can show you what youv done wrong.
  10. not sure on the irs diffs but on my navara which is solid axle you have 2 adjusting nuts to move the centre either left or right which will move the centre closer to or further away from the pinion. or you might have shims to adjust the back lash so you might need to take one from one side and put it on the other. google setting backlash on differentials and there quite a few write ups about it, dont worry about the numbers as such just get it too a point where its not too tight and not too loose, also remember to check the backlash with the carrier tight in its spot, not loose aas it will give you a false reading
  11. Cheap firewood SE subs

    since sept 1st your allowed to go collect your own firewood from state parks within the months of spring and autumn without a permit, check out the dse website for locations
  12. if measureing with a dial gauge you want it at about.2-.3mm but honestly just go by feel, you want it to rock a little bit before turning an axle. just check it with the original centre first and replicate that
  13. wouldnt be much id say if you took it to them with the diff in the carrier maybe 50-100 bucks, back lash is basically the slop in the diff before it starts to turn the pinion. the further away the crown wheel is from the pinion the more backlash you get and the closer it is you get less, if its too close it will wear and chew out the pinion gear, if its too far out it with snap teeth and destroy the lot lol, sounds serious but its not as hard as it sounds
  14. just do it yourself, its not that hard and just do the backlash by feel, feel the backlash of how your diff is before you pull the centre out and just replicate it, thats how iv always done it and never had a problem
  15. Install diff under leaf springs

    if your happy with the ride quality yea why not, last thing you want is a shit ride from too harsh springs