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  1. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 12000 Price : $10,000 Condition : Used I have for sale my drift / daily 1990 Nissan Silvia s13. Full rebuild from previous owner was done below is what was done. Im looking to sell as I want to upgrade s15 very soon. It has been taken to the tracks yet and been sitting in my garage for the last 4 Months as I haven't had time to do anymore to it either drive it. There is currently no rego on the car as well. It will need a blue slip as it has been out of rego for more then 3 months, I can help out with a blue slip as well. This car has been looked after since...Looking for $10000 NEG, no low ballers this is a perfect person who wants it for drift or a daily car. Engine: CA18DET Full Rebuild • Engine KM 12000km • Body KM 175,000km • Head sandblasted and cleaned • block bored 40thou and honed • Head machined • block machined • JE SRP forged pistons • new piston rings • new big and small end bearings • new water pump • new head bolts • new timing belt kit • new genuine Nissan oil pump • Full durapro gasket kit • new intake and exhaust and turbo gaskets • braided turbo lines • T25g replacement • Genuine Fuel Regulator • FMIC / Piping • R32 Fuel Injectors • Exedy Double Plated Clutch Exterior: • Full Genuine Uras Body Kit • Toyota 040 White Respray • JDM Racing rubber bands for the front bar • Rota Grids 17inch +10-12 • 195/45 Archillis Stretched rubber • s14 5 Stud Front / Rear Conversion • s14 JIC Coilovers Full Adjustable Interior: • Red Leather Seats Front / Rear • Just Jap Racing Gauges Oil Pressure / Oil Temperature / Water Temperature • Calibre Boost Gauge • Deep Dish Steering Wheel
  2. D1 spec wheel nuts BLACK, RED, BLUE

    still in stock?
  3. NSW Spotted Thread

    might of been me ?
  4. f**k that.. dont keep the regulator you have atm.. buy a Genuine Sard Fuel Reg so worth it !
  5. a ton of highway patrols on M5 yesterday.. i saw one blue Holden highway patrol on way to milperra, then spotted him again on way back to the city then spotted him before the brighton airport tunnel.. f**king weird..
  6. S13/180sx Tein Coilover Set - Used. Only $440!

    Have these been check over??
  7. My S14 skid car...

    love this car !
  8. Hey All, Here is my TANK13 1990 Nissan Silvia s13 Build thread . Engine - Rebuilt CA18DET forged internals - 160kw (ruffly) t25 turbo side mount intercooler SARD Fuel Reg Splitfire Coilpack wiring Interior - Red leather interior (its going, ****ing ugly i must say) some pioneer headdeck a fully wallah hektos subwoofer JustJap Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Water temp gauges Defi Boost gauge Exterior - Full vertex Body kit, with front wide mouth vertex body kit Enkie wheels ( on the car at the moment ) REPLACING WITH - 17x9 +12 Grid Rota wheels !! ( yet to go on need to do a 5 stud conversion... Photos of the build up so far - first day i picked her up.. started cleaning her up.. Vertex rear bar went on 1 week later - car over heated a week later as well, replaced all radiator hoses Just Jap gauges - still not wired up.. have been bothered.. will do 1 day.. Installation of the front vertex wide mouth front bar.. lining the kit up, needed cleaning badley so out came sand paper and other sorts of tools.. oh and a beer while cleaning it up.. the front bar finally on.. now.. the NEW wheels woot.. the enkies are getting terrible annoying on the car.. gives it no looks ! Recently.. the ca18det (22yr old engine, but has been rebuilt) decides to miss firing like a *, at the point it cant been driven. i replaced, fuel pump, fuel filter, airflow sensor, spark plugs, coil pack wiring, split fire coilpack... then to recently think.. hmm why not try Fuel Reg? So got my self a genuine SARD fuel reg ( not a cheapy china coppy ) and installed it.. RUNS LIKE A BRUNETTE ! and just some photos how she is looking today.. after some TLC loving! and my wheels are still sleeping in my room.. picking up s14 5 stud of a mate who is wrecking his s14 so soon a s14 5 stud conversion ! (ps.. MCM - might be a good video to do ;-P) hopefully once she is running like a breeze it will be time to hit the track for drifting !
  9. Meet up in the Sydney Area

    Possible a little small cruise of nissans tomorrow night. Message me if interested 0425 288 137
  10. Hey, Member who hasn't been on her for a while, just some photos from a meet up last night i had organized. Looking to organise more in the future, if any one is interested please let me know. more photos can be found here .. http://s1115.photobucket.com/albums/k549/illestphotography/Sunday%20Shoot%202012/