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  1. VicDrift brings to you Hardtuned.net Drift Attack 2010

    was an awesome day. i dunno why some people couldn't hear the commentating, my ears were constantly blasted by the speakers on all sides of the track lol. got some photos here: Photo Album 1 Photo Album 2 still gotta go through all the videos

    15 girls - thats awesome! i only know a few so its good to see theres more of us in melb looking forward to the cruise... my skyline should be back on the road by then
  3. Dyno Night - Friday 5th Feb @ F & T Mechanical

    just changed the original post
  4. Dyno Night Challenge Location: F & T Mechanical - Unit 1, 54-60 Vesper Drive Narre Warren Date: Friday 5th February 2010 Time: 7pm till late Cost: $50 per car (if you pre-book it guarantees you at least 3 runs, and if you show up on the night your guaranteed at least 2 runs and they will try to fit you in for more) All entrants welcome – 4, 6, 8 cylinder and open classes Spectators welcome Pre-booking preferred but not essential Phone: 9705 9400 all RWD & FWD cars can be run but unfortunately no AWD
  5. im going to be on highway patrol

    haha i've always thought the time i'd end up getting caught would be by that show.. will keep an eye out for your car on tv
  6. Female drifters

    180 chick i got a few pics of your 180 from vic drift @ winton this weekend - you did awesome reppin the girls!! they are in my member gallery and ive got a couple of videos too if you want em!
  7. Winton - ON TRACK - 06.09.08

    Vic Drift Day @ Winton - "CA180" - we are on track
  8. Winton Drift sat the 6th

    it was a pretty good day, sooo much better weather than last time thank god. just one complaint same as last time... beginners section needs to be open much LONGER... to the beginners who pay the same as everyone else and to only get the half the morning on the beginners isnt really fair. then to have to go on main track and the starters not giving a big enough gap, despite clearly having a "B" on the back of the car... then you have one spinout and you've got a group or some pro on your ass. then they get all shitty cos your in there way but i mean we are kinda forced to go out on main cos beginners is closed... they said the reason was not enough helpers... but i offered the club 3 new helpers and they still wouldnt keep it open? so im wondering what exactly is the reason for closing?? some pics: Vic Drift @ Winton - 06.09.08
  9. purchased alloy steering spacer, best service ive ever received off the forums and probably anywhere else, bought monday & received tuesday! excellent product & communication! keep up the great work greg
  10. Automotive Album

    oooo that looks pretty impressive, im interested also

    i recently got a job working weekends at repco. its easy, i get staff price on parts and its got to do with something i like; cars. so try repco, autobarn, supercheap, bursons etc. cos theyre always looking for weekend workers
  12. Arrested

    nah cos u got the wii with you pretty much any video game gun won't fit the definition of a firearm under the act. i.e anything fluoro coloured or anything with a cord/lead attached to it.. I've read over the last few pages and it's pretty sad how a lot of people have been scared at what smokey and otheres replied with and then perpetuated more bullshìt... so your saying none of these wii guns could be mistaken for being real? http://www.uauctionsource.com/picture/G319_Silver.jpg http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/6/7/6/1/8/0...31394439_tp.jpg http://www.bigwentertainment.com.au/covers...000/1689582.jpg
  13. Stolen S14

    damn thats a nice s14.. good luck hope u get it back
  14. 180sx Rice-Mobile-KRPS13

    awesome looking car! id be hitting them american ppl up for a lot more than what they offered by the way they used and copyrighted the photos of ur own car!
  15. New Car is it worth 19?

    looks like u got a pretty decent buy to me.. nice car