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  1. That does help, as the Jaycar sensor has a max range of 500Hz After some initial testing though, I can't get it do anything at all. Jaycar are chasing up internally as the instructions are very convoluted and there's nothing mentioned about the 3rd adjustable pot at all.
  2. Pretty sure they're similar. Jaycar sell a Frequency Relay so I'll grab that and wire it up. Cheers
  3. And if it is a pulsed signal, does anyone know the details? Sine or square wave, rough duration etc so I can buy a suitable sensor. I don't have an oscilloscope.
  4. I need to tap into speed for a project I'm working on. I was under the impression that PIN 53 on a CA18DET ECU is the wire from the cluster that gives the ECU it's speed info, as the box talks directly to the cluster then the cluster to the ECU (cutting this wire disables the speed limiter). When testing this with a multimeter, with the car idling it fluctuates between .2 and 5.2 or so volts. When in gear and at speeds from 0-100km/h the output is almost 2.6-2.8V which means it's not a straight voltage signal being used. The Apexi RSM taps this wire for its speed info also, but what is it doing with it? Is this actually a pulsed signal?
  5. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

  6. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Think I'm gonna relocate this build thread to SAU. Will post a link when I do, probs over lunch.
  7. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    You have trust yourself. I did need to use multigrips on of them and I put little WD40 on the thread to help. The nut on the hard line needs to be cracked anti-clockwise with a 10mm.
  8. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Tie rod ends and braided lines done. Swaybar end links must have been munted during install so will need some new ones. Lining up fabricator for exhaust modifications. Arranged a nice bleeding kit to do brakes and then will get alignment. Need to spend some time on the gearbox as it has a few leaks from various spots.
  9. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    I assume everyone else is one FB? SAU build threads are still fairly popular. SAU also works better though. I find that a lot of links don't work for me first time, new tab helps, and I never get notifications for anything any more.
  10. Shed Clean Out - R34/S-Chassis

    Here's how they sit on my car and another pic i just found.
  11. Shed Clean Out - R34/S-Chassis

    Approx 37 and 40 offset, yes 5x is one of the stud patterns, They clear 4 pot calipers up front. The set without tyres, the dark purple ones (very dark), I paid $400 for so that's what I'll ask for them. If I can't get that I'll just sit on them as spares.
  12. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Finally got back to this - still playing with GT-R Not going to bother slotting LCA mounts, just want to put the car together and drive it. Steering column solid spacer is in the too hard basket as I can't be stuffed dropping the whole column and i can't seem to do it in the engine bay. I have used a die to extend the thread on the rack ends also as the GKtech high misalignmnent tie rod ends take up too much space/thread so you either need to do this or buy new rack ends. All that said, is anyone even on this forum any more?
  13. Shed Clean Out - R34/S-Chassis

    Sorry NS has stopped sending me notifications and I've done hardly anything on the silvia lately. PM'd you back.
  14. Shed Clean Out - R34/S-Chassis

    Forgot to add 2x full sets. 17x8 and 17x9 multi stud. One set has 235 RS-Rs on them with a bit of tread left. I need some 4stud/multi stud 17x9 all round that will clear 4 pot brakes on a Silvia.
  15. Shed Clean Out - R34/S-Chassis

    Bump. Offers welcome, want this junk gone. Some of it will go to scrap metal if need be.