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  1. sales at a tool shop own my own bussiness

    Hey Alissa your car should have a standard viscous fan (fan from the motor)? if not i used twin au falcon themo's on my sr20det s13 most wreckers sell twin au falcon fans cheap and any mechanic could fit them if you need help you could post a topic in the tassie forum someone their should be able to help you without a fan it wont pass a rwc
  3. I own a bussiness and by what your asking does sound reasonable if he would like to keep a good reputation ive lost money a few times just to keep customers happy hope you work it out
  4. hey guys and gals i bought a tr43 external gated turbo kit with manifold, wastegate, v band dump, braided lines long story short they sent me the tr43 internal gated turbo. i want to run the external wastegate, i have removed the internal wastegate from the turbo but the flapper is still their. just wondering i don't really want to run the v band dump so can i just pull the v band dump bit off and that will get rid of the flapper and then just buy a gkteck dump to fit on their?. what about the hole where the flapper went over? do i have to block it? or leave it open? here's some pics im not to good at writing sorry if its hard to under stand also i got the braided line for the oil inlet. where do i get lines for the return? and the bit that bolts onto the turbo? here's pics of what im after its just the bit that bolts onto the turbo and then the lines aswell please help me i need to get my car on the road again thanks in advance
  5. Good tuner for apexi in brisbane region

    i know ill be going to see matty spry for my tune, all my mates cars are tuned by him and are happy with it
  6. EGR help

    this article shows how to remove it http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1578 it might help
  7. for the rear i used r33 hubs, calipers, rotors, new lines for the drum handbrake, new brake lines, for the front i used s15 hubs with r33 calipers and discs
  8. Graphics work of mine....

    nice work mate
  9. Project M tunning

    i know project m do alot of brake accessories but i couldn't anything about them tunning cars
  10. Tha SidPigLet drift s13

    pic 1- is when i did the 5 stud conversion pic 2- is motor getting dropped, rather than pull the motor out we undid the struts and crossmember and let it fall pic 3- clutch installed pic 4- inside a ca18det gearbox, i had to swap the belhousing to a sr20 one pic 5- the turbo ill be using tr43 pic 6- crossmember when it left, the bushes keep cracking out pic 7- 5mm steel plate replaces the bushes pic 8- the caster rods im using pic 9- the rear toe and traction rods im using this weekend i should have the car ready to start sliding ill post progress pics on monday once its back togeather
  11. Tha SidPigLet drift s13

    it all started one day when i was bored so i thought why not buy a silvia i found a s13 with a sr20det auto for 6K so i bought it for about 2 months i tried commodore sliding it with not much luck i dont think hicas helped much after crashing into over 1 dozen gutters i decided the car needed to be manual atleast and get rid of hicas thought im not the type of person that does things in half so the car is getting a full rebuild when i bought the car it had auto hicas 215,000 ks hks pod filter no mufflers 17" rjr wheel mods im doing at the moment 5 stud conversion from r33 with drum handbrake r33 gtr front calipers braided brake lines D.W.P alloy adjustable rear toe rods D.W.P alloy adjustable rear traction rods D.W.P 32 way coilovers D.W.P alloy caster rods custom stainless steel balljointed hicas lock bar all interior removed bar dash and 2 seats exedy 5 puk clutch ca18det manual box (shit) tomei ras tr43 turbo highmount 38mm wastegate fmic D.W.P alloy radiator 2 way kaaz lsd strengthened crossmember solid engine and gearbox mounts soon to be matt black here pics from when i bought the car
  12. Mazworx/PRL Drag S15

    thats crazy
  13. Bolt-on Fender Flares

    i want flares for my car anyone found where i can get some
  14. Cant post

    I have the same problem as well.. I cant do nothing .... can some one help yeh why cant i post or make a thread? i never got warned. it just wont let me reply or start a thread? can anyone help thanks justin