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  1. Price : $100 Condition : Used stock s14 rims, painted black with old tyres on them were going to be used for my old evo as daily rims but ended up selling the evo and these are just sitting in the shed. $100
  2. can i still enter this? or have all the places been filled?
  3. bike rider killed

    as a former rider, there is alot of SHIT in this post. i had a few near misses, all of these were by motorist who didnt see me, most road users dont look for bikes, they look for a large object the size of a car. you have to ride ahead, and really defensivly most accidents on the road are the cars fault yes there are still crashes in the hills and from idiots but this happens in cars too even more than bikes. its just that on a bike your chance of serious injury or death is heaps higher. more education is needed for normal motorists, the learning process for a bike licence is fine, (over priced) but fine, only thing i would change is make it that you must have your car licence for 2 years first. an even better sollution but not viable is that EVERY road user must ride a bike for a year before driving, you will soon learn to look for cars and other bikes. Then as soon as you drive after you notice bikes. Would also cull the retards of society.
  4. All Japan Day 2011

    not sure if my car will be rebuilt in time for this years though we will see, the mech said about 3-4 weeks, but im assuming it will be longer
  5. Doing some searching using the trusty old google and the like and not comming up with much. Any one know of any decent places to have a decent breaky down at Victa or Goolwa that isnt a bed and breakfast. cheers
  6. this is a rather sad thing to read this whats worse is the public scared to do things because of the government, more and more we are becoming like a communist country. You cant do this, you cant do that, you cant browse that site next thing you know i wont be able to ride my bike cause im using too much oxegen that people not exercising could use.
  7. RIP: Andy Irons

    http://surf.transworld.net/1000118469/features/andy-irons-passes-away-from-dengue-fever/ such a shock was such a great surfer and so young too, the fever must of come on sooooo strong condolences to his family
  8. i'm hopping to get out there to watch this time. missed the last one
  9. pffft get the plates down call the cops... simple f**k him... if he is dumb enough to do it on the streets and on the same street over and over he deserves to get caught. dont do any damage to his car or confornt him as this will probabaly result in a vandetta against you if he is a little "gangsta wanabe" if nothing happens from reporting it see if you cant snap a photo of him doing it some time, or just keep reporting it. he deffinantly doesnt deserve a "free" day out at the track.. if someone was doing repeated skids in my street i wouldnt care what car they were in, the cops would be called. One random car here and there i wont gaf about but same person over and over deserves to be caught.
  10. Car Toys "CRUISIN" Program

    waits for the first S.A.F.E Defect....... days of cruising with out worries are long gone... plus this sounds alot like just marketing for these companys via a "plan" good on them if they can get some sales out of it
  11. Light Painting!

    some i did a while ago
  12. VORT Test

    mine back in the day was shit, failed first time cause the "tester" failed me for putting car in gear before indicating and a few other stupid things that "he" wanted but it meant i had to do the test again and secon time got like 96% dodgy system
  13. a guy here in SA got his wheel stolen while parked in the city and then got multiple parking fines for not moving his car. thats right no wheels on the car its on bricks and the local Adelaide council fines him not once but multiple times.
  14. mass lol!

    lame, some home schooled churchie doesnt deserve her own thread
  15. Fastest Defect Ever?

    the point of this thread was that his car had been registered a day or so earlier so it WAS legal, yet the cop took the time to find something that "wasnt" even though it was deemed rwc just before. Making someone go to regency because he "thinks" its loud and a loose weather shield... come on. Suck it up, we own imports and we're treated like shit for it so we're entitled to a bitch here and there. If you dont want to read the thread, dont open it then dont take the time to express your dislike of said thread. nup wrong, here in SA we have no RWC only inspections are when we get defected but this means they con only be checked by onemain government run inspection site. not indipendant mechanics etc we can change rego sell buy with no inspections